Letter to my brother 6/25/2012

Dear Israel,
Well today was a lot better than yesterday. Izzy has been climbing on her toys. Haha. She’s so daring! She’s definitely not afraid of heights! Well shes not that high up. It’s just scary watching her climb up on her toy in her crib.
She loves to grab everything. She definitely knows what no means. Every time after I say it she pulls her hand back really fast and then slowly tries to grab it waiting for me to say no again! Remember how we said she would be a grabber? Haha.

Blank and I have been having talks about what and how we will talk to her about everything. I know we can show her your picture and tell her stories about you and have her watch your videos, but when she really really realizes things I want to make sure she understands. It’s gonna be tough for her but I’m very sure that she will love us all enough to understand.

I know she’s just a baby now but she’s getting smarter and smarter everyday.

She’s calling me mommy and I felt bad at first but I truly feel she deserves to have someone to call mommy. I know you agree, which is why you made these final decisions.

I really wish you were here to share these moments.

I believe you are still here with us as god is with us always.

I believe that god will do what’s right by Izzy Ann. You are with him now and you can tell him what you would like to happen. What ever happens, I will know its because you had your chat with god. Lol. That’s pretty awesome!

I feel really good about this.

We are doing our very best to give izzy the best possible life she can get in order to feel loved and have a great and successful future.

I saw a music academy for kids today and that is definitely one thing I want to make sure she does. I truly believe that music helps kids with brain stimulation and learning. Plus it keeps her closer to you. If it weren’t for my music class, I probably would’ve hated school. Music made my time in school a lot easier in all my classes.
I’m hoping she’s not gonna be the type of kid that hates music. Lol. That would be the first! Well if she doesn’t like it, She doesn’t have to do it. I’m really hoping she will want to do some kind of extracurricular activity. I do want her to go to kam school or some sort of private school. Not that I have anything against public schools. I just really want that for her and if one day she says that she wants to try public school then we know she won’t be happy unless she tries that out.

I remember when you first took interest in music. It was the new kids on the block. I believe that VHS tape we had for a nkotb concert was yours! Haha. You also wanted to get your hair cut just like Jordan knights. So funny. You wouldn’t let anyone cut your hair unless they knew who Jordan knight was AND say they could do it, just like that.
You were such a picky kid! You never let anyone pick out your clothes. The first time you let anyone help you shop for clothes was Eddie, that’s because you thought he was so cool.

I remember when we were little and how we would always play outside. Dad would even play with us. Those were some good times. Dad would always take us to do something adventurous! I miss him and mom too. I’m sure they are with you now.

Kids now days, just like to play video games. Although I’ld think it was cool if Izzy played some games like all the other kids. They are all so good. They stay out of trouble and they all do so well in school. I’m so proud of all our nephews and Nieces. I can’t believe niks in college. That is so awesome!

Well I’m gonna finally go to bed. I love you Israel.

Goodnight my brother. I wonder what spirits do all day?

Love you!



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