Dolphin slaughter day, 2 days away!

Dolphin slaughter day, is just 2 days away in Taiji, Japan! Makes me sick!

Every day we are contributing to their business by visiting parks and hotels that feature dolphins and whales for our entertainment!

Dolphins are being killed every year!

The reason they kill dolphins is because they are unfit for sale. The fisherman kill baby dolphins and adult dolphins it doesn’t matter what size or age. If they are too small or not as pretty, they are dead!

They also say that dolphins eat their main source of food supply. They are considered pests of the sea! So why don’t they farm their food? Why can’t they think of something else besides killing dolphins? They are smart people.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what the situation, there’s always a better solution than killing something to eliminate a problem!

These fisherman or “dolphin killers” sell these dolphins to companies all over the world. They are used for entertainment purposes and education purposes. They don’t need to die for our pleasure!

Stop buying them! Let’s put these fisherman out of business!

Why dont they catch fish like everyone else? They aren’t fisherman! They are dolphins slaughterers!

Like we have cow slaughterers, they have dolphin slaughterers. The difference between the 2 is that we kill to eat. They kill to make money. They kill to get rid of dolphins as if they were rats!

Stop the sale of dolphins by making it illegal to buy or keep dolphins in captivity! Stop paying to see these dolphin shows! Stop paying to “swim with the dolphins”

Did you know that a crowd of cheers, can kill a dolphin?

For more info please read my past blog about dolphin slaughter. You can help save the dolphins and whales by visiting the links provided.

Aloha and mahalo.


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