Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
I know it’s not your fault. I love you. I saw this movie tonight, reminded me of how I felt when you were sick. It took me many years to forgive you, when there was nothing to forgive. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. I know that and I’ve always known that, I just couldn’t admit it.
I also realized how strong you were, I saw how hard you fought to be normal and without sickness. It gave me hope everyday that one day you would get better. In the end I blamed you for dying because I felt as though you gave up on living and you gave up on us, but that wasn’t true. You had no control over life or death. If you could choose, you would choose family. You always chose your family.
When Israel got sick, he chose family too. He fought hard too. He had it ruff, he had a lot of negative things going on in his life that made it hard for him to enjoy his last year trying to live. He also had a great thing to live for, family.
I feel truly blessed that we as a family shared great moments together, good and bad. I feel truly blessed that my brother left behind the most precious daughter you could ever hope for. You would love her to pieces! She’s just like all of us! I feel truly blessed to have had 2 sisters and a brother I will love for the rest of my life! Thank you mom and dad for giving us each other. You will live in all of us. Until we meet again.

Love your daughter always,


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