Hawaii for sale!? What?

David Murdock, 89, owner of Hawaii’s island of Lana’i since 1985 wants to sell his island..,, WAIT, HIS ISLAND?

For those of you who are not familiar with Hawaii and how it first became part of the United States, heres a quick rundown for you.

On January 17th 1893, a small group of the United States soldiers, used superior force to overthrow the Hawaiian kingdom, threatening the people of Hawaii. On this day Queen Liliuokalani yielded her position as the Queen in order to protect her people from bloodshed. Hawaii was illegally occupied and taken from its people.

Fast forward….Hawaii’s agricultural lands made huge profits that the United States government wanted all of and not part of. Hawaii lands and ocean was needed and wanted by the United States government for military needs. Hawaii was wanted out of greed and selfishness, with no regard to the people who called Hawaii their home and cared for the land and the people who made Hawaii.

Hawaiians were forced to use a revised version of the Hawaiian language and they were forced to stop most of their ways of culture, right or wrong.

On August 21st, 1959 President Eisenhower proclaimed Hawaii as the 50th state in order to keep all profits made from agriculture and military space.

In 1993, President Bill Clinton, issued an apology letter acknowledging the wrongful act in 1893.

Forward…. How could you say that this part of Hawaii belongs to me? How could you say that I own this land now and I want to sell it? Who gave these men the right to own or to sell land that did not belong to them? How could anyone take away someone’s home or life and sell it?

This is all done. We cannot undo what has been done, but we can surely stop the sale of an island that has become part of the United States of America.

If land was bought by a man who now wants to sell it, what gives him the right to sell? It wasn’t his to own in the first place.

If the government wants to take Hawaii from its people, then they need to follow through with this unfair act.
What I’m trying to say is that this man, of 89 years old, has a chance to do what’s right and return the land to the people who originally called Hawaii as a whole, their home. He has this chance to give the land back to Hawaii.

If this is something that is impossible to distribute, give the land to the Hawaii government and make them responsible for caring and governing the people of Lana’i who are the people of Hawaii. We cannot undo the fact that we are now Hawaii, the 50th state. For now, we as good people will do what we have to in order to live with what we have been handed, right or wrong.

I believe that Hawaii as a whole will be restored back to its people, but until then, the United States of America needs to take responsibility and follow through with what they caused by taking back the island of Lana’i and stopping the resale of an island that is part of the State of Hawaii and funding this island, so that the people of Lana’i can live by the government of Hawaii, The United States of America.

Just incase you don’t understand. The current owner of Lana’i funds all land costs. Murdock, owns approximately 95% of Lana’i, so where’s the 5% at? For those of you who don’t know what the island of Lana’i looks like, well it’s small, very small. The 5% very well could be a port-a-potty on some private beach. Murdock, is saying that he is losing money and getting too old. He cannot care for the land and the people of Lana’i. The people who reside on Lana’i are worried that the new owner will not care for their needs as the owner does.
Notice how they say “THE OWNER”
No one should be owned. This is the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave!

The United States needs to take back the land they illegally sold and take responsibility for this land and do what’s right by the people of Hawaii.

It’s greed that has made them do what they did and it’s greed that stops them from doing what’s right.

Mr. Murdock, please, if you say you’re too old to care for Lana’i, though you have cared for the people on the island and they respect you, please instead of selling it, do the right thing, give back the land to its people. Give it to the people who call Lana’i their home. Give the responsibility of your businesses to the people who you believe will do the right thing.

Our money nor yours, will not go with us when we can no longer be on earth, but what’s in our hearts and in our minds, that is what we take with us to heaven. Give the land to the people. Do one more last right thing. You will be forever known as the man who gave the land back to its people. I know this is a huge request, but it’s what’s right.

I know I’m just one little person in this huge world, but please hear me and understand me. Your goodness will spread and will be the start of the restoration of Hawaii as an independent nation.

Though I’m just just one little person in this world, I will speak on behalf of everyone who has had their home taken away because they couldn’t afford it anymore and owe mainland banks money on their mortgage, I will not let you take my land away because it was never yours to buy or sell. It is mine because I’ve lived here and was born here, I pay because you left me no choice. Just as Queen Liliuokalani had no choice but to give up her thrown, to protect her people. I pay to protect my family.





I must say that I don’t blame either man for purchasing an island that’s “For Sale” it’s not their fault. If I had a billion dollars, I would buy an island. They earned their money, their both good men. With the way that island is now it seems too late to change. Too late to give back. We are all so used to the lives we have now in Hawaii, who REALLY wants it to go back to the way it was? Times change, people change but we still have a chance to make it right…..Somehow, someday.



This is how lanai was first taken:

Plus see photo below.

Gibson used land for farming, ranching and his mormon colony and
Eventually it got bigger and bigger.

He worked beside and influenced the king and named himself the voice of the Hawaiian people.

In my eyes GIBSON was a crook for stealing lanai right under their noses.

He was accused of stealing from the church of latter day saints. He was accused of teaching and manipulating the word of god to the people and was also arrested before moving to Hawaii. He also manipulated the king to write a document that would eventually make the king step down as the leader!

From Wikipedia:

By the 1870s, Walter M. Gibson had acquired most of the land on the island for ranching. Prior to this he had used it as a Mormon colony. In 1899, his daughter and son-in-law formed Maunalei Sugar Company, headquartered in Keomuku on the windward coast downstream from Maunalei Valley. However the company lasted only until 1901.[6] Nevertheless, many Native Hawaiians continued to live along the less arid windward coast, supporting themselves by ranching and fishing until pineapples displaced ranching.[7]

In 1922, James Dole, the president of Hawaiian Pineapple Company (later renamed Dole Food Company), bought the entire island of Lānaʻi and developed a large portion of it into the world’s largest pineapple plantation.

With Hawaii statehood in 1959, Lānaʻi became part of the County of Maui.

In 1985, Lānaʻi passed into the control of David H. Murdock, as a result of his purchase of Castle & Cooke.

In June 2012, Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison agreed to purchase Castle & Cooke’s 98% share of the island. The state owns the remaining 2 percent of the island.[8][9]

HERE’S THE UNFORTUNATE DIRT ON GIBSON, the first man to singlehandedly steal an island

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2 Responses to Hawaii for sale!? What?

  1. Oh Really says:

    A majority of the population of all these islands voted for statehood. There likely was unfair use of media by business interests to promote statehood, but the people did vote for it primarily because full US citizenship was percieved at the time as more beneficial. The only way to immediately change the reality of Hawai’i today would be by a populist uprising. This would likely be considered anarchical if there was a widespread refusal to comply with existing laws. Given the very large number of US military personnel occupying these islands, Marshall law would very likely be declared as soon as political and judicial institutions were under threat. Good luck with that approach.

    Ideally, a representative government solution is available through provisions of the US Constitution. If money were to be donated by aware citizens which resulted in representatives and administators being elected who would use the existing judicial, financial and other governmental institutions to change existing laws, then change would be effected without the expense of police and military activation and the pain and hardship that would inevitably be inflicted on the citizenry.

    • bernurban says:

      If you read my entire article, You would understand.

      The Hawaiian islands were taken away illegally. Did the Hawaiians really have a say or vote?

      When they voted for statehood, the Hawaiian islands had already been populated by people of the us mainland, europe, Philippines and Japan. So with most of the Hawaiian ancestry wiped out, no wonder why that vote was passed.
      Who was actually allowed to vote anyway? There were many laws back then against the vote of people that weren’t considered literate, or US citizens.
      Most Hawaiians weren’t considered literate because they did not speak clear English or could not write in English.

      The people of Hawaii live the way that’s normal in this age of time. It’s the only life we know, except for what we read in books. Even if the Hawaiian people are comfortable in their life in Hawaii, they still deserve more than that.

      The Hawaiian people do have some government funding for education. They also have a limited amount of housing, which they still pay for and more than half could only afford to build their own home with their own hands.

      They have lands that are reserved, which is land covered in lava rocks. Hundreds of acres of land owned by one person. That’s questionable. How did they get that land and still own it today after all these years?

      That’s where the government is wrong. The people of Hawaii, though it became a state should have been able to keep the land they lived on and cared for. Just because someone comes to Hawaii and builds and small buildings and has a small business on it doesn’t mean that that person owns the land, years later he sells this land. What makes him think he can just take a piece of Hawaiian land and sell it? That’s the real question.

      I really want to know.

      That means I can go to my neighbors house and plant a garden and build a shack. He’s too scared to tell me to leave. Then a year or two later I will sell my neighbors garden and the shack. Now my neighbors property just got smaller.

      This is the issue we have here. Just because Hawaii is an island, doesn’t mean that parts of it can be taken and sold. This is our home.

      How can we give back something that was taken away?

      I know! Let’s build a casino and give the money to the Hawaiians. At least then they can afford to live wherever they want to in Hawaii as long as the property isn’t already owned.

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