Re: beanie baby value readers

Hello everyone!

i am so overwhelmed with all your responses. This blog gets hundreds and twenties of thousands  questions per day. If you could go back and read previous comments it should cover it.

You can also do a search on eBay for example and modify search to items sold. Type the name of beanie baby you have and you will see the average price of that item that has sold. This is the easier way. Otherwise I will do my best to reply to as many people as possible.

I do not give prices to new beanie babies, only retired. New beanies are worth about the price you paid.

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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
I know it’s not your fault. I love you. I saw this movie tonight, reminded me of how I felt when you were sick. It took me many years to forgive you, when there was nothing to forgive. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. I know that and I’ve always known that, I just couldn’t admit it.
I also realized how strong you were, I saw how hard you fought to be normal and without sickness. It gave me hope everyday that one day you would get better. In the end I blamed you for dying because I felt as though you gave up on living and you gave up on us, but that wasn’t true. You had no control over life or death. If you could choose, you would choose family. You always chose your family.
When Israel got sick, he chose family too. He fought hard too. He had it ruff, he had a lot of negative things going on in his life that made it hard for him to enjoy his last year trying to live. He also had a great thing to live for, family.
I feel truly blessed that we as a family shared great moments together, good and bad. I feel truly blessed that my brother left behind the most precious daughter you could ever hope for. You would love her to pieces! She’s just like all of us! I feel truly blessed to have had 2 sisters and a brother I will love for the rest of my life! Thank you mom and dad for giving us each other. You will live in all of us. Until we meet again.

Love your daughter always,


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What does heaven feel like?

I’m gonna pretend for myself that heaven feels like swimming.

Heaven feels like cool water surrounding my body, my eyes are open and I only see wonderful things. As I swim further I see beautiful color and it is easy to breathe. I feel no pain in my body. I feel strong enough to swim fast or slow. I decide to swim slowly so I can take in every sight I see. What I see is what I wish. What you see is what you wish.

Finally I’ve come to a point where god says “welcome” I can see him and beside him stand my parents, my brother and others that I love who also passed. I feel blessed at this moment and overwhelmed with joy. I’ve always thought I knew the meaning of the word, but now I truly know what it feels like. It’s like god has finally answered my question. It’s like god has finally given me the answer that everyone wants to know, “is there life, after death?” The answer is yes. It finally proves that we will never know, until it happens. If you have faith and patients, your questions will be answered. Well, it was worth the wait. It is glorious and a feeling of new life.

There’s no other way I could imagine this rebirth and this reunion with my family and friends whom I love. I have been given life in a new way.

I believe that we go through pain and obstacles in our life so that when we finally reach heaven we can finally enjoy just being. It’s like putting in time and working hard to achieve the ultimate reward.

I don’t know if anything I’ve written here has gone against anyone’s religious beliefs or has ruined their vision of heaven. Now that I have pictured it in this light, I’m not afraid. I know that I need to keep on the path of goodness and be good to others and myself. I have to always have faith and take care in order to reach my ultimate reward.


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Dolphin slaughter day, 2 days away!

Dolphin slaughter day, is just 2 days away in Taiji, Japan! Makes me sick!

Every day we are contributing to their business by visiting parks and hotels that feature dolphins and whales for our entertainment!

Dolphins are being killed every year!

The reason they kill dolphins is because they are unfit for sale. The fisherman kill baby dolphins and adult dolphins it doesn’t matter what size or age. If they are too small or not as pretty, they are dead!

They also say that dolphins eat their main source of food supply. They are considered pests of the sea! So why don’t they farm their food? Why can’t they think of something else besides killing dolphins? They are smart people.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what the situation, there’s always a better solution than killing something to eliminate a problem!

These fisherman or “dolphin killers” sell these dolphins to companies all over the world. They are used for entertainment purposes and education purposes. They don’t need to die for our pleasure!

Stop buying them! Let’s put these fisherman out of business!

Why dont they catch fish like everyone else? They aren’t fisherman! They are dolphins slaughterers!

Like we have cow slaughterers, they have dolphin slaughterers. The difference between the 2 is that we kill to eat. They kill to make money. They kill to get rid of dolphins as if they were rats!

Stop the sale of dolphins by making it illegal to buy or keep dolphins in captivity! Stop paying to see these dolphin shows! Stop paying to “swim with the dolphins”

Did you know that a crowd of cheers, can kill a dolphin?

For more info please read my past blog about dolphin slaughter. You can help save the dolphins and whales by visiting the links provided.

Aloha and mahalo.


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Laura Vogel missing in Hawaii….still, theories

I’m very disturbed by this whole case and the theories and conspiracies that are going around.

Yes it’s very sad that Laura Vogel is missing, possibly dead. I’m very sorry.

Her family believes that she was assaulted and thrown into the ocean.

I know you are frustrated about all this. It’s heartbreaking.

Investigations shows that her phone was used 2x after her last text message stating “she’s meeting the locals”

The police didn’t find enough evidence to link anyone to her abduction or murder.

In the area she was last known to be, has very high cliffs that drops down into the ocean.

Back to the phone…. They called the number and they (family) stated that a “ruff” sounding man answered and that he doesn’t sound like anyone she would know or associate with.

Now now now, that is just wrong. So she only knows people who sound sweet?

If she doesn’t know people that sound ruff and tough then what was she doing hanging out in a known homeless camp-out area and meeting with these types of people? Obviously she was the one who made the call to that man, probably saying, I’m here now, where are you?

Now this theory sounds more like it.

She threw her phone in the car, left the door open, so there would be some light and left her wallet in there too, just so she can kill some time and go check out the cliffs edge.

Then, guess what happens next?

There was so sign of foul play.

Now to get into the head of these homeless people. Some have had run ins with the law in the past.

Now, if they knew who she was, do you think they would say, yes I know her?

They don’t trust Anybody! They say they know her and they become instant suspects!

If these homeless men killed her, it was for no reason. They didn’t steal her car, her phone, her wallet, nothing!

Media and family of Laura are saying that in Hawaii we cover up murders involving Caucasians in Hawaii, because its bad for our industry.

Oh my god! That is such a load of crap!

I remember seeing her face everywhere! Everyone was looking for her!

Murder happens in Hawaii, just like or not as much as other places in the world.

If a murder happens, we’ll see it on the news.

To tell you the truth. Most murders in Hawaii are committed by guess what kind of locals.
Most homeless people in Hawaii are from the mainland. Of course there are all of many ethnicities. depending on what island you are talking about.
Honestly, each island has its own “theme” shall I say. Each island is filled with different ethnicities. That’s why Hawaii as a whole is known as the “melting pot”
Only about 15% or less of Hawaii’s people is of Hawaiian decent.
Now when you make comments of us being criminals, you better really think about what you are saying.
If you feel that we don’t have enough resources to conduct a proper investigation, you should blame the US government, it’s up to them to fund Hawaii with “proper resources”

It all comes down to each individual though. I guess you just have to hope to work with, that one person who truly gives a hoot with all their heart to really get some results. That’s in any case, but I know you already know that.

I just think its ridiculous to say that Hawaiians are criminals from the moment we stepped onto Hawaii. So not true! We are human beings like everyone else. Some are good and some are bad. Like I said, not many Hawaiians lefts in Hawaii.

They also claim that its a cover up. Local law enforcement concluded that she probably committed suicide or accidentally fell into the ocean.

Why would local law enforcement cover up a murder unless they were involved in it themselves?
This doesn’t make any sense.

I’m also pretty sure that none of these remarks you (hawaiian_tv person and mainland media) make about Hawaii, help to find her.

If this was a murder…

Don’t you think that they would find some kind of blood or something? Maybe pieces of clothing torn from the rocks? Or how about some torn hair? Or missing personal items? Anything?

Okay and how about the locals she was meeting?

If she was meeting with her nice sweet voice friends, maybe they would’ve tried calling her phone, wondering where she is? Not saying she wasn’t meeting anyone.

Well if they didn’t call her, then maybe they are the ones who killed her. or maybe ahe said she was meeting with the locals just so that her family wouldn’t worry about her being alone all the time. Hmmmm. People do, do that.

Or maybe, she was calling these locals to ask, where did you say you guys were hanging out again?
2nd short call, okay I think I’m lost. Or I’m at a lighthouse.

Maybe there was foul play involved, with no evidence? I must say that Those are some really good criminals. They can hide evidence and find evidence they left behind, IN THE DARK!

trying to look at it at all angles. So many theories run through my head.

I have to send a shout out to this asshole from hawaiian-tv….. You are an idiot. You are so illiterate and just plain stupid, you don’t even know it. I dislike people who see Hawaii people as savages and cannibals, and criminals who were kicked out of Tahiti and tonga to live in Hawaii and ate the menehunes.
Sounds funny to you right? Well this guy or gal was serious when he said these things.
Just because we don’t have a huge ass mall, doesn’t mean we are savages.
I hate hearing people say that shit. They say it’s like visiting another country because we don’t have a huge mall.
Like I said earlier, the Hawaiian islands has sort of a theme per island. If you want a HUGE mall, go to Oahu!
I don’t mind the “it’s like visiting another country” part, it’s when you add “because we don’t have a huge mall” that really irritates me.

Here’s a tip for people coming to Hawaii on vacation or going on vacation to anywhere in the world:

Treat people the way you would want to be treated. ( not saying she didn’t do this )

Hawaii locals take it very personally when you don’t show gratitude and appreciation.
It’s their nature to be kind and welcoming. We call this spreading the aloha! Don’t talk about how you vacation sucks around local people. How would you like us to go to your home and talk crap? Like I said earlier, in Hawaii we take it very personally if you don’t show gratitude and respect because its in our nature to be kind and respectful. So don’t be surprised to get snapped at for saying something wicked to us. We love our land and each other. We also love to be nice to people, but if you are mean, we hate to be mean back because it hurts our hearts and we take it very personally.

Here’s another tip for going on a vacation, not just to Hawaii, but to anywhere in the world:
Don’t go alone!
Don’t hangout with the wrong crowd!
Don’t camp anywhere that isn’t a real camping ground!
Don’t treat people disrespectfully. ( not saying she did this)

You never know what kind of person you will come across or what kind of danger you might get yourself in.

Abducted, murdered or suicide or a staged death? Could she still be alive? Which ever it is, maybe one day we will all finally be able to rest.

What do you think?

Where is she?

I think some time has passed for someone to finally fess up! Then again, I think she died of an accidental death.
Rest in peace Laura. I’m sure you were a great woman. You were adventurous and fun. You were blessed to die doing what you loved.
Then again, a lady like herself, she may be traveling around the world or maybe she lost her memory? Hmmmmm????. That’s something to think about.

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Hip Hop on the Hawaiian Islands, that’s Island MOJO!

When you think of Hawaii, you think of beautiful landscapes, volcanoes, swaying palm trees, crystal blue water, sunny skies, the sounds of an ukulele and hula girls dancing on the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, not to forget the late great and inspirational, Israel kamakawiwo’ole.

Bradda IZ’s talents, dreams and desires to get his lovely, enchanting voice heard, from the teeniest state known as the Islands of Hawaii, his huge voice made it across the pacific ocean to different parts of the world. That’s what our local artists dream for themselves to happen because he did it. He really did it!

In Hawaii we are known for Hawaiian, reggae and cover songs played along with the acoustic sound of an ukulele. You will hear it the moment you step onto a Hawaiian airlines airplane to take that dream vacation to the tropical islands of Hawaii.

What you don’t usually hear on the radio is local hip hop. That’s right hip hop in Hawaii!

It’s fresh and exciting! We need more music lovers out there to spread the sound out across the pacific, to the U.S. mainland far and wide! We don’t give Hawaii hip hop enough credit. Very few local hip hop artist are chosen to play on air but every weekend there’s always a local joint bumpin’ with local hip hop music!

Help support local hip hop!

Here’s a Hawaii Hip Hop group that’s been performing all over Hawaii for about a decade.
introducing…..”Island Mojo” what better name to represent an amazing hip hop group from Hawaii! The first time I saw this duo perform, I fell in love. It’s the excitement, the message and the passion they displayed on that stage, is what drew me to them.

Israel kamakawiwo’ole gave us hope for future artists. The future is now. Spread the aloha, spread the word of ISLAND MOJO’s Tre Tru and Petrafyne from the Big Island.

Love em, like em, share em! Aloha and Mahalo!

Island Mojo is an independent Record Label and Group
from the Big Island of Hawaii. IM was established in 2004
and consists of Tre Tru, Petrafyne, and Frank “Zero” Samuels.
Mostly known for their ’07 hit single “Stunnin” which got heavy
rotation on their areas biggest Hip Hop radio station, IM continues to be
heralded as one of the Islands best Hip Hop acts to date, with shows
at numerous venues around the island and outer Islands.Island Mojo’s
sound is as diverse as the Island Landscape they call home, from
Deep highly emotional songs, to anthems, to political tunes and party
songs. and the beats they use have just as much variety from rock or
dubstep beats, to Island and Reggae all laced with witty and sometimes
provocative lyrics and strong delivery styles, its no wonder that
Island Mojo becomes an instant favorite of all who get to hear them.

for updates from Island Mojo go to:


*******************CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT “ISLAND MOJO”**********************

To purchase Island Mojo’s latest Album “Big Island Crypt” online go to

To see Videos of Island Mojo performing Live go to

^^Heres Island Mojo Performing Big Island Crypt Live!!

like them on Facebook


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Selling on eBay Guide

Selling on eBay:

eBay is a great place to get a business started especially if you are looking for ways to raise some money for a great cause.

BUT remember that eBay has tons of fees. Especially if you’ve already listed your 50 items per month.

You also have to remember that on top of seller fees you pay insertion fees and photo fees.

Let’s say you sold something for $1.00. After ebay fees and PayPal fess you would make about 30 cents. Yes, that’s 30 cents.

So before you decide to list an item at $1.00 with free shipping, make sure that item is desirable enough to sell for way, way more than a buck!

You also have to know that charging people for shipping is also considered part of the sale amount, even if you charged someone the exact amount for shipping and you paid for shipping through eBay.

eBay does give discounts for shipping. It’s about 40 cents less than going into a post office and paying for it. Plus, delivery confirmation is included.

If you have an item and you have no idea how to sell it. Do a search on eBay for that item. Than refine search to items sold. Scroll through and see what the average sale price is. Write it down.
Than do a search for the items that are currently listed from lowest to highest.
If there are tons of that same item, Try and list it for the lowest amount possible. People rather bid as little as possible. Doesn’t mean they are gonna pay that much or win. People are addicted to bidding and they will keep on going until they win.

Another way to really increase your sales is to select a charity available on eBay. Donate at least 10% of your sales to a good cause. People who do this gets the most attention. Plus you are helping someone out.

Depending on the percentage of the donation, eBay will discount fees once you made your donation after the sale ends. Be careful though, especially if you do most of your business from a touch phone because you won’t know to pay the amount unless you sign on to a computer.

The only way you can select a charity is by using a computer. You cannot select a charity by using the mobile version of eBay.

When selling items like real gold or silver, it’s safe to say that you can list the item with a starting bid of .99 cents.

The reason why I highly recommend it with desirable items is because at a 99 cent starting bid, you will attract everyone. What you want is the most watchers and bidders. The more watchers, the more bidders, the more money you will get for this item.

When selling on eBay, make sure you buy yourself a scale. Scales are needed!

First class packages is the cheapest and most reliable way to go when using eBay for postage. In the post office it costs exactly $1.95 for first class under, I believe 3 oz.
Through ebay it costs $1.64, to anywhere in the united states. You
Also get delivery confirmation when using eBay to print your shipping labels.

Though first class is cheap. It does cost more, the heavier the item is.

If you have any specific questions on how to list an item, ask me and I’ll give you the best answer possible.

I’m a power seller and top rated seller on eBay.

There are certain items that do attract more buyers into your store, these items are:

Collectable dolls
A 99 cent item with free shipping no reserve

Make sure you have at least 2 of these different items in your store at all times in order to attract the real ebayers.


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