9/11 “JUMPERS”

I’ve been reading articles on the 9/11 “jumpers”, they called them.
People are leaving disturbing comments like, insurance doesn’t pay for suicides, Or we want to forget about them because they are a disgrace for committing suicide. This is such bullshit! Why doesn’t anyone get it? After all these years no one really gets it!

These people had flames and crumbling of floors and ceilings around them. For most the only real way out was through a fricken window! Hasn’t anyone ever felt fear? We are trained to survive through any situation, no one really wants to die! Obviously some of those people who jumped used curtains and sheets as parachutes to try and survive the fall, unfortunately the sheets and curtains didn’t help them live. When your life is threatened, people will act quickly to make a decision to live, their ways of trying to live , may not have been rational, but it beats just standing there and dying without trying to fight for life.

What I’m trying to say is that these “Jumpers” as you may call them, jumped to try and live, in hopes that someone may catch them or maybe a trampoline might break their fall. As they saw tons of fireman, there must be fireman yelling for them to jump, no matter how high up they are! This is what we see on tv, We see firemen at the bottom waving the victim to jump, they will catch us!

They maybe also told themselves that they can see a tree or bush or another roof they could land on. They may break their legs or break their arms, but at least they’ll live!

They may have prayed to god just before jumping, in hopes that by some miracle they could land without dying or land on something soft.

This is so sad to me and heartbreaking that each and everyone of these human beings jumped thinking they were gonna make it. This isn’t their day to die! It’s so sad and heartbreaking that they fought to live, but showed such courage to make that jump. Their only option of escape, was out the window or a walk or run down a crowded stairwell.
Now they are gone, dead because either way out was too far down for living. Some were fortunate enough and close enough to make it out in time.

An image trapped inside of my head is of a lady holding a baby out the window. In hopes we could hear her or see her she would pray that someone would catch her baby and catch her. Those hand waves and leaps of men and women yelling for help. I can only imagine their desperation, fear and their pain.
These are images and events I will never forget.
I wish I could stop remembering. I wish people would stop saying that these people committed suicide. These people acted the only way they knew how. To escape would be the only way to survive. In their state of mind, I truly believe they thought they had a better chance of living if they took the quickest way out, the window.

God bless them and may they rest in heaven. They fought to live through one of the most horrible acts of insanity and cruelty ever to hit 1000’s of innocent people at once. They fought to live and prayed that god will protect them from their fall, but if God wishes for them to die than that’s what they had accepted.

Courage is what these people displayed and not disgrace. What would you do if you were in a burning building about to collapse? Have you ever had to make a fire escape route out of your home from the second floor? Pick two ways of escaping. Also if the doorway is blocked with fire, which way would you go to exit?

So think about that people before you say that these people acted against god and with disgrace. They died, trying to survive.





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