Dolphin Slaughter

A dolphins smile is the most deceiving thing in this world. For many years dolphins have been loved by humans because of it’s talents, smile and mysterious powers. For this reason, dolphins have become the main attraction at amusement water shows around the world. What people do not realize are that they are contributing to the slaughter of dolphins around the world.
A dolphins smile is very deceiving…. Did you know that dolphins have very powerful senses? Did you know that a crowd of cheers from a crowd of dolphin fans are actually killing dolphins? Remember flipper? Did you know flipper died of depression?
Did you know that the dolphins you see in water shows are the survivors of dolphin slaughters in japan and other parts of the world? Did you know that thousands of dolphins are slaughtered when they are not fit for sale? Did you know that japan considers dolphins as pests in the ocean that eat their food supply? Did you know that the dolphins you see in America and other countries that are in amusement parks are bought from japan and other countries that involve dolphin slaughter?

There is a way you can help. Go to to help fight the slaughter of dolphins and whales. Also see “the cove” a documentary on the secret cove where japan fishermen slaughter these creatures and don’t want anyone to know about it.

More recently, since the release of this documentary, the people of japan have been making efforts and protesting to stop the slaughter. Before the documentary aired the people of japan had no idea these horrifying events were taking place.

What we would ultimately want to see is the release of dolphins and whales in captivity. These dolphins which were spared during mass dolphin slaughters will eventually die just like flipper because of captivity and cheers from crowds.

This is a very very sad reality.

These days I stay away from any park that features dolphins as an attraction. I feel that if I pay to see them, I am saying it is okay to kill dolphins and it is okay to imprison them in the very small water tanks.


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