Arie asks Emily’s dad for approval! Bachelorette spoiler!

Oh my goodness! Emily’s dad accepts Aries proposal! How could she not want to marry arie? As for Jef, he says that if he truly means it than okay. Lol

Watch these clips:

We know for sure that she is definitely marrying someone this week because her tweets says so.
She’s preparing for her wedding! But to whom?

Man, I hope it’s arie, but stupid Steve says its Jef. Who is he, some kind of psychic or something?


Just kidding, you’re not stupid Steve.


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9/11 “JUMPERS”

I’ve been reading articles on the 9/11 “jumpers”, they called them.
People are leaving disturbing comments like, insurance doesn’t pay for suicides, Or we want to forget about them because they are a disgrace for committing suicide. This is such bullshit! Why doesn’t anyone get it? After all these years no one really gets it!

These people had flames and crumbling of floors and ceilings around them. For most the only real way out was through a fricken window! Hasn’t anyone ever felt fear? We are trained to survive through any situation, no one really wants to die! Obviously some of those people who jumped used curtains and sheets as parachutes to try and survive the fall, unfortunately the sheets and curtains didn’t help them live. When your life is threatened, people will act quickly to make a decision to live, their ways of trying to live , may not have been rational, but it beats just standing there and dying without trying to fight for life.

What I’m trying to say is that these “Jumpers” as you may call them, jumped to try and live, in hopes that someone may catch them or maybe a trampoline might break their fall. As they saw tons of fireman, there must be fireman yelling for them to jump, no matter how high up they are! This is what we see on tv, We see firemen at the bottom waving the victim to jump, they will catch us!

They maybe also told themselves that they can see a tree or bush or another roof they could land on. They may break their legs or break their arms, but at least they’ll live!

They may have prayed to god just before jumping, in hopes that by some miracle they could land without dying or land on something soft.

This is so sad to me and heartbreaking that each and everyone of these human beings jumped thinking they were gonna make it. This isn’t their day to die! It’s so sad and heartbreaking that they fought to live, but showed such courage to make that jump. Their only option of escape, was out the window or a walk or run down a crowded stairwell.
Now they are gone, dead because either way out was too far down for living. Some were fortunate enough and close enough to make it out in time.

An image trapped inside of my head is of a lady holding a baby out the window. In hopes we could hear her or see her she would pray that someone would catch her baby and catch her. Those hand waves and leaps of men and women yelling for help. I can only imagine their desperation, fear and their pain.
These are images and events I will never forget.
I wish I could stop remembering. I wish people would stop saying that these people committed suicide. These people acted the only way they knew how. To escape would be the only way to survive. In their state of mind, I truly believe they thought they had a better chance of living if they took the quickest way out, the window.

God bless them and may they rest in heaven. They fought to live through one of the most horrible acts of insanity and cruelty ever to hit 1000’s of innocent people at once. They fought to live and prayed that god will protect them from their fall, but if God wishes for them to die than that’s what they had accepted.

Courage is what these people displayed and not disgrace. What would you do if you were in a burning building about to collapse? Have you ever had to make a fire escape route out of your home from the second floor? Pick two ways of escaping. Also if the doorway is blocked with fire, which way would you go to exit?

So think about that people before you say that these people acted against god and with disgrace. They died, trying to survive.





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Bachelorette Emily chooses….

Okay tonights the men tell all. I’m really anxious and excited to hear what they all have to say. All this speculation is killing me! I really think that bloggers and purposely trying to steer us in the wrong direction when it comes to Jef. So many articles are saying that she chooses Jef. I think they are doing that just to keep us surprised. Truth is, Jeff is way too immature and not ready to settle down with Emily. I mean come on. His parents haven’t even met her yet! And after his Morman family sees her making out with all those guys on tv, do you think they will still approve? I don’t think so.
He knows this too, which is why he’s been questioning Emily ALOT!

Have you seen pictures of him online? He looks like farmer Ted from sixteen candles and Ducky from pretty in pink! I admit, I love a retro 80’s styling man but come on! Emily, I hate to say it, is way too good for this guy Jef.

Bottom line is, She has a good head on her shoulders and she seems to be making good decisions so far. So if my predictions continue to be right, she will choose Arie LJ.

Though he hasn’t done any major racing lately he has lots of ties with Hollywood including Kim Kardashian. He has his own clothes line and a more sophisticated but wild and relaxed lifestyle, yes he has it all! Fame was gonna come sooner or later for this race car driver, why not with Emily? She wants the same exact things in life as ARIE. They both want fame and fortune. Only difference is Emily has Ricky.

Though arie has had girlfriend after girlfriend, so has Jeff. Look at them. What kind of girl do you think attracted Jef in the past? I’m sure she dressed exactly like rainbow bright or the corpse bride. I think Emily would be a huge change up and great catch for him.

As for arie. I see him with more down to earth ladies or very glamorous women. Depending on how he’s feeling. He could probably get any woman he wants.

I was reading past tweets and it seems as if Emily, arie and Jon had been hanging out together.
Their tweets recognized spending time with bachelorettes’ Jon, were around the same exact time!
Is that a coincidence? Why were the three of them hanging out? Plus Jon said, Aries is a good guy.
You don’t say that unless the better man won!

One more thing… During jefs hometown visit I noticed other children. I really don’t think Emily truly liked that and I don’t think Ricky will like that either. They are so used to being the center of attention. How would she truly fit in, when she has a child, that isn’t their own flesh and blood, especially when they have their own children that are? It would be so unfair for Emily to choose Jef. Deep down, he’s not ready. If Emily chooses Jef, it won’t last. 3 years tops!

As for arie. They have no small children. She will be welcomed with open arms. Though viewers say they seemed cold, I seen the opposite. I see a very laid back family half hippie and half glamour. Haha! I truly believe Aries mom was kinda star struck by Emily knowing that she’s the Bachelorette! She’s a huge fan of the show and I really believe that Aries family will love her Ricky and always have her back!

Well that’s it for now! Let me know what you think.



Awe Darnit. I think she chose Jeff.

She said “I loved them” when referring to Aries brothers. If they were still together, she would’ve said “love”

Sucks but, gosh Darnit! Well at least Arie is still available!

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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th comes 2 times per year, but this year, get ready for 3! This happens once in every 11 years, I believe. Maybe we’ll turn into zombies? (knock on wood) #smirk :/

Why does this day have such a bad rap? I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with 13 guests at the last supper?

Fidel Castro and Butch Cassidy, the bank robber, was born on Friday the 13th. Haha. I think it’s just a coincidence.

Just like tonight…. As soon as it turned friday the 13th, the damn Internet and cable connection kept turning off and on. So irritating. I think the cable company did that on purpose or maybe the urban myth of F13 is true, who knows?

What I’m really excited for is Saturday the 14th! Anyone remember the movie? Haha, I really hope they play that show on tv, cause I can’t find it for sale anywhere!

Alright people, done messing around with this thing. Have a great F13 and a wonderful S14. Btw
Stay off the sidewalk and don’t plan on holding any mirrors for the next 24 hours!
Oh and one more thing. If you just so happen to go to a hospital tomorrow, tell me if there’s a 13th floor. If there is, weird, cause I’ve never seen one. Oh and I pray everyone has a safe day. If youre heading to a hospital today I pray it’s because you work there or you’re just super curious about the un 13th floor.


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Emily chooses Arie?

Emily chooses Arie? I really hope so! Sources say that Emily chose Bottle water company CEO and skateboarder Jeff! Sweet dude he is. I’m really hoping its Arie and according to these tweets, looks like Arie is gonna be having his bachelor party real soon. Well, since Emily tweeted that her bachelorette party is in a week.

Look who’s been spending time together lately…,


Jwolfner let Emily borrow his pants? Hmmmm?…… Btw he’s Jon one of the eliminated bachelors. Did I miss something? Look at this one.. It’s Arie and Johns conversation. Lol!


In July? At the “men tell all” and or at Aries bachelor party. Hey, I’m glad you got to hang out too, I’m also glad you tweeted the world and gave us some hint as to who’s still with Emily. Hahaha!

Maybe I’m wrong and that reality Steve or Dave or whatever his name is, is right. If Jeff won Emily’s heart, good for them. They both seem like very sweet people. Either way, I’m rooting for Ricky, who needs a great man to be her father figure.

Who do you think it’s gonna be? Arie or Jeff?

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Stop child abuse now!

I truly don’t understand how a family could take in a child and push the child aside, collect that child’s money and not love the child. I don’t understand how you can hit, kick or just hurt any child or person, your own child or someone else’s.

How can anyone abuse another person let alone a child?

Im hurt by stories I’ve heard about child neglect and abuse.

You may not have physically hurt that child or called that child names or told them they are worthless, but have you ever treated that child with all the love and care in the world? I hope you said yes, if you answered no truthfully..,,,

You have neglected your child!

Maybe he or she isn’t your real son or daughter, but you took that responsibility and you felt you could be a good parent. So be a good parent!

What do you thinks gonna happen when he or she becomes an adult, a mother or a father?

Let’s just pray that he or she learns from your mistakes and becomes the best person he or she could be.
Let’s hope someone can reach out to you and your child. Let’s pray that you will see the error of your ways. Let’s pray that your child will forgive you and love you more than before. Let’s pray your child becomes a great success in his or her future. Let’s pray that your child can cope with everyday life and never give up on success, happiness, love and god.

What is normal to you, may not be the right kind of normal.

If you, or someone you know has been or is being neglected, physically abused, or is being exposed to illegal drugs, inappropriate activity or sexually abused, please call your local department of human services, child welfare service or child protective service intake number.

You can also dial 911 if you feel someone is being harmed and needs immediate attention.

Remember, a child cannot defend themselves, but we can help protect them. It is our duty as human beings to protect and love our children. Stop abuse now, before it’s too late.

If you are being abused please get help now! Stop the abuse before it gets worse or better yet stop abuse from happening. Make a change in your life, that’s the only way to stop violence. Tell someone, anyone!

Kids, please don’t call the police if you are not really being abused. That’s not cool. Kids do that all the time, but there is a reason why you felt the need to do it. Talk to someone, anyone. Let us help you get through it, whatever it is.

Here’s some resources and hotlines:


Child help USA
National Child Abuse Hotline
15757 N. 78th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(800) 4-A-CHILD

Operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hotline offers crisis intervention, information, literature and referrals.

Father Flanagan’s Boys Home
(Boys Town)
14100 Crawford St.
Boys Town, NE 68010
(800) 448-3000
Operates a variety of in- and out-of-home services for children and families.

National Runaway Switchboard
30810 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(800) 621-4000
The National Runaway Switchboard’s mission is to facilitate relationships that ensure youth and families have access to resources in their communities.

Children’s Legal Rights
American Bar Association (ABA)
Center on Children and the Law
740 15th St., NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 662-1720
Consultation, technical assistance and training for professionals in using the legal system to protect children.

American Civil Liberties Union
Children’s Rights Project
132 W. 43rd St.
New York, NY 10036
(212) 549-2500
A national program of litigation, advocacy and education.

National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC)
1825 Marion St., Suite 340
Denver, CO 80218
(888) 828-NACC
Professional organization for lawyers and other practitioners who represent children in court.

Family Resources
Grandparent Information Center
601 E St., NW, Room B5436
Washington, DC 20049
(800) 424-3410
For grandparents raising grandchildren, professionals, support groups, researchers and policy makers.

For more info visit “prevent child abuse america”


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Letter to my brother 6/25/2012

Dear Israel,
Well today was a lot better than yesterday. Izzy has been climbing on her toys. Haha. She’s so daring! She’s definitely not afraid of heights! Well shes not that high up. It’s just scary watching her climb up on her toy in her crib.
She loves to grab everything. She definitely knows what no means. Every time after I say it she pulls her hand back really fast and then slowly tries to grab it waiting for me to say no again! Remember how we said she would be a grabber? Haha.

Blank and I have been having talks about what and how we will talk to her about everything. I know we can show her your picture and tell her stories about you and have her watch your videos, but when she really really realizes things I want to make sure she understands. It’s gonna be tough for her but I’m very sure that she will love us all enough to understand.

I know she’s just a baby now but she’s getting smarter and smarter everyday.

She’s calling me mommy and I felt bad at first but I truly feel she deserves to have someone to call mommy. I know you agree, which is why you made these final decisions.

I really wish you were here to share these moments.

I believe you are still here with us as god is with us always.

I believe that god will do what’s right by Izzy Ann. You are with him now and you can tell him what you would like to happen. What ever happens, I will know its because you had your chat with god. Lol. That’s pretty awesome!

I feel really good about this.

We are doing our very best to give izzy the best possible life she can get in order to feel loved and have a great and successful future.

I saw a music academy for kids today and that is definitely one thing I want to make sure she does. I truly believe that music helps kids with brain stimulation and learning. Plus it keeps her closer to you. If it weren’t for my music class, I probably would’ve hated school. Music made my time in school a lot easier in all my classes.
I’m hoping she’s not gonna be the type of kid that hates music. Lol. That would be the first! Well if she doesn’t like it, She doesn’t have to do it. I’m really hoping she will want to do some kind of extracurricular activity. I do want her to go to kam school or some sort of private school. Not that I have anything against public schools. I just really want that for her and if one day she says that she wants to try public school then we know she won’t be happy unless she tries that out.

I remember when you first took interest in music. It was the new kids on the block. I believe that VHS tape we had for a nkotb concert was yours! Haha. You also wanted to get your hair cut just like Jordan knights. So funny. You wouldn’t let anyone cut your hair unless they knew who Jordan knight was AND say they could do it, just like that.
You were such a picky kid! You never let anyone pick out your clothes. The first time you let anyone help you shop for clothes was Eddie, that’s because you thought he was so cool.

I remember when we were little and how we would always play outside. Dad would even play with us. Those were some good times. Dad would always take us to do something adventurous! I miss him and mom too. I’m sure they are with you now.

Kids now days, just like to play video games. Although I’ld think it was cool if Izzy played some games like all the other kids. They are all so good. They stay out of trouble and they all do so well in school. I’m so proud of all our nephews and Nieces. I can’t believe niks in college. That is so awesome!

Well I’m gonna finally go to bed. I love you Israel.

Goodnight my brother. I wonder what spirits do all day?

Love you!



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