What does heaven feel like?

I’m gonna pretend for myself that heaven feels like swimming.

Heaven feels like cool water surrounding my body, my eyes are open and I only see wonderful things. As I swim further I see beautiful color and it is easy to breathe. I feel no pain in my body. I feel strong enough to swim fast or slow. I decide to swim slowly so I can take in every sight I see. What I see is what I wish. What you see is what you wish.

Finally I’ve come to a point where god says “welcome” I can see him and beside him stand my parents, my brother and others that I love who also passed. I feel blessed at this moment and overwhelmed with joy. I’ve always thought I knew the meaning of the word, but now I truly know what it feels like. It’s like god has finally answered my question. It’s like god has finally given me the answer that everyone wants to know, “is there life, after death?” The answer is yes. It finally proves that we will never know, until it happens. If you have faith and patients, your questions will be answered. Well, it was worth the wait. It is glorious and a feeling of new life.

There’s no other way I could imagine this rebirth and this reunion with my family and friends whom I love. I have been given life in a new way.

I believe that we go through pain and obstacles in our life so that when we finally reach heaven we can finally enjoy just being. It’s like putting in time and working hard to achieve the ultimate reward.

I don’t know if anything I’ve written here has gone against anyone’s religious beliefs or has ruined their vision of heaven. Now that I have pictured it in this light, I’m not afraid. I know that I need to keep on the path of goodness and be good to others and myself. I have to always have faith and take care in order to reach my ultimate reward.


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1 Response to What does heaven feel like?

  1. cgriep4 says:

    Your heaven is so peaceful. I like your heaven! I can’t imagine how heaven would be. But I know I am going to Heaven. Someone once asked me “are you ready to die? Have you accepted God? I accepted God all my life – it’s that some where along my 67 years of my journey I often got side stepped. It’s called “getting experiences in life!” Heaven is being with God – Like I said I’m still on my journey đŸ™‚

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