Drugs are bad?

Drugs are bad? Bad for who? What kind of drugs? Is marijuana a drug? How bout alcohol or tobacco? Duh!

One thing I know is that you can’t really call a terminally ill patient a pill popper and say its the same thing as a person who smokes crystal meth, that’s just cruel!

You also can’t call a person with illness a drug addict because he or she smokes weed and compare it to a heroin addict or crystal meth addict. It’s not the same thing!

I know most of you have common sense but some people just don’t!
This really pisses me off!

How dare you compare a terminally ill person to your recreational drug use?!

Recreational drugs meaning, alcohol, cigarettes, crack, cocaine, crystal meth or ice, including pain killers illegally prescribed, you get the picture.

Anyways you assholes, blame the pill popping on the damn doctors and the government, because if only they would just legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, there would be no deadly or uncomfortable side effects!

I have a question for you all, now please answer this question because I really want to know.

Should a mother be able to care for a child and have a recreational drug problem, let’s say crystal meth? Even if it’s not every day or once a week use. Let’s say she does it every once in awhile. Should she be allowed to care for an infant? What would you do if you knew someone, a family member who has a baby or children and they are recreational chemical drug users?

One more question.,,
Do you trust chemical drug users that don’t admit to their habit?

Please answer in any way you feel. I really want your opinion in this and if you know someone who has these types of problems, I want to know that too.

I know how I feel on these matters and I know how I would answer these questions, but I want to know if my feelings are too harsh.

I also feel that the government only cares about how much money they can put in their pocket. Which is why alcohol was once illegal and it’s legal today, tobacco is still available on the market even if there’s proof it kills.
Fucking people are so greedy and cruel.

The government is your drug dealer. So why not legalize marijuana in all 50 states? You got every other drug that kills and enables people, why not legalize a natural herb?

I get why people in general do not want to legalize the use of marijuana. They believe a weed smoker lives like a “hippie” their definition of a hippie is a free spirited & free roaming. Another reason is because they believe that pot heads tend to just hang out and do nothing but eat and sleep and watch tv. They feel that a pot head is at their dead end point.
I will say that I know for a fact that these people are the ones who may misuse marijuana. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. I also know for a fact that people also misuse prescription drugs. These people end up killing their insides, pop pills and drive and more deaths are caused by drunk drivers or are under the influence of narcotics like prescribed or illegal pain killers.
I have not heard more than 1 unfortunate accident that involved a “pot head”And that pot head was also drunk.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.
All I really want to say is:

Marijuana helps cancer patients and is a great substitute for pain killers and anti depressants.

You cannot compare chemical narcotics to herb.

You cannot compare crystal meth to herb.

How dare you say a cancer patient is a drug addict because he or she smokes weed and say its the same thing as your crystal meth addiction! What kind of mother are you?

Yes I said it. This person is a mother on crack who justifies her drug addiction by saying she only takes one hit and it’s because of what she goes through.

Okay so put your baby in danger. Fuck up her life too. What a selfish asshole!

You may think I’m being harsh but let me tell you, this person has had plenty chances to make a change but she still refuses that she has a problem and still refuses to get help after 7 years of drug use. I’m fed up! You are not gonna hurt that baby!

Just to let you all know that of course I’ve smoked weed in the past, I know how it feels. I don’t need it now, but when my time comes to where I have some kind of illness that requires me to take pain killers, I really really hope that marijuana is legal because I refuse to take a narcotic that will kill my liver and any of my organs and most of all keep me from functioning like a normal person. At lease if i smoke some weed, I may be happy, content and have the munchies! What’s wrong with a drug that will make me want to eat? I’m definitely not gonna take a drive anywhere in my car if I smoke some of that stuff! Some of you assholes will go out and drive drunk!

Anyways people, thanks for reading my blogs. This one was mainly to vent about idiotic drug addicts trying to justify their addiction. There is no justifying! You have a choice, it’s either a yes or a no. You do it or don’t! If you can’t stop, do something about it! Don’t make anyone feel bad about your addiction. Do something about it, before you lose the things that matters the most!






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8 Responses to Drugs are bad?

  1. shutyamouth@rocketmail.com says:

    Sounds like you are making up excuses for sick people to abuse drugs. IDK seems like you have a opinion that looks out for you and yours. Try looking at it from another perspective. Maybe the child needs its mother. Maybe the mother never hurts the child especially if it is not an everyday thing. Maybe the person doesn’t have a problem. A drug is a drug no matter what form. So if the mom smoked marijuana then its ok for her to have her child?

    • bernurban says:

      Btw… Medicinal marijuana use is legal in the state of Hawaii and about 15 other states. I only state facts not hear-say.
      You have your opinion. You must be one of those “no common sense” people I’ve been mentioning.

      • bernurban says:

        It is okay to smoke marajuana for medicinal purposes in Hawaii. It should be legal in all 50 states.

        I do not smoke weed or use drugs, been there done that. The only looking out I do is for the safety and welfare of a child. A child should not be with a mother or father who uses crystal meth, even if it’s not an everyday thing.

    • bernurban says:

      Not an everyday thing? Haha, not funny. That is just ridiculous. Smoking ice is BAD period! Either you do or you don’t! It’s your choice. You wanna smoke Ice once in awhile and have a baby, up to you but I’ll tell you this, that baby deserves better and I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me. If you can’t see it that way then you need serious help. It is not normal to think that it’s okay to do drugs once in a while, ESPECIALLY if there’s children involved!

  2. Shutyamouth@rocketmail.com says:

    Btw I was googling images for a school paper and came across this with that picture of the baby. Wish I didn’t cause it’s kinda irritating the way u talk to people so maybe u should shutyamouth!

    • bernurban says:

      Ignorance, People who think its okay to smoke ice once in awhile are really ignorant.

      This Sent from my iPhone haha!

    • bernurban says:

      Please stay in school. If you think it’s okay for a mother of a baby to smoke ice, than maybe you got problems. It’s gonna take more than school to fix your problem. The only way you could possibly feel this way is because you also do drugs and or you were raised around it. There are people in this world that don’t do drugs at all.

      There are people who need medications, there are people in this world who need to smoke weed and there are people in this world who need to smoke crystal meth, there are people in this world that drink alcohol, there are people in this world that use heroin.

      Circle the above mentioned that are illegal and will possibly never be legal.

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