Guns are BAD NEWS!

Guns, guns, guns, what will we do without them? I KNOW!! LIVE! That’s what we will do!

I feel that people want to own guns to feel power and protection. PROTECTION FROM WHAT?!! PEOPLE WHO HAVE GUNS?!!

Power is a stupid reason to own a gun. People who are thrilled to the thought that this weapon in my hand can injure or kill with just ONE CLICK!

You point, you shoot! You point, you shoot! Scary thought. Do you hear it?

The first time I ever heard of someone getting killed was a story on the news about a child hiding in the closet, dad comes home, doesn’t think anyone is supposed to be there, thinks theres a robber, goes for his gun, kid jumps out, BOO! And BANG! Kid is dead!

Second time I ever heard of someone getting killed was a story about 2 young boys playing with his fathers gun. Boy grabs gun, thinks its cool, points it at friend, pulls the trigger and BANG! BOY IS DEAD!

Third time I ever heard anyone getting killed was MAN KILLS WIFE THAN SHOOTS HIMSELF.

Forth time I ever heard anyone getting killed was about a teenager who was picked on, somehow bought GUNS, went to school aimed his gun and BANG! He pulled that trigger on anyone who crossed his path!

There’s no good news about guns! You never hear people say, luckily he had a gun or someone would’ve died. That guys a hero.

Of course I heard other stories on the news, but these are stories that really hit me with a BANG!

I watched a documentary once called bowling for columbine. Pretty messed up stuff. If you haven’t watched it, you better get on it because this is your government to. It makes me ashamed of what our government allows.

Did you know that the US has the highest rate of fatal shootings than any other country. GOSH there’s a lot of other countries! We definitely aim high, us Americans. If we shoot, we kill.
Why is that? Why is it so possible that this is so true? WELL, our country is known for freedom to all, freedom of everything you can think of but we still have laws to protect the PEOPLE!
So this will make sense to you. The right to bare arms is a legal right in most of the UNITED STATES! I’ll say that makes total sense.,,, NOT!
The government is basically giving us permission to shoot to kill! Maybe it’s not the intention but when you give someone a gun, what do you think they will do with it?

Now I’m gonna go in a different direction just so you know where I really stand on this subject..,,,,,

Have you ever went to a gas station or to the store and a person approached you, looking sad and helpless? They had a whole speech about their family or how they are hungry or how they just needed one more dollar to catch the bus to see their family? That has happened to me more than once.
I feel really bad for these people.

Okay so have you ever been approached by the same person months later with the same exact story? I’m raising my hand! ME ME ME! Yep.
What I’m trying to say is that these damn people ruin it for the ones who truly need help! Why should I give them anything. I used to until I realized that these people cannot be trusted!

So the story here is that these foolish people who abuse their rights, ruin it for the people who truly need it. Like for example: the police, hunters who actually depend on their catch to support their families and gun collectors. Yes I said gun collectors. You know there are people out there that actually collect guns for historical reasons. They don’t shoot them, they just like to look at them and clean them. I know owning a gun as a trophy sounds stupid but there are people that actually respect their weapon.

We as a country have gone to far to just take that right away.

Laws need to be change to make it even harder to legally own or sell guns. The government will have to spend more dough to do this but at least the death toll will go way down.

1. Psych evaluation
2. Price hike on guns and bullets
3. No criminal record OR personal complaint made about person
4. Firearm safety classes physical and written exams
5. Reason why they want a gun (of course that’s a simple answer)
6. Restrictions on how many bullets a person can buy in one year.
Buyer has to register with the government for approval. Pay for that approval and wait to get a slip in the mail. In order to purchase bullets they need to hand that slip to the seller and seller must assign specific bullet type with the government, write it down and mail it in within a certain amount of time.
7. Have a permanent physical address with a valid state ID or drivers license for the exact state they are purchasing or using the gun. Which also includes that if they move they are required by law to register that gun in their new city or state.

I tell you, it’s just as hard as registering a vehicle to another state. This is in my opinion what needs to be done. Agree?

Thanks for reading. Remember not to point that gun at me, it’s just plain rude.


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4 Responses to Guns are BAD NEWS!

  1. Mickie says:

    Just remember, if you are in a life or death situation, it is good to have a gun where seconds count and police are only minutes away.

    • bernurban says:

      Read my who blog. I’m not against owning a gun. But I am against stupid idiots owning one, who kill innocent people and dont take proper security precautions so that gun doesn’t end up in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, let’s say, a child at home, curios.

  2. Patrick G. says:

    If you ever wake up in the middle of the night with an intruder in your house, the first thing you are going to do is call someone with a gun, and then you are going to pray they get there in time.

    • bernurban says:

      If anyone has read this whole blog you would know that I am not against owning a gun. BUT I’m all for changing laws to make it harder to get one. NOTE: this article is called “GUNS ARE Bad, NEWS?” With a question mark. Which means its about how bad bad things happened to innocent people and it involved a gun. Dead innocent children because of stupid ass72)3$ with guns. People getting away with murder children and other innocent people. So before you flap your mouth and think I don’t know what I’m talking about READ the whole story and think about the bigger picture. That’s all. Have a great day. You can’t fight violence with violence. Killing each other is not a way to solve anything. I have security camera which probably cost the same as owning a gun. Bye

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