Selling on eBay Guide

Selling on eBay:

eBay is a great place to get a business started especially if you are looking for ways to raise some money for a great cause.

BUT remember that eBay has tons of fees. Especially if you’ve already listed your 50 items per month.

You also have to remember that on top of seller fees you pay insertion fees and photo fees.

Let’s say you sold something for $1.00. After ebay fees and PayPal fess you would make about 30 cents. Yes, that’s 30 cents.

So before you decide to list an item at $1.00 with free shipping, make sure that item is desirable enough to sell for way, way more than a buck!

You also have to know that charging people for shipping is also considered part of the sale amount, even if you charged someone the exact amount for shipping and you paid for shipping through eBay.

eBay does give discounts for shipping. It’s about 40 cents less than going into a post office and paying for it. Plus, delivery confirmation is included.

If you have an item and you have no idea how to sell it. Do a search on eBay for that item. Than refine search to items sold. Scroll through and see what the average sale price is. Write it down.
Than do a search for the items that are currently listed from lowest to highest.
If there are tons of that same item, Try and list it for the lowest amount possible. People rather bid as little as possible. Doesn’t mean they are gonna pay that much or win. People are addicted to bidding and they will keep on going until they win.

Another way to really increase your sales is to select a charity available on eBay. Donate at least 10% of your sales to a good cause. People who do this gets the most attention. Plus you are helping someone out.

Depending on the percentage of the donation, eBay will discount fees once you made your donation after the sale ends. Be careful though, especially if you do most of your business from a touch phone because you won’t know to pay the amount unless you sign on to a computer.

The only way you can select a charity is by using a computer. You cannot select a charity by using the mobile version of eBay.

When selling items like real gold or silver, it’s safe to say that you can list the item with a starting bid of .99 cents.

The reason why I highly recommend it with desirable items is because at a 99 cent starting bid, you will attract everyone. What you want is the most watchers and bidders. The more watchers, the more bidders, the more money you will get for this item.

When selling on eBay, make sure you buy yourself a scale. Scales are needed!

First class packages is the cheapest and most reliable way to go when using eBay for postage. In the post office it costs exactly $1.95 for first class under, I believe 3 oz.
Through ebay it costs $1.64, to anywhere in the united states. You
Also get delivery confirmation when using eBay to print your shipping labels.

Though first class is cheap. It does cost more, the heavier the item is.

If you have any specific questions on how to list an item, ask me and I’ll give you the best answer possible.

I’m a power seller and top rated seller on eBay.

There are certain items that do attract more buyers into your store, these items are:

Collectable dolls
A 99 cent item with free shipping no reserve

Make sure you have at least 2 of these different items in your store at all times in order to attract the real ebayers.


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3 Responses to Selling on eBay Guide

  1. stacy says:

    hi – beanie question. sorting beanies to sell – i have some that have tush tag star that appears to be on a plastic like sticker stuck on the tag….what is that? these are all 93 to maybe 96 – i know they were originals. Ever seen that?

    • bernurban says:

      Yes I’ve seen it, it is just a newer version tag. Even if the same year beanies has the original looking white and red tag. It’s just that beanies luck it was made later that year and its just another version.

      Like when you see people mentioning 2nd edition 4th generation, it’s the same thing.

      You can search online.

      Google: beanie babies tush tag generations

      Find a site that has actual pictures.

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