Hawaii school system and lack of funds

Someone said that we need to better educate ourselves, but how can our children get properly educated? Look how many times we’ve had furlough days In the public school system.

My sister also received a letter in the mail from an elementary school saying that they have very low academic scores and that as a parent they will understand and it will be okay to choose another school outside of their school district.
Now how can we start educating our children when the school system has no faith in themselves?
Education starts at home YES, but education by schooling is very important.
Even if you have some sort of talent, you still need to be educated. If families cannot afford private schooling, than we have no choice but to send them to a public school and depend on that school to properly educate our children. This is another example of the united states government not following through with their plan. If you want to take Hawaii from its people and you want to give us American opportunities, don’t do it half ass! Don’t give us something, than take most of it away. We are not asking for a hand out, we want what’s right for any human being. We want whats needed in order for our children to have a successful future.
You can pay for war, why not pay for education?
I’m very surprised that the government can even afford school buses. Maybe one day, they’ll take that away from us too.
government has received none of the money promised to fund Hawaii schooling, this is why..,


Why not fund the US citizens and the children of Hawaii. We need funding for schooling just as much as another child from anywhere else in the world. We need equal opportunity for all children.

Though the Micronesians didn’t get their money promised, why can’t you use that money to fund all children and follow through with it? Children are our future. How can this new generation fill the offices of the government if they aren’t properly educated?

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