Bachelorette Emily chooses….

Okay tonights the men tell all. I’m really anxious and excited to hear what they all have to say. All this speculation is killing me! I really think that bloggers and purposely trying to steer us in the wrong direction when it comes to Jef. So many articles are saying that she chooses Jef. I think they are doing that just to keep us surprised. Truth is, Jeff is way too immature and not ready to settle down with Emily. I mean come on. His parents haven’t even met her yet! And after his Morman family sees her making out with all those guys on tv, do you think they will still approve? I don’t think so.
He knows this too, which is why he’s been questioning Emily ALOT!

Have you seen pictures of him online? He looks like farmer Ted from sixteen candles and Ducky from pretty in pink! I admit, I love a retro 80’s styling man but come on! Emily, I hate to say it, is way too good for this guy Jef.

Bottom line is, She has a good head on her shoulders and she seems to be making good decisions so far. So if my predictions continue to be right, she will choose Arie LJ.

Though he hasn’t done any major racing lately he has lots of ties with Hollywood including Kim Kardashian. He has his own clothes line and a more sophisticated but wild and relaxed lifestyle, yes he has it all! Fame was gonna come sooner or later for this race car driver, why not with Emily? She wants the same exact things in life as ARIE. They both want fame and fortune. Only difference is Emily has Ricky.

Though arie has had girlfriend after girlfriend, so has Jeff. Look at them. What kind of girl do you think attracted Jef in the past? I’m sure she dressed exactly like rainbow bright or the corpse bride. I think Emily would be a huge change up and great catch for him.

As for arie. I see him with more down to earth ladies or very glamorous women. Depending on how he’s feeling. He could probably get any woman he wants.

I was reading past tweets and it seems as if Emily, arie and Jon had been hanging out together.
Their tweets recognized spending time with bachelorettes’ Jon, were around the same exact time!
Is that a coincidence? Why were the three of them hanging out? Plus Jon said, Aries is a good guy.
You don’t say that unless the better man won!

One more thing… During jefs hometown visit I noticed other children. I really don’t think Emily truly liked that and I don’t think Ricky will like that either. They are so used to being the center of attention. How would she truly fit in, when she has a child, that isn’t their own flesh and blood, especially when they have their own children that are? It would be so unfair for Emily to choose Jef. Deep down, he’s not ready. If Emily chooses Jef, it won’t last. 3 years tops!

As for arie. They have no small children. She will be welcomed with open arms. Though viewers say they seemed cold, I seen the opposite. I see a very laid back family half hippie and half glamour. Haha! I truly believe Aries mom was kinda star struck by Emily knowing that she’s the Bachelorette! She’s a huge fan of the show and I really believe that Aries family will love her Ricky and always have her back!

Well that’s it for now! Let me know what you think.



Awe Darnit. I think she chose Jeff.

She said “I loved them” when referring to Aries brothers. If they were still together, she would’ve said “love”

Sucks but, gosh Darnit! Well at least Arie is still available!

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