Paul is dead

“Paul is dead” the last testament of george Harrison. The documentary claims to have audio of George Harrison, a late Beatles members confession to the covered up death of Paul McCartney in 1966.

I’ve done some research after watching this documentary. Many claim it as a hoax and that this rumor started amongst college students during the time of the alleged fatal car crash that left Paul McCartney decapitated.
I must say that the rumors did not include detail of how he actually died, but that they believed he was dead because he no longer did interviews and shyed away from live cameras and clues in lyrics and photos taken on album covers which led them to believe he was dead.

George Harrison allegedly recorded on audio tape that he needed to “tell the truth”, that he could not keep this dark secret the remaining beatles members kept any longer. He claims that speaking the truth to anyone would cost him his life and would also be the same for anyone else who spoke the truth. Watch, “Paul is dead, the last testament of George Harrison” you be the judge of it.

You must keep reading because the obvious evidence will shock you.

Pre 1966, Paul McCartney was a ladies man, also very quick to speak at interviews, very energetic and hype.
Post 1966, Paul McCartney was just the opposite.

With this said, a case has been reopend for paternity case involving fraud by Paul McCartney. In the early half of 1960 a woman claimed to have a relationship with Paul for 2 years and conceived a daughter. Paul was ordered to take a paternity test sometime later, I believe in the 70’s. BUT the woman claimed that Paul used an imposter to take the test. Now when she said those words, “imposter”, it clicked. It was the new Paul and ofcourse there would be no match because he is an imposter. (See link below for full article on facts) Now 40 years later, still fighting for the name of her father, which her mother is 100 percent sure that Paul is her daughters father, this case is reopened. Paul McCartney, is looking at fraud charges. Karma sucks. Dig up that old grave because that’s where you will find your real dad, if this dark secret is true. May he rest in peace. Paul, if you are the real Paul, don’t worry about it, only god can judge you.

Heres the full article on this case. FYI Paul is dead is still considered an urban myth, but with new evidence it may become the biggest cover up in pop culture history.

Added notes: Heather Mills (mcartneys former wife) in an interview during the process of their divorce stated, “I have a box kept safe, incase if something should happen to me, the truth will come out!”
I wonder what she meant by that. Hmmmm….,,
another big FYI- HEATHER MILLS formerly known as someone else was a hitch hiker he picked up before the accident. It is told that she had escaped this accident, threatened authorities and later lost her leg in an “accident” btw, she was obsessed with Paul McCartney and she knew the “truth”

I’m a huge fan of the beatles! I wish I never set my eyes on this documentary, but the evidence is there and there is a human life longing to know her real dad, on the line. Is it true or is it just another bullshit story to talk about? I’m still on the fence about this.


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2 Responses to Paul is dead

  1. charlesincharge says:

    WOW BERN.. this is all new to me but very intriguing

  2. bernurban says:

    Readers. You can wiki heather mills and you will find the information very much interesting in her early life category.

    There’s one part in the blog I left out. The woman who was in the car when the “real” Paul was allegedly killed is supposedly or was actually heather mills but at that time her name was something else.

    Also, pre accident he played and wrote with different hands. You can watch old videos online to see the difference yourself. Enjoy!

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