Emily chooses Arie?

Emily chooses Arie? I really hope so! Sources say that Emily chose Bottle water company CEO and skateboarder Jeff! Sweet dude he is. I’m really hoping its Arie and according to these tweets, looks like Arie is gonna be having his bachelor party real soon. Well, since Emily tweeted that her bachelorette party is in a week.

Look who’s been spending time together lately…,


Jwolfner let Emily borrow his pants? Hmmmm?…… Btw he’s Jon one of the eliminated bachelors. Did I miss something? Look at this one.. It’s Arie and Johns conversation. Lol!


In July? At the “men tell all” and or at Aries bachelor party. Hey, I’m glad you got to hang out too, I’m also glad you tweeted the world and gave us some hint as to who’s still with Emily. Hahaha!

Maybe I’m wrong and that reality Steve or Dave or whatever his name is, is right. If Jeff won Emily’s heart, good for them. They both seem like very sweet people. Either way, I’m rooting for Ricky, who needs a great man to be her father figure.

Who do you think it’s gonna be? Arie or Jeff?

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2 Responses to Emily chooses Arie?

  1. celine cochrane says:

    it cannot be anyone else than ARIE. Their connection is so clear to me, and to all the people that write stupid comments about how he’s always kissing her and eating her face, or whatever they say. Of course they are always kissing!! They are in love. Would you be able to kiss someone you don’t like??? Being in love is not being able to take your hands off each other… you just can’t stop touching! HAve those people ever been in love? Don’t they remember how they were with each other? Come on… It is clearly Arie who won her heart, and I get chills when I whatch them together, It’s Arie… unless he does something really stupid at the end that just turns the tables around… And if he does, and emily does not choose him, I think she will not choose anyone else…

    • bernurban says:

      I agree! ARIE is the man and Emily knows it! After watching the tell all it made me realize that she talked about his family in a past tense. Sucks. Jef, is sort of a joke to me. He knows how to play the good guy for sure. Even his brother knows he’s not ready. Who knows, maybe they might work out.

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