Catholic priests dies of aids

I know this is a real touchy subject but it’s a fact and a cruel reality. Maybe the catholic church should remove celibacy. Many years ago, it wasn’t required. The reason for the change was because the income of married priests with a family would be used as household income. The church would not get the money it needed. Maybe they should seriously consider changing it back. One thing I don’t understand is why the catholic church says being gay is a sin, when there are gay men in their priesthood. Why be ashamed of who you love? You wouldnt have to worry about keeping secrets if you didnt build so many unrealistic rules. What happen to compassion and forgiveness and love for everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation is? Did you know that it is a rule when studying to become a priest that two young priests are not allowed to be alone together? They are only allowed to meet in a group setting, no matter what reason they have.
You can still serve god and if you choose to….be with the person you love. It’s unfortunate and sad that these priests had to die or commit a crime because they had a secret.
Remove celibacy, continue HIV testing on priests and while they are doing that, also allow contraceptives.

We are all human, priest or not. Don’t be a hypocrite, do the right thing, though you have celibacy as a law which is neither right or wrong, it’s killing your people.

Let them love who they want, man or woman. Though their choice is to serve god, they should also be allowed to have a family or partner like they did before they changed the laws on married priests.

Read this:

One more thing: shame on the priests in this world, who we trust, that are sick in the head and molest children! Well, that’s a different story. We’ll go deeper into that soon.

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