Beanie Babies Value Guide


TY Collectable Beanie Babies 2012

Retired Beanie Babies and Todays Value

Beanie Babies are still highly collectable and a valuable market.
Retired Beanie Babies are being resold today all over the Internet.
When shopping for Beanie Babies claiming to be “Rare” or “ultra rare” be sure to ask and see all tags, front to back, inside and out! This also goes for the famous Princess Beanie Baby.

*3 Things to look out for when shopping for not so “Rare” Beanie Babies*

1. Biggest giveaway is the pink or red stamp on the inside of the TUSH tag.
The numbers on the inside represents the factory numbers where it was reproduced in china.
These types of Beanies are mass produced, so sorry it’s not rare

2. Look on the tush tag, if there is a star next to TY and it also says PE pellets and handmade in china than sorry it’s not rare

3. If the swing heart tag has just the name, birthdate and Poem in combination with the above then sorry it’s not rare.

There is only 3 exceptions to these rules:

1. Rare color
2. factory mistakes
3. Very limited change in design

These are valued between $500-$5000

For instance, it’s red instead of blue or they used a different material or they forgot the wings or the eyes are blue instead of green or they misspelled the word beanie.

*How can you tell Beanie Babies are rare?*

It’s actually simpler to point out rare beanies. When buying any beanie baby, make sure its been stored properly.
There are 2 things to look for before buying:

1. Mint ( clean, brand new condition, smells new)
2. 2 Mint Tags ( no rips ) actually, just make sure it has both tags, I prefer to have a tag than no tag, even if it has stains or discoloration. This is just my preference.

To really be honest, the swing tag can have minor damage, just as long as it’s attached and readable.

Anyone will buy the rarest of beanies just as long as it is readable and not torn with no pen marks. There is only a very slight difference in value.

It’s still valued about 35%-%75 less without tag. Depending on which beanie it is.

Rare signs list:

1. All rare TY beanies have only a TY on the swing. The slimmer the TY, the more valuable it is. BEWARE of this feature because you may mistake a Beanie Baby for a TY Attic Treasure.

2. No star on Tush tag

3. 1993-1998

4. PVC pellets

5. Capital i’s look like lower case L’s on the swing tag

6. Name and style number in combination with all of the above 1-5 are the rarest beanie babies

7. Old face, usually slimmer than the new face beanie babies or eyes very far apart on the bears almost inline with the nose.

8. Swing tag with star and original beanie babies are still rare depending on the year on the tush tag!

What’s the value of my beanie baby?

Mint with mint tags being worth the higher amount

Princess bear (PE or PVC with no space in poem on swing tag) $300-$800 today

Princess bear (PE or PVC with no space in poem on swing tag, made in Indonesia) $1000-$5000

Princess bear (PE or PVC with no space in poem on swing tag, made in Indonesia or china, has a Pale green stem and white rose with pale yellow stitch) $2000 – $8000

These are valued based on 1-7 on rare signs, with the highest value being an older beanie and mint with mint tag or MWMT:

Cranberry teddy- $800-$2500
Chocolate moose- $400-$2200
Peanut light blue- $400-$2200
The rest of original 9- $500-$2700
Mystic unicorn – $350-$2100
Inch worm – $500-$2700
Very limited edition Teddy’s $800-$2500
All other Teddy’s (stand up) 1993-1998 -$500-$2700
All bears (laying down on belly)- $150-$500

Now of course it majorly depends on how much people are willing to pay.

There are under 100, if even 50 styles of beanie babies that have all these qualities, above are some of them.

Keep in mind that these values are based on 1 through 7 on rare signs list above. If they do not comply with rare signs 1-7, all retired beanie babies are worth between $1.00-$25.00 per Beanie Baby.

A massed produced Princess Beanie Baby is worth $1-$25

An unnumbered Princess bear (PE or PVC with no space in poem on swing tag, made in Indonesia $2000-$5000….. Today’s retail value $$75-$275 PVC being the most valuable Indonesian princess.

Now you are the expert! Go out and get them!

If you come across any of these truly rare Beanie Babies, don’t let them slip through your fingers!

Teenie babies retired are valued between $5-$25

Beanie Buddies retired are valued
Between $5-$175

Note: lots of factors fluctuates value wether its mint with tags, still in original packaging, has a rare beanie, year, etc.

If you really want to know why people get to buy them cheap is because people been selling them cheap, you just have to be patient and that rare beanie baby, will be yours!

If you want to get top dollar for your beanie baby, be patient, make sure it’s rare, take lots of pictures, sell it with a case and start bidding at .99 with free shipping and list it for 10 days on eBay. Don’t worry, if it’s that great you’ll get good money!

Good luck!

Remember value and today’s retail is much much different! Retail value is about 5-25% of its VALUE.
The reason for this is because of its size and why it was made, it was easy to collect and keep in good condition, it was made as a collectable. So to find an old doll is easy. It’s not like cabbage patch kids or American girls, rainbow bright, holly hobby, my little pony, Barbie, strawberry shortcake, gi joe, popples, pound puppies and all those other vintage or antique dolls that were made to be played with, that were super popular. It’s very hard to find one of those ills in mint condition, people want and will pay big bucks to get their hands on those old dolls.

My advice would be to really sort out your beanies, take all the retired pe pellet dolls and sell them as a lot at 50 cents- $1.00 a piece. Don’t forget shipping.

Take all your PVC dolls and sell them individually. If you have any double tush tag beanies or Indonesian beanies, really do your research. Tell me about them and I will help you.

Message me if there’s a beanie you want and I’ll tell you how you can get it!

Message me if there’s a beanie you have and you want to know how much you can sell it for and I’ll give you the answer.

Remember that retail values change monthly, weekly and even daily.


These are examples of tags you would like to see in your collection:










Last photo is just a variety of swing heart tags out there

Chocolate moose old faced on left and rare tush tags:




I’ve been doing a lot of research as to what day of the week beanie babies should be listed on eBay for sale.

Saturday and Sunday is the best day. Or list it on a day that the auction will end on a Sunday evening.

Good luck!

Red oval stamps 400, 401 or whatever number you have on the inside of the tush tag, ARE NOT RARE!

Stamping on the inside of tush tags are very common on retired beanie babies. See for yourself, check out your collection! Retired meaning pre 1998.


Errors on tags… The only type of tags with errors that get the big bucks are the ones that have the wrong name or the wrong poem or the wrong beanie baby number or a completely wrong name and poem. Before you can sell any of these, you need to get it authenticated and sell with certificate. Too many fraudulent dolls out there.

Beanie baby Authentication companies: true blue beans has the best prices
And I love you Beanies located in hawaii if you’re out of town they will send you a digital copy online in my opinion, digital copies are just as good as hard copies. Save ink!


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882 Responses to Beanie Babies Value Guide

  1. jessica says:

    Hello I have a few bears that I wanted to know the price on, these bears are in good condition all tags accounted for, no bends in tags, no plastic covers for tags, but perfect shape tags though please give me a quote for each bear.
    Jessica b.

    U.s.a 2000 ( star is sparkly)
    The end

    • bernurban says:

      Hello! So far all the bears you have listed are approximately worth the same. The most you could get is $15 for each beanie baby, at the least would be $2.00 each not including a shipping cost. However if you were to have cases for each doll you could increase the value quite a bit just because of the cases.
      At a garage sale type setting you could sell each doll for approximate $5 each.

      BUT if any of your older bears like peace, fortune or bears of 1993-1997 are filled with PVC pellets or have no stamp on the inside of the tush tag, than that’s a different story.

      Okay so, for these types of bears mentioned the only way to have a double in value, it would have to have all of these features:

      No stamp in tush
      PVC pellets
      Mint tags
      Mint doll

      However, for the later dolls like 1999 and up, of course would not have PVC pellets. So $15 is the max value not including a box and including shipping cost which is about $3-$4 first class USPS.

      Hold on to them for a few months, beanies are coming back in full throttle with the new line of beanies out there people will start to buy the old ones again.

      A little secret….

      When people see more it makes them want it, for example,

      If you are selling Fortune bear or groovy bear, you might want to add accessories like beanie clothes or something that relates to the type of doll. You’ll be surprised at how much people will pay for a beanie baby that comes with accessories, which is why Barbie and build a bear gets so much attention!

      It all really comes down to how much people are willing to spend and it’s all about timing. Putting it for sale at the right time.

      Hope that helped. Good luck.

      • Christine says:

        I have many hundreds of beanie babies:

        some 1993 (originals)
        a few 1995
        many, many 1996
        a few 1997

        ALL are 4th GENERATION swing tags and in excellent condition
        Almost all have a star beside the Ty on tush tag (a couple have no star)
        I have checked them for the PCV pellets
        Most have NO stamp

        Any value?


      • Sharon says:

        Hi, I have 13 Beanie Babie Bears that are in mint condition, all kept in cases with tag protectors. Just wondering if you could let me know if you think they are worth anything. If I list the bear and the year on the tag, could you let me know what you think?

        Curly – 1993
        Valentino -1993
        Maple – 1996
        Peace – 1996
        Erin – 1997
        Princess -1997
        Signature Bear – 1999
        Fuzz – 1999
        The End – 1999
        Valentina – 1999
        Millennium – 1999
        Kicks – 1999
        Signature Bear – 2000


      • bernurban says:

        These are all retired beanie babies.

        All should but with the exception of curly and Valentino should all have PE pellets which means these bears are common.

        However since all 15 of them are Teddy’s you old actually get a fair price in them which is the original retail cost paid.

        Which is about $5-9 per beanie baby.

        People like to buy ole tigons that are somewhat organized, meaning
        ALL Teddy’s or All bunnies or All cats.

        The price I gave does not count if you are selling them individually however in a garage sale type setting, you could get up to $5 per teddy, Not including the limited edition Teddy’s like old faced or new faced Teddy’s, cranberry, $$, or princess PVC china or Indonesia. These are the ones that are worth much more.

      • Lauri Johnson says:

        Hi, well, this is June 2013, so I have no idea what the value of these is now, but would appreciate an update on “Chocolate Moose”…thin face, no star on tush tag, lower case
        “l” for the “I” in “Beanie Baby” tag. Tag is NOT in plastic, but is in mint condition as is the rest of the item (PVC pellets, also) Dated 1993. Please email me your response…and thank you! I also have a 1993 “Splash” which was put out prior to the poems on the inside…instead, it’s a “To”, “From” and “With Love” on the inside of the tag. The tush tag is in black and white. I also have the following from 1996 with no star on the tush tag:
        Freckles, Scottie, Doby, & Blizzard. Blizzard’s swing tag is still in plastic.

      • Elizabeth Ussery says:

        I have a ton of beanie babies that I want to sell. I am not sure what to price them as though. I also have a Princess teddybear and I was wondering how do I know if she is rare or mass produced? Please email me and let me know at thank you! πŸ™‚ Do you have facebook?

      • Gloria Whittemire says:

        I have a McDonalds Legends Peanut the Elephant DOB 1-25-95 color is dark blue, package in excellent condition. I read that this is a very rare TY beanie because of the color and is worth $3000.00-$4,700.00 do you know if this is true or not! How would I sell it! Gloria

    • twzzle says:

      can someone help? i need advice on what my princess diana ty beanie may be worth today. i know the information above outlines it, but i’m not sure what’s changed since 2012. i’m interested on putting my beanie up on ebay, and i don’t want to under or overprice it.

      thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  2. Miranda H. says:

    Hi!! I have several Beanies I am interested in finding out if they are of any value:

    1. Wrinkles style 4103 DOB 5/1/96, no star on tush tag, no stamp in tush tag, capital i looks like lower case L… inside of swing tag says Ty Deutschland 90008 Nurnberg, PVC pellets
    2. Princess Bear dark purple with light green stem, white rose and yellow stitching, no stamp in tush tag, capital i looks like lower case L, there is a space between poem on tag, PE pellets
    3. All the following have PVC pellets and no stamps in tush tag:
    4. These have PVC pellets and a clear sticker on the tush tag over the Ty and star:
    5. Hologram on tush tag:
    Sneaky (no swing tag)
    I have been searching the internet trying to find out if they are worth anything but my Beanie Baby knowledge is limited πŸ™‚ Any help you give would be much appreciated!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!!

    • bernurban says:

      Hello. All the beanies you have described are valued for resale between $3-$15. That’s about how much you can actually get for them today. I would say about $8 including shipping for all except princess and the one with no swing tag.

      For princess you could get up to $20
      including shipping cost, but on the average of $9 plus $3 for shipping for this particular princess you described.

      For the beanie with no swing tag it is worth about $1.00-$5.00

      It all comes down to how much people are willing to spend.

      A good way for you to find out how much your beanie baby can actually be sold for is to go on eBay and search your item and refine search to sold items. This is the best way. Make sure when you read description that it is the same exact beanie baby you have.

      You do not want to go by old beanie baby value guides. These guides are very hugely inaccurate.

      The best advice I can give you is to hold on to these beanie babies for a few more months. As you may or may not know and huge batch of new styles of Ty dolls have been released. That means a whole new bunch of collectors are out there and are gonna start getting curious about buying older beanie babies. In a few months start listing your PVC beanies on eBay with a starting bid of $5 and list it for 10 days with free shipping. You can even list all your beanie babies as a lot. Sell them by 3’s or 5’s. List it low between .99-$5 for the lot as a starting bid.

      But hold on to them if possible for a few months and then you will get top dollar for them.

      • bernurban says:

        One more thing. Wrinkles with no star you say? Okay that one is a different story. I don’t know how I missed that one.

        Wrinkles with no star TODAY you could get $20-$35 that’s the price you could get. BUT it’s worth about $100. One hundred BUCKs for the no star on TUSH TAG beanies that are not the original nine or the more sought after beanies. You do not want to sell this doll today. You want to WAIT! Wait until NOVEMBER to sell this particuliar one. It will be a great Christmas gift to a really really big collector. By then you could get close to $100.

    • Kristi Caston says:

      ok I am going through stuff and getting rid of stuff. I found all my girls (now 21 and 23) beanie babies and now I want to sell them all. This is what I have, please give me some advice.
      1 (in package) Erin the bear-Teenie
      1 (in package) Maple the bear-Teenie
      1 (in package) Glory the bear-Teenie
      1 (in package) Britania the bear-Teenie

      Teenie beanie babies:
      Claude (2)
      Erin the bear
      Mel (2)

      Regular beanie babies:
      *Santa * Fleece 96 * Lobster 93 * Crunch 96 * Rainbow 97 *Roam 98
      *Slippery * Inky 94 * Spike 96 * Batty 96 * Bongo 95 (2) *Spike 96
      *Blackie 94 * Daisy 94 * Stinger 97 * Chip 96 (2) * Dotty 96 * Congo 96
      *Doby 96 * Jabber 97 * Mel 96 * Prance 97 (2) * Jolly 96 * Twigs 95
      *Pou 96 * Chocolate 93 (3) *July Bear 02 *Ears 95 * 98 Holiday Teddy
      *Midnight 2000 * Mystic 94 (2) *Claude 96 * Pouch 96 *Tracker 97 * Claude 96
      *Snip 96 (2) * Horse (Z0diac) * pumkin 98 * Stretch 97 (2) * Smoochy 97 (2)
      * Wrinkles 96 * Iggy 97 * Stinky 95 * The End Bear 1999 * Stilts 98 * Roary 96
      * Schweetheart 99 * Fetch 97 * Ants 97 * Stripes (no tag) 95 * Spinner 96 * Tiny 98
      * Strut 96 * Jake 97 * Gobbles 96 * Georgette (no star) 93 * Hope the bear 98
      * Pounce (no tag) 97 * Pugsly 96 * Eucalyptus 99 * Mac 98 * Rocket 97 * Lefty 2000
      * Ringo 95 *Halo 98

  3. Joy says:

    hi i have some beabie babys im tryn to find out the price they are all pvc pellets
    inch worm
    Peace bear ( got 3 bears all differ colors in style but rainbow)
    these are just a few of them i got many more ….

    • bernurban says:

      Please refer to other comments and replies.

      The retail value of your beanie babies are in the $5- $15 value today.

      You can increase value of beanie buy added a protective case or accessories.

      Please hold on to these for a few more months. Value will increase and more people will be willing to buy them. You can list them on eBay today BUT the only way they will sell is if you have a box for them and or accessories. You will also have to list them with a starting bid of .99 and $3.00 first class mail. You can even sell them as a lot, but not for the amount you want. You think of a number, a quarter of That is what you would list it for in an auction type sale.

      So I urge everyone to be patient because people will only pay what they can afford and they will only pay top dollar for the rarest of beanie babies.

      Today you can sell these beanies by luck. Especially if you list them for $100. It’s all about timing.

      With the new wave of beanies that were released, there are newer collectors and soon they are gonna need your beanies. That’s how this works. People want the retired ones. The ones that no one else has. We don’t know what appeals to certain people, you may have what appeal to others. So hold on to them to get top dollar.

  4. Ele says:


    I am trying to figure out the price of one of my TYs. It is a 1997 McDonald’s TY Britannia Bear that is missing the flag that’s supposed to be on the chest. It is in mint condition in the box.

    I also have the other 3 from that collection: Glory, Erin and Maple. Unfortunately there are no manufacturer’s defects with those. They all are mint or near mint in box (the box on one has a little fray, another’s back portion of the box is coming open a little). Would selling these as a set increase the value?

    • bernurban says:

      McDonald’s beanies that you have mentioned in box are fine if the back is opening a bit. I know what you mean.

      These are worth more as a lot or set but these value is about $30 for all. Today people will be willing to pay half of that.

      As for the teenie baby with a missing flag. You may want to get it authenticated. Search bean bag authentication service on google. There is a company that does that for a small cost. It is well worth it to get a doll like this authenticated.
      I have to ask you though, maybe you mentioned it but is that doll still in the box with its tags?

      You can definitely put your own price tag on it. I recommend getting it authenticated first. If you don’t you could sell it on eBay with a starting bid of $15 with first class shipping of $3.00. If you get it authenticated you can list it for $25 starting bid. You may get $40- $80 today. I would hold on to your beanies for a few months because there are new beanies that have been released and a new wave of buyers. They are gonna be looking for those rare and retired beanies! Good luck! Your teenie may be retailed about $100-$175 buckaroos!

  5. robert felton says:

    i have a euro unity

    • bernurban says:

      Hello thanks for you inquiry. European unity bears with both tags are being sold today for about $8.00 US on average. To increase your sale, make sure you take 3 pictures: full bear, tush tag and swing tag. You may get up to $15 for this bear.

      Again, hold on to your beanies for a few more months. Value will get up there for sellers and buyers will pay bigger bucks. Atleast $15 per retired beanie baby. New beanies have been released and a new wave of collectors are out there.

  6. bernurban says:



    It is a buyers Market right now on eBay! So if you see any of the beanie babies mentioned in my post and you will be one lucky collector! If you can find them for atleast $20 each…GET THEM NOW!

    Look for
    Chocolate moose no star on tush PVC
    Peanut elephant light blue PVC
    Squealer pink pig PVC
    Navy blue peanut
    #1 bear
    Happy hippo PVC
    Inch worm PVC
    $$ bear
    You know which ones they are!

    Any of the beanies mention in my original post…GET IT because these beanies will be worth in the hundreds!

    • Samantha says:

      Ah!!! My mother just asked me to sell everything in her storage unit for her and I found a big plastic tub of beanie babies. I know nothing about beanie babies! Most are in mint condition with all tags. Most from 1993. Squealer the Pig and Inch the worm and Peanut (light blue) are all here plus like 150 more. Do I really have to list them individually on Ebay? Anyone reading wanna buy the whole thing from me?

      • bernurban says:

        You can list them all together on eBay.

        Or Craigslist. Make sure you let your mom know that you are listing it there first before conducting business with anyone. There’s a lot of creepers out there!

        I recommend having a garage sale. Trust me, you’ll sell them all. Sell them at $1.00-$4.00 each but make sure they are clean feeling and not dusty looking.
        Or all for whatever price you want, $100, $150? Depends on how many beanies you got and how much you are selling each one.

        I hate feeling dirty musky dolls at garage sales and they say they want 2-5 dollars for them. That’s crazy! So just make sure they are clean and not dusty before you ask $2-$4 for a doll.

        A beanie with no tag isn’t worth much but 50 cents.

      • sammy pants says:

        Thanks, and eff these people claiming you have sneaky motives. You are a well versed young lady and I appreciate your advice! Right on beanie baby queen!

    • Maygen says:

      i have the hippo and the inch worm with pvc how much are they worth?

    • I have “happy” the Hippo…1993 polyester fiber and pvc pellets also, Peanut” the elephant….1995 ployester fiber and pvc pellts….They are available for purchase. I am totally confused on what is rare and what is not. Other than the fact that Madr in Indonsia” means something. Are these worth anything.? I have several from 1993

    • have hippo and elephant!!!

    • luke smith says:

      I have a few that you mentioned above and was wondering what kind of money i may be able to get for them

      Pink Squealer swing tag style 4005 and capitol i looks like l , tush tag no star no number, PVC

      Inch PVC, light blue peanut pvc, daisy pvc, stinky pvc, Gracie pvc.

      Then I have blackie and hippity that have misspelling on swing tag. On the front golden star instead of original it says “originnal”. I also have Floppity with the same characteristics but its PVC.
      all that i have mentioned are not numbered on tush tag.

      The other is the princess bear. Tush tag 97 and red star with out number. Rose stem is light green, white rose w/light yellow stiching. it does have spaces and is made in china

      and help you could give would be great

  7. Shelby A. says:

    Hello! I have about 50 Beanie Babies and I have tried to find values for each of them through ebay..however there are a few that I am curious as to what you think about. They are all MWMT and NO STAMP inside tush tag.

    1. Patti, 1993 PVC pellets, star on both tags, but the capital i on the swing tag looks like a lower case L.

    2. Rover, 1996, PVC Pellets, Star on Swing tag with capital i looking like lower case L, NO STAR on tush tag

    3. Chocolate…moose…1993, PVC Pellets, Star on swing tag with capital i looking like lower case L, NO STAR on tush tag

    Thank you so much for any advice/insight on these beanies!

    • bernurban says:

      Today’s value/resale high figure:

      Patti PVC. $75/$20

      Rover PVC no star on tush $175/$30

      Chocolate PVC no star on tush $200/$40

      Chocolate PVC star on tush $60/$20

      Keep in mind that it all depends on timing and how much people are willing to spend. Getting each one authenticated will automatically double the value. People will buy at a fair discounted price.

      Wait a few months to sell in an auction type setting and all figures will double.

  8. Kathryn Nella says:

    I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding the value for an Extra Large Peace TY 1999, tag is slightly bent but still attached, just wondered if you could help. Thank you.

    • bernurban says:

      That’s called beanie buddy peace. It’s worth more with a beanie baby peace. Together they are valued around $50. BUT you may only get, at the most $25 for the pair.

      Peace beanie buddy alone is worth about $25-$50. BUT can be sold at the most for $20 or around the price you paid for it.

  9. I have a Spinner the spider 1996 swing tag is covered and undamaged. There is a star on its tush tag handmade in China. On the tag it also says P.V.C pellets and when I opened up the tush tag there is no number stamped on the inside. On the tag the I looks like a lower case L. A little big of fuzz but very good condition.

    • bernurban says:

      Spinner is a good one. However, the last spinner sold was for about $5 with PVC pellets. That’s because people are just wanting to get rid of the beanie babies they have. I would recommend doing 2 things. Get a box to put it in and list it for $20, see what happens. Or wait a few months and list it for $10 and watch the budding go up up up! Or you can catch the eyes of lookers and list it at .99 starting bid, see what happens. Sometimes it’s best to list items like this at .99 just to grab buyers attention. People wanna win its like an addiction. You will see people watching thus item and hope a few people bid right off the bat. Sometimes they watch the item til the very last minute and then start bidding. The longer you list it, the higher the bidding gets.

  10. Hello….I literally have HUNDREDS of Beanie Babies. All are in mint condition. All of them have the TY tags and tush tags. I have several in clear glass cases. I have almost all of the Mcdonald’s Beanies in the original unopened packages. The list is VERY long of the Beanies I have. Is there ANY way to get a current 2012 value list of all the Beanies including the retired ones. From what I understand and see, we have all 3rd generation Beanies with the fat TY letters on the tags. Could I maybe get a fax number from you so that I can send you a complete list or what is it that I can do because I have so many and don’t want to accidentally sell them for less than they are worth. I’m actually seeing RETIRED Beanies, that I do have, on the net for THOUSANDS and I want to be sure before I get happy. PLEASE give me what info, fax number, or if possible a way to get an up-to-date (2012) list of all RETIRED and UNRETIRED (Current) Beanies.

    • bernurban says:

      The only way to get a current list is to make one yourself. I know, a pain in the but. There are checklists that you can print out for most retired beanie babies. The best way is to buy the beanie baby or collectors iPhone app. It’s the fastest way to input your beanie babies and have them logged and organized.

      Today most beanie babies are worth approximately $15 retired with PE pellets. Or $25 retired with PVC pellets. Take a quarter or a third of the value and that is about how much you can sell it for. As for the newer beanies they can sell for about the same price bought or a few bucks more. It’s a lot easier to sell a colorful beanie baby than one that is plain and all one color.

      In the rarest of beanies if you know which ones they are, are valued anywhere between $25-$1000.00

      The only beanies I can think of in the high value mark would be $$ bear, navy blue peanut, old faced beanies and beanies made with errors.

      The best way to find the retail value is to search on eBay and refine search to sold items. That is the BEST way to find out how much you can actually get for your beanie baby today.

      One more thing. Because you have cases it increases the value about 25-50%. Accessories are the key to the best sale!

  11. snapp21 says:

    The funny thing is that the ebay(ers) are so misinformed with the “Princess” bear and are inflating #402 (stamped) anything on the inside of tush ribbon. These are mass-produced and aren’t worth much at all.

    I am holding onto a 2nd gen that is PE, made in China with no spacing in the poem on the swing tag.

    I’m seeing people with 5th and 6th gens trying to pass them off as first generation. Amazing how they get away with it.

    Anyway, thanks bernurban for all of your sound advice. It is very helpful indeed.

  12. lindsey obrien says:

    I have a lumberjack beaver with the beaver holding the log on the rightside i have read its rare please can you help me
    thank you

    • bernurban says:

      If the birthdate is 2003 than I believe it’s valued around $15. It is still being sold today so maybe you could get anywhere from $5-$30 for it. Just depends on the buyer and how much they are willing to spend. However, something like this could be worth $50 in a couple more years maybe more.

  13. lindsey obrien says:

    the date of birth is march 22 2003 and does it matter that the log the beaver is holding is the other way round to some of the other beavers and thank you so much for your quick reply

    • bernurban says:

      Anytime you have an error beanie baby or collectable I can safely say that you can put your very own price tag on it, just as long as people are actually searching for it. What you want to do to find out if it is something people are looking for and to list it on eBay for about let’s say $175.00 when people are looking for rarest they usually tend to look for highest to lowest and then search for the lowest price possible for that same item. Get A BOX. For these types you need one in order to get top dollar. Btw. Does it have a swing tag?
      Okay list it for 7 days just to see if it gets any attention. People might actually buy it. If no one watches your item after the first day and you don’t get more than 10 views than revise your item to a much lower amount $20. Make sure you do this after the first day. No later or sooner than 12-14 hours on ebay. The reason for this is because you want people to be able to bid for a long period of time. You can revise it or remove it! Something like this can be sold at the right time. Whens the right time? I don’t have that answer. You just have to do a lot of research before you list any of your beanie babies. You never know when that crazed collector with cash to spend is gonna pop up.

      • lindsey obrien says:

        Thank you for all the info thats very helpful and yes it has a tag and is in mint condition πŸ™‚

  14. Alecia says:

    I would like to know the value of my beanie baby. His name is Valentino. DOB I 2-14-1994
    I also have some McDonalds Teenie Beanie. Here are the ones I have
    Thank you

  15. Alecia says:

    Hi I have a Beanie that is all white and a heart on him. His name is Valentino, from 1994, and has PVC pellets, and has a stare on the tush tag. Small face and the TY is what I think would be slimmer than the normal beanie baby. How much do you think it is worth? In mint condition. Also I have 2 Prinsses Diana, dark blue, PE pellets and the date Is between 1994-1997 it’s my grandmothers so I can’t see what the date is. But do you know what they are worth?

    • bernurban says:

      The princess beanies you explained need more detail. You should open the heart tag and read the message. If there is no space before diana princess of whales than it is a rare beanie baby and if there is no red stamp on the inside of the tush tag, that’s on the bottom of bear, than its rare. Otherwise they can be sold between $1 and $15 each.
      If it doesn’t have a red stamp and it doesn’t have that space I mentioned on the swing tag than its value is about $60 but you might only sell it for a quarter of that value. Depending on who’s looking for what at the time of sale and how much you list it on eBay.
      I recommend listing all princess beanies at .99 starting bid for 10 days with a shipping cost of $3.50 for first class and delivery confirmation. That is the best way to sell it.

      • Alecia says:

        Ok it says
        all profits of Ty from this collectible
        Will be donated to the
        With no space between. And I don’t see a red stamp on the inside of the tush tag

      • Christine says:

        The first one I have is Handmade in China – PE Pellets – numbered stamped 472 – the poem reads

        Like an angel, she came from heaven above
        She Shared her compassion, her pain, her love
        She only stayed with us long enough to teach
        The world to share, to give, to reach.

        All profits of Ty from this collectible
        will be donated to the

        Second one I have is Handemade in Indonesia – PE Pellets – NO numbered stamp – the poem is the same but after the poem there is no spacing.

        All profits of Ty from this collectible
        will be donated to the (no space after this)

        Are any of these valuable?

      • bernurban says:

        Only the Indonesian beanie baby is valuable. I replied to you last post please see my response. Thank you. I hope its helpful.

      • bernurban says:

        First one you mentioned is not as valuable. It has a number on the inside of rush. So it’s probably worth what you originally paid for it.

        Second one with Indonesian tags PE pellets has sold in this past year for $45- $200. BUT the higher sale prices were only because it had 2 tush tags. Does your princess have 2 tush tags?

      • Christine says:

        I have a Valentino bear in a protective case – PVC made in China. However, when I took it out to take pictures, the heart swing tag just litterly fell off the bears ear as it was so brittle. My mouth dropped to the floor! Is there any place you can get the tag re-attached to the bears ear?

      • bernurban says:

        Sorry that happen but you can’t reattach it if it’s ripped. You can however make sure the tag is still accompanied by the tag. Make sure you take pictures of the tag along side the beanie baby. Awe.

  16. Nadia says:

    Hi, I have a Peanut the elephant with original tags from 1998. It’s been stored in a shoe box. Would you be able to let me know how much it’s worth?

  17. Catherine Wentworth says:

    Tell me, do you have some kind of degree or what exactly makes you an expert on the value of Beanie Babies, I’ve done a lot of research and disagree with much of what you say is rare so where do yu get your FACTS?

    • bernurban says:

      So have I. I’ve been a collector for most my life and so has my family for generations. What sort of information do you disagree with? I research everything even down to consumer reports and recents sales etc. there are other resources I can tap into that involve detailed searches including US, BC and asian trade. Ty Beanie babies is just one of my areas of interests and the history of beanie babies. I spend unlimited hours of research in everything before replying to comments and questions. Thank you for your message.

    • bernurban says:

      Of course there are much rarer beanie babies but these are the more common ones people ask about. If you have an ultra rare beanie baby, you can surely add any price tag to it, but everyone wants what they want, but people will only pay what they are willing to spend. This is common sense.

  18. Danielle says:

    I have four different Mystic Unicorns. I’m unsure which one is worth the most. I know one of them is valued way higher than the others. Does anyone know what to look for?

  19. Roberta Meek says:


    My daughter and I were just cleaning out her room and found about 35 beanie babies all in very good condition. I won’t say “mint” because I don’t even know what that means and she wasn’t a collector, just a kid who owned them. They weren’t played with per se. They have both swing tag and tush tag and some have PVC pellets. The one we think might be worth the most is a Princess beanie. Any advice on where to sell these. I’m not interested in becoming an expert, just don’t want to give them to goodwill if I can get some money for them. Any advice would be appreciated. All of the swing tags have the Ty on them but I’m not skilled in knowing much beyond that. I’m happy to itemize them but didn’t want to bother you with that unless you tell me. Thanks!!


    • bernurban says:

      As for your princess beanie baby I have a few questions.

      Does it have more than 1 tush tag?
      Where was it made?
      Is it mint with tush tag and swing tag?
      Can you take a picture of it?

      You can sell this item in eBay with lots of pictures.
      The best way to list a princess with PVC pellets is to list it for the maximum amount of days allowed which is 10 days with a starting bid of .99. This way you can get the maximum amount of watchers and viewers. You will get anywhere from $45- $150 for listing it this way or you can take a chance and list it at a buy it now for what ever price you want for it. Before you do this you have to see what’s being sold and what’s been sold. Remember that you want the most views and the most watchers to get top dollar.

  20. Katherine Wilson says:

    I have recently found 10 Valentino Bears that have been in a closed container for years. They are PVC, made in China. All 10 have the misprinted tag (Origiinal and Suface) and are in mint condition. I have 4 others that are not misprinted, but PE. I have seen them for $2,500 each and $300 each. Huge difference! What would be a fair market value? Does it make since to sell them all at once, or stagger? I have hundreds more, including Legs the Frog that I am working on cataloging. I probably have 10 Princess Bears too, but they have the stamped tush tag, so not worth much. I currently live out of the US so anything I sell on Ebay would have to include overseas shipping, lol.

  21. Katherine Wilson says:

    Hi there! I have recently found 10 Velentino Bears that I have had in a container for years and years. All are in mint condition, but just the normal bear, no special olympics or baseball game bear. They are PVC, Made in China, Swing Tag and Tush Tag (2003). All 10 are the misprinted ones, (Origiinal, Suface). I have seen them priced for $2,500 to $300. What would be a good market value of these and would you recommend me putting them on the market one at a time or all at once? I have hundreds I am working on cataloging including Legs the Frog and hundreds of other bears (multiples of Princess, Garcia, Peace, Curly, Glory and others).

    • bernurban says:

      I would recommend putting one of the same bear at a time. You can pretty much put your own price tag. I would put it on eBay with a container.

      For misprints though I recommend getting it authenticated before you sell them and hope there is a buyer searching for what you have. The best way sell it and get the most attention is buyer starting the bid at a low price. If you do this you can also list another of the same type of doll at a buy it now with the price you want. You may not sell it but it lets buyers know the value of that doll and search for another one at a lower bid. You have to keep in mind that when buyers bid, it becomes something like an addiction and they feel the need to WIN. So do not be afraid when starting a bid at a low price. Remember you want a lot of views, watchers and bidders and the longer you list it, the more time you have to get the most money for your item.

      You can do a google search for bean bag authentication companies.

    • bernurban says:

      Garcia is a VERY good one to have. You will not see very many of these for sale. This one you can definitely start bidding at $100 and list it for 10 days in eBay. Make sure all tags are attached. Take lots of pictures. 1 of doll, 2 of tush tag (front and back) and 3 of swing tag (front, inside and back).

  22. Katherine Wilson says:

    Meant Valentino. And I have 4 more that don’t have the misprinted tag, tush is 2003, PE and in mint condition.

    • bernurban says:

      Valentinos are not worth much these days. They were years ago valued at a tin of money. Today you could sell them for $5-$8 including shipping on eBay. Shipping for any beanie bay is about $3.50 first class.

      BUT the Valentino with 2 tush tags are worth more. You can list those with a starting bid of $20 and see what happens. Or you can list it as a buy it now for about $80

  23. Cathy Hughes says:

    I have several beanie’s that have No. 1-5 check list as shown above. I have doubles of Echo & Waves with reversed tags are the beanies listed below worth anything? If so, where is the best place to sell them. All I am going to list have no star on the tush tag and have p.v.c. pellets and all are in what I consider excellent to mint condition.

    Speedy #4030 8-14-94
    Curly #4052 4-12-96
    Echo the Dolphin on Waves the Whale #4180 12-21-96 (two of these)
    Waves the Whale on Echo the Dolphin #4084 12-8-96
    Ears #4018 4-18-95
    Dotty #4100 10-17-96
    Tusk #4076 9-18-95
    Valentino #4058 2-14-94
    Pinky #4072 2-13-95
    Daisy #4006 5-10-94 (has crease on back side of tag)
    Bessie#4009 6-27-95
    Chocolate #4015 4-27-93

    Thank you for your sight it has been VERY informational. Have a beautiful day.

    • bernurban says:

      The best place to sell is on eBay. But for these types I would recommend waiting a couple of months.

      If you go on eBay and do a search for beanie babies, refine search to sold items. You can do a search for each individual beanie baby you have. It takes time but it’s worth it. The best time to buy/sell beanie babies are in february, may, November and December in general. BUT when you have a collection like this, you do not want to just put it out at any ole time. These are all retired and have mixed generation tags. The best time to list your beanies would be in July or August. You don’t want to sell these when people are just trying to get rid of their beanie babies.

      Suggestion: list these beanies in pairs or 4’s as a lot. It would cost about $10 for medium flat rate shipping for 4 dolls and about 6.00 for 2 dolls priority mail or you could put them in a priority mailing package for about the same price. So do a buy it now list it as “TY beanie babies PVC RARE LOT”
      Take a picture of all tush tags a and swing tags. You might want to use a picture collage app that will allow you to display multiple pictured onto one photo. I recommend displaying the tags as the main photo. Preferably the tags with no stars on the tush.

  24. Megan Panas says:

    I have Crunch the shark beanie baby made in 1996, PVC pellets, Capitol i’s look like lower case L’s on the swing tag, contains Name and style number, made in china, no stamp on the inside of the tush tag. However it does have a star on the tush tag and two tush tags, mint condition. How much is he worth?

    Also i’m having a garage sale and selling my beanie babies for $2 each because I want to get rid of them, is it safe to say other than this one they are not worth more than $15 max? They do not meet any of your requirements other than some being made between 1993-1996 and some not having stamps on the inside of the tush tags. All PE pellets also.

  25. Amanda Hills says:

    Hi, I have 6 Princess bears in mint condition with tags (with protectors), Made in Indonesia with P.E pellets and they all have no space in the poem (before DIANA PRINCESS OF WHALES). Do you think they would sell for more individually or as a set, and what is the current value?

    Also, do you have any idea how much a mint Claude is worth, Made in China with PVC pellets, no star on tush tag, with his name spelt in all capital letters (CLAUDE) on the inside of the swing tag (I had read that this is rare and was only released in Canada)?

    Thanks a ton!

    • bernurban says:

      Should be sold individually. You could also do a couple individual and a few as a lot.

      As a set of three you could get anywhere from $150- $250

      Individually you could get $45-$125

      I know it’s a huge difference. It all depends on when you list them and who’s watching. So you definitely need to find a way to list it and catch people’s attention. You best bet is to list it at 99 cents for 10 days. You want the longest amount of time for the most bids. You’ll see the bids get higher and higher. BUT DO NOT List more than one at a time if you do it this way.

    • bernurban says:

      Did you say they have 2 tush tags?

      • Amanda says:

        Yes, they all have 2 tush tags. Any insight onto the Claude? I’ll get it authenticated if its worth while, but I don’t want to waste the money if its not worth it.


      • bernurban says:

        Claude, is also common. Red crab is worth more.

        Claude can be sold for $1-$5

      • Kim says:

        The red crab Digger is worth more? I have one MWMT.s, not mass produced (no number stamped inside).

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    • bernurban says:

      Yes. You have to do a lot of research. It’s very time consuming but, when you collect anything you should know yesterday’s and today’s retail and overall value. It’s worth it if you have to patients an time.

      • bernurban says:

        Yes and people do not understand that you can’t just expect to sell it for its value. The average sale for beanies today is between $5-$15 or even just $4. I’m glad that you know this also. People think I’m trying to get them to sell them for cheap. Which is not true. I’m just telling the truth according to my years of research. IF you have the rarest of dolls THAN that’s a different story because these are actually selling on eBay, for $45-$175, which is a very small selection of beanie babies.

      • Hey, Bernurban

        Yes, I definitely see you put a lot of research into this and I really admire that. My post was my own perspective as a Beanie Baby purchaser and I wanted to put it out there because I’m sure a lot of people can relate to buying lots of Beanie Babies without research and expecting the value to soar, which is a very unrealistic expectation.

        While I was trying to put humor into my post to entertain my readers, I was also concerned that people might come across my blog expecting to find helpful information on how to sell their Beanie Babies or if they had a rare one in their collection. I included the link to your site because you seem to be a lot more knowledgeable on this matter. I was hoping to shuttle all those people who are wondering, “How much is this Beanie worth?” “Should I sell it at such a price?” over to you.

        If you come up with any new posts related to Beanie Babies or the market situation right now, let me know and I’ll be glad to update my post and add another link.

  27. Hello, bernurban! I just wrote about Beanie Babies in my most recent blog post and I included a link to your site because I thought it had a lot of useful info. The hyperlink is under “pellet type, the tush tag, fabric coloring, the lettering on the tags, etc.” In case you want to check it out, it’s

  28. meghan says:

    hi! i have a roary the lion that was especially made for mcdonalds owner/operators after the teeny beanie happy meals. it’s a full size one with a tag that reads “ty appreciates your support and participation. too. teenie beanie babies are a roaring success, thanks to you!” it’s in mint condition. any idea of it’s worth? thanks!

    • bernurban says:

      I haven’t heard of this particular one but it sounds like a great story. If this is true you could have a really good one.

      With specialty dolls like this, that aren’t sold in stores, you want to also get it authenticated. What year is it?
      Try and do some research and find out how many of these were made.

      You really have to do a lot of research when you want to sell any beanie baby.
      People want specifics. They want proof it’s ultra rare.

      I would get it authenticated TODAY.

      Or take a chance and maybe someone is looking for this particular beanie baby.

      This would be one of the first beanie babies made for a company that wasn’t an actual bear. So this is very cool.

      Does it have arches on it somewhere?

  29. Amanda says:

    Hey, I was givin a beanie baby that says its name is Peanut and its in the royal blue color. Its not authenticated but the tag says “extremely rare and very valuable”. How do I tell if it is actually worth anything or just a replica. And if it is legit then should i get it authenticated or just try to sell it on ebay as is?

    • bernurban says:

      Make sure you know you have a beanie baby and not a beanie buddy.

      If its a royal beanie baby you can list it on eBay for 10 days with a starting bid of $5 and watch the bids go up, up, up!

      Or you could get a case for it online and use the buy it now option for $300 or higher with best offer.

      Or you can list it at 99 cents and get the most viewers and watchers and watch how many people will bid for that royal blue peanut! Make sure you list it for 10 days! You want the most bids. There is no limit to how much you can sell a royal blue peanut!

      Make sure it has both tags and make sure you take lots of pictures.

  30. jcrain says:

    I have been thinking of placing my beanies on ebay but have limited knowledge of value. All beanies are early 1990’s with all tags and in mint condition there is approx 200 of them. I know they have decreased in value but it is time to clean them out. Were would be the best place for me to decide value and also to sell them.

    • bernurban says:

      Take lots of pictures and sell them in lots of 10 each. Medium flat rate priority box is about $12.00. Make sure you charge for shipping. Starting bid is up to you. I’m not sure what you have. But I would list it with a starting bid of $1.00.

      Or you can list them individually with a starting bid of $4.00 including first class mail. That’s free shipping to the buyer. Shipping cost for first class on a beanie baby is about $3.00. Let me know when you post them all. I will check them out.

      If you look at eBay and search for beanie baby and refine search to sold items only. You will see the average price people pay and what they are looking for.

      You could sell them ALL on Craigslist to someone local for about $200 for all

      Or have a garage sale and sell them for $4.00 each.

      I say this only because I don’t know what you have. This is just a general average.

  31. Christine says:

    Hi There,
    I think I am getting confused with all this detail for the Princess bear. I have read so many different articles, I am not sure who or what to believe. I have 2 Princess bears – one Made in China – PE Pellets – numbered stamped 472, second one – made in indonesia – PE Pellets – no number stamp. I was told the the number stamped was more valuable but after reading your blogs your saying the opposite. Who is right and what are the value of mine?

    • bernurban says:

      Numbers in the rush tag are not rare. People think that they represent the actual number of the beanie baby that was made or some weird explanation. Truth is and I have a beanie baby value guide book, that it is the number for the actual factory it was made at. If you look closely you will see some sort of Asian writing in that oval stamp.

      The chances of you finding another princess doll with the same number at a garage sale is very high.

      As for your Indonesian princess, does it have 2 tush tags?

      If it does than that’s great! Hold on to it. Do not sell it yet. You will only get about $45 for this doll today.

      This doll could be sold on eBay for $250-$1000, I know that’s a huge difference, but it all depends on timing.

      If it had PVC pellets it would be okay to sell it today because everyone wants the Indonesian princess with 2 tush tags and PVC pellets.

      • Christine says:

        Thanks but I am not sure what you mean about 2 tush tags? Can I send you a picutre?

      • bernurban says:

        There would be one large tag and one small tag sewn into the bottom of the doll. If you only see one tag than it is okay but the Indonesians with 2 tags are worth much more money. I’m talking bears that are sit up bears. Not the lay on the belly types. Unless its the Navy blue elephant.

  32. Mags says:

    Hi I have the following beanies made in Indonesia all have swing tags plus no stamps or numbers in tush tags
    Also made in china
    All mint condition and have been stored would be grateful if you could give me a rough estimate of what they worth please

    • bernurban says:

      You have a great selection of Indonesian beanie babies!

      Average sale price would be about $45 each. Maybe less for a couple.

      A couple of them can sell for up to $150 in an auction type setting. Just make sure you don’t start the bids too high. People may not See it or find any challenge in being able to get a deal or shall I say steal.

      The value of your beanie babies are around $50-$300 or more.

      With princess Indonesian being the most valuable.

      Valentino is not worth as much probably around $10-$15 but can be sold for about $5

      Do any of your Indonesian beanie babies have 2 tush tags.

      If they do, it increase the value about 25% – 50% depending on the doll. Sit down Bears are worth more, in general.

      Trying to sell these beanie babies right now may not be a great idea.

      People are actually trying to get rid of their beanies and a few are looking only for the rarest of beanies to pop up at a very low price.

      The best way to sell it is, as a lot.

      Title it: TY Beanie Babies Indonesia HUGE LOT

      That would make it a really good sale.

      Shipping for 5 dolls would be about $11.00 priority medium flat rate box.

      • Mags says:

        Hi thank you for your reply I have now down loaded the beanie app and currently catalogue in my beanie babies as I only list a few for you scanning them in is easy but stuck with one I got for a present Roxie the red nose reindeer which scanned as that but mine has a black nose

      • bernurban says:

        Are you sure it’s Roxie? That’s a good one. I haven’t seen a black nosed Roxie before. Pretty cool find!

      • bernurban says:

        If it doesn’t scan, You have to create a new title. It doesn’t have all the beanies. It only has what others have input into the system. So, once you input your beanies, someone else can scan that same beanie or buddy.

  33. Christine says:

    I also have Patti the Platypus – PE Pellets – made in Indonesia. What would this value at?

    • bernurban says:

      Today’s Value is about $100.00 but you will only be able to sell it for a quarter of the value. List it for $20 for 7 days and monitor the views and watchers. If you don’t get many. Remove the listing. You do not want to sell it for less than $25. But you do want to sell this for too dollar. I would say about $75-$125
      I have seen a platy made in indonesia so you may want to get it authenticated and once you do you could sell it for about $175.00 with a buy it now option.

  34. says:

    Hi I was looking through some of my Beenie Babies and I found Chocolate the Moose with all but maybe 1 or 2 out of the 7 above qualities for value. PVC Pellets, capital i’s look like lower case L’s, 1993, tag in a plastic case good condition, swing tag with name, stlye number, poem and birthdate. Is this worth anything at all? Plus I have a some beenie’s but they have stars on tush tag but were form ’93-’98 and I also have the Teenie Beenies from the Happy Meals and some of those are still in the bag and I have also all 4 of the bears Maple, Glory, Erin and Britania the little ones still in their boxes as well. Are any of these worth anything and where do I go to get their full value when selling. I have all together 12 big Beenies (Rainbow (light colors), Chocolate, Doby, Scoop, Rainbow (dark colors), Hissy, Wrinkles, Snort, Freckles, Peace, Gobbles, & Stinger) and I have all 4 in the collection for the country bears the little ones for Ronald McDonald foundation, and also 4 Teenie beenies in bags from the Happy Meals and 3 Teenie beenies out of the bag. Can you tell me how to find out how much they are worth. Thanks a lot.

    • bernurban says:

      Don’t sell moose. Keep it for awhile it’s worth a lot but people haven’t paid much attention to it much. Just recently someone scored a moose the same way you described for $3.00.

      You have an old face moose. Do you see how the face is slender and now wide?

      This folk is worth alot in my opinion. Probably more than a royal blue peanut. So keep it. People will catch on and it will be able to be sold for a lot. I would say anywhere from $150-$300 or even more.

      This chocolate moose was the very first beanie baby to ever have a poem put into the heart tag.

      Wait before I go further, does it have a star on the tush? If it doesn’t than you have the old face very rare moose. If it does have a star than it can be sold for about $5-$15.00.

      Hold in to it either way. Pvc moose is still very valuable. It’s just not the right time to sell these types of beanies.

      • Samantha says:

        what about a chocolate moose with all the tags cut off? Is it worth anything and/or is it possible to find out what it is? Thanks!

      • bernurban says:

        Without the tags it’s not worth much at all. Sorry.

        You could find out which one it was by having more than one chocolate moose beanie baby.

        Chocolate nooses earliest beanie baby was made in a couple different ways.

        Old faced and new faced.

        Usually old faced on a teddy would be eyes very far apart with a narrow face.
        With moose, the old faced is narrower with ears sewn slightly tilted.

        The newer version of chocolate is much wider. You can actually and clearly see the difference. It has much chunkier cheeks. Almost square faced looking.
        I will post a picture on my blog for you to see.

        The newer version of chocolate has a star on tush tag and could be filled with PVC or PE pellets

        The oldest version has no star on tush with PVC pellets

        Chocolate moose was the first beanie baby to ever have a poem.

  35. Louise says:

    i WOULD ADVISE THAT ANYONE WHO IS LOOKING TO SELL THEIR BELOVED BEANIE BABIES LOOK TO OTHER RESOURCES IN ADDITION TO EBAY. You should be skeptical that this blog is called ‘it’s the truth’, advises all of it’s readers to reference ebay when valuing or selling beanie babies. Although many of the rarer beanie babies have sold for approximately five to fifteen dollars on ebay, this does not mean you should sell them for this price, with Ebay. I get the impression that the author of this blog has one motive in mind; to make money. By leading all of you, the collectors to ebay, advising you set a bid at 99 cents and offer free delivery and letting you know that they will only sell for around fifteen dollars seems very suspicious. Many of you have asked for other info resources and the author has once again directed you to Ebay – so you sell your beanie babies, and he or she buys them and makes proper profit selling the to real TY buyers. DON’T BE FOOLED. Interesting also that they are first on the google ranking.. another disingenuous position?

    • bernurban says:

      Not true, At all. eBay is the most popular and easiest way to sell with the most shoppers. This is the reason why I recommend eBay. Though I dislike the fees they charge, every company needs to make their money. Theres amazon also, but it’s very very hard to sell a beanie baby on amazon. There’s Craigslist, but how can you trust it?

    • bernurban says:

      You are very very wrong. If anything I would sell my beanie babies. I only have the rarest of beanie babies so I prefer to keep them.
      If you read my original post I said, if you are looking for a specific beanie baby or if you have a beanie baby and would like to know the value, let me know and I will help you. I found thought the years that eBay is the best because of how many shoppers they have and how easy it is to sell.

      I only said to list the rarest and most valuable beanies for 99 cents because that is the best way to sell. Haven’t you ever studied online auctioning. If you really studied online auctioning you will see that any valuable item with a starting bid of a penny or 99 cents, sells for the most money.

      If you start a bid at $20 most likely you will get one bid or no bids. Because bidding is like an addiction. You bid at 99 cents, someone out bids you, so you bid again and again until next thing you know it, bids are at $40, which is much more than that higher starting bid. Do you understand what I’m trying to explain to you? Bidding is like gambling, people want to win.

    • bernurban says:

      I did not say to list it at $5- $15 I said that it will sell for this amount. If you were to do a search on a particular beanie baby, refine search to sold items only. You can do this on any auction sight. You will see that the average sake is between $5-$15. So I am giving people realistic retail value.

      The actual value is much higher, BUT people do not want to pay the value. That’s why I say it’s all about timing. You never know when that collector with money will be looking for your beanie baby.

      People ask for outrageous amounts all the time. I could ask $10,000 for this doll or this necklace but it doesn’t mean people are gonna buy it. In the mean time I’m asking for so much money and it’s costing me big bucks to try and sell it. Do you understand this?

    • bernurban says:

      I’m not selling you anything. So how am I making money. I don’t even get paid to do this. I do this to help people and THAT’S THE TRUTH.

      • Kim says:

        And I thank you for all your help πŸ™‚

      • Melissa says:

        As I’m “researching” selling my beanies and other collectibles – as part of that research I’ve spent several late nights on the computer reading and pricing and seeing what the values are today (which has led me to your page) as any smart and wise seller would. The above comment was uncalled for and I’m not usually one to post on any board…but bernurban I wanted to say THANK YOU and tonight I appreciate all the free advice and amazing selling tips you’ve obviously spent a lot of time giving…many thanks. Have a wonderful day!

  36. Jess says:

    I have Squealer. It has PVC pellets, no star on tush tag, copyright 1993 on tush tag, and star on swing tag. Birth date is 4-23-93 and its style 4005. Both tags in mint condition, and the beanie baby itself is in mint condition. Do you know how much it would be worth? Also, where and when would be the best time to sell it? Thank you πŸ™‚

    • bernurban says:

      I have squealer also. This is one of those beanie babies that you cannot list for 99 cents and expect to get $100.
      For this one you have to list at a higher starting bid OR a buy it now option. Make sure you have a case for it. People tend to want cased beanies like this. I would start the bid at $20 BUT it may just sell for $20, it costs about $10.75 for a flat rate priority mail box for this in a case. OR list it for $75 free shipping on eBay. Like I said in another reply, there are other companies, but eBay has the most buyers, plus it’s the easiest way to sell you items. Thanks!

  37. Garrett Powell says:

    I have both the starred and non-starred, but I have some questions about the non-starred ones.
    I have MANY without the star on the tush tag and one strange one——>

    Sheets- 10/31/99
    Cheeks- 5/18/99
    Scaly- 2/9/99
    Fuzz- 7/23/98
    Kicks- 8/16/98
    Pinchers- 6/19/93
    Schweetheart- 1/23/99
    Mooch- 8/1/98
    Snip- 10/22/96


    ………AND one more question… I also have “Seaweed” which does have a star on the tush tag BUT the star is pushed way out farther (up and left) than all the other stars on my other beanie babies….

    EX. normal starred tush tag: *TY
    Seaweed’s: * TY

    Decided not to sell these at our yard sale, so I hope they’re worth something! Thanks for your help!

    • bernurban says:

      For the beanies without tags. They can be sold for about 50 cents.

    • bernurban says:

      The ones you mentioned without the star: $15-$35. Sheets it’s worth more though so about $75, realistically. You can try and sell it for $175 but I’m pretty sure you will get about $45-$80

      The reason for the $15-$30 range is because these are the resaleable type beanies.people don’t really collect them. They buy for resale. BUT you never know. So it’s all about timing. You can list it at what ever price you want but make sure you don’t list too many at the same time. It takes time to sell beanie babies.

  38. Garrett Powell says:

    …..sorry forgot some…

    Morrie- 2/20/00
    Swoop- 2/24/00


    …..Thanks again!

  39. Nicole K says:

    I have a total of 4 Courage the Dog beanie babies. They were made in memory of 9/11. They are in eiter mint or near-mint condition. 3 have tag protectors. 2 have the flag on the right, and 2 have a flag on the left. I read that ones with the flag on the right (when looking at it) was rare, but upon further research I found that during the production time, half of them were made with a right flag, and the other half with left. I was wondering if you could give me a rough estimate on their worth in today’s market.
    I also have Righty and Lefty. They aren’t patriotic colored though. Righty is MWMT. Lefty has a slight crease in his swing tag, but otherwise mint.They both are the beanie buddy size. I’ve seen that they go for $400-$1,500. I was curious if you could give me a rough estimate on them too.

  40. says:

    I have a 1998 “Clubby” bear that has never been taken out of the original packaging that it was shipped in from TY when I joined the club. What kind of value does that have in today’s market?

    • bernurban says:

      Honestly for this doll alone you’ll probably get $5.00 but if you sell it the way you got it, or could get up to $30.
      People will buy when they see more.

      Like for example: beanie baby and a case. Or a beanie baby with accessories.

  41. BreeBaxter says:

    I have a Seamore Seal, Tank Armadillo (9 Stripes), Flash Dolphin, 1997 Teddy Bear, Sammy Bear (tie-dye on stomach with older face) and a few others that one website priced as high amounts. I just want to get a second opinion to make sure they are actually valuable.

  42. Emily Filarski says:

    Okay I have a couple BB that I would like to request some info on!

    Peanut style 4062
    DOB 1-25-95
    Handmade in China
    P.V.C Pellets

    Princess Bear
    Handmade in China
    P.E. Pellets
    Green Steam white petals and light yellow lining!

    Inch style 4044
    Handmade in china
    P.V.C Pellets

    Also, if possible could you please send me a list of the values of the BB. Also, some of my BB have a star on the tush tag and some don’t. And maybe a place we would be able to sell them. I could also send you some picture. they are in almost perfect conditions. What about the Tiny Beanies.



    • bernurban says:

      Please refer to other replies.

      Best place to get or make a list or checklist is with the beanie babies collectors app on your iTunes app.
      It costs $5.99 well worth it. It’s very easy to log in all your beanie babies.

      Or you can print older beanie babies checklists and add on the ones that are missing that you have.

      You can find these online. I added a link in a previous reply.

      Thanks so much for your questions.

  43. Cathy says:

    I have a Snort Beanie Baby with a swing tag that says Snort but the tush tag says Flip. Is this worth anything?

    • bernurban says:

      Umm YES! Get it authenticated. You cannot sell it without one. If you do, you will loose a lot of money. For these error beanies, it need to be documented with an authentication company. Search online for bean bag authentication. Try and search for one in your area. Do not get a basic authentication. You need a detailed on.
      If you don’t have it in a plastic zip lock, get one. Put it in there right away. When it’s being authenticated they will run an ultra violet light over your doll for any moisture of spots. Your beanie will be graded like a baseball card.
      Make sure you get a tag protector and a display box. But keep it in a zip lock and away from any sunlight.

      You can try and sell it online on eBay but you will not get what this doll deserves. People do not understand what they read or see. They only pay attention to misprints and errors if it is accompanied by a certificate.

      Once you authenticate it, you can list it for any price you want $250-$2000

  44. Alecia says:

    Hi I have a valentino beanie baby, in mint condition, and is from 1994, and has P.V.C pellets and I was wondering what the value is.

    • bernurban says:

      Valentino with PVC pellets is very valuable. I remember it being sold back in the day d
      For about a $1000. But for today’s retail value you could get between $75-$150. List it at a buy it now or starting bid of $50. Make sure you have a box for it though. With these really rare beanies, you need to have a box.

  45. starsia says:

    Hi thanks for your info. I have a princess beanie produced in indonesia with PE pellets, no space in swing tag, no lot number, white rose with a bright green stem. The bear herself is deep royal purple with a near to matching ribbon. I kept a plastic cover over the swing tag from the day it was gifted to me in I believe 1997-1998 and it never sees UV light. What do you think I should reasonably ask for on ebay? If she’s only worth a few hundred then I’d keep her but I don’t want to ask for too much either.

    I also have the Erin bear. I don’t know if he’s worth anything. He has a plastic cover on his swing tag too and kept away from UV light. Made in China and PE pellets. He’s a pretty Bright green color with a bright white three leaf clover. His stem doesn’t go all the way up to the leafs. It has a one/two millimetre gap between the leafs and the stem. The inside of his swing tag on the right side has his name Erin trade marked then a space. His date of birth and another space and then a little poem.

    I have the T2K bear. He was made in china with PE pellets. He is kept in a plastic box and has a plastic tag for his swing tag also. He is covered in multi colored confeti. He has a shiny multi colored bow. In his swing tag is his name date of birth and poem.

    I have a canadian bear his name is Pierre I think. he’s upstairs right now. He’s red with a canadian flag sewn on his chest. I also have a larger American bear Beanie.

    I appreciate any advice or info you may have. I noticed that ebay has all these people claiming to have a 1st edition Di beanie wanting 25000 to 100 000 dollars which is stupid even if they were. The worst part is the people are selling sixth edition(im pretty sure based on PE pellets and space in swing tag) bears. To me this is Greedy and immoral. I’d like my bear to find a good home for a fair price for both people. See I got sick six years ago with a rare genetic disorder and I have hardly any money so I’m stuck slowly selling off the stuff I love. Such is life right.

    • bernurban says:

      Awe I’m really sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I will send a prayer for you today.

      Your princess with Indonesian tags should be listed for 10 days on eBay with $3.00 first class shipping charge. Or $5.75 USPS priority mail. That way you don’t have to pay for the box. Use a small flat rate box from the post office.

      To get the most money list it for $500 as a starting bid, with 50% donated to charity. There is an option on eBay to do that. Because this doll was made as a charitable item, people prefer to buy it when part or all of the proceeds are donated to a special organization like feeding American, American cancer society, feed the hungry, Ronald mc Donald house, etc. so chose an organization. Please don’t get you hopes up though. If someone doesn’t bid by the 7th day. Remove your listing and list it for 99 cents starting bid and charge for shipping. You will receive the most watchers, viewers and bidders this way.

      If you do not want to sell it on eBay, you can list it here. Post a picture up of your beanie baby and create a PayPal account. People are protected buy PayPal when they buy or sell items, so it’s okay to ship after payment is received. You can create your own WordPress blog featuring your beanie babies. Tell your story. People will help you. I recommend listing your Indonesian princess advertised as a best offer. Tell them your story and it will be like a silent auction type of sale.

  46. Ellie says:

    Hi There

    i have a princess diana bear hand made in indonisia, PE pellets, light green stem white rose, no red stamp on tush tag, the tags are all intact and the poem in the tag has no spaces, is this worth anything? i also have moose with pvc pellets should i sell or keep hold of them i also have others with pvc pellets but i cant remeber them off the top of myhead!

  47. kasey says:

    I have a Royal Blue Peanut beanie buddy in excellent condition all the tags are still intack and i have the case for him how much is he worth

  48. Michelle says:

    Wondering the value of some Beanie Babies I have. All have hang and tush tags in great condition except one. I have the following with P.V.C. and star on tush tag, all made in China:

    Pouch (missing hang tag, plastic piece on tush tag)
    Freckles (NO STAR)

    Also have 10th Anniversary Cure Bear (2003) with Breast Cancer ribbon, do you know the value of that as well?

    Thank you very much!

  49. GillzGal says:

    I just bought a Royal Blue Peanut that was pretty pricey. It came with a 3rd gen heart tag and a 1993 tush tag. There are websites saying that the royal blue peanut with a 1993 tush tag is fake and should have a 1995 tush tag. Could you please shed some light on this and tell me if I bought a real or fake peanut?

    • bernurban says:

      First I would like to say that the royal blue peanut wasn’t released until 1995, so for you to have a royal blue peanut with 1993 tush tags would be impossible.
      Unless…. It’s not a beanie baby

      It is very possible that you don’t know the difference between a beanie baby and a teenie beanie baby. With a lot of the mcdonalds teenie babies they all say 1993 even though it wasnt sold or distributed until 1998. I think its very confusing.

      You may have been fooled by a sellers description and I would definitely ask for a refund.

      This is why I love eBay. There’s a buyer protection. If you receive something and it is not how they described it, than it can be fixed very easily in the buyers favor.

      Read the front of the swing heart tag for me. Tell me what it says.

  50. Kobi Triplett says:

    I have a zodiac beanie baby howich could I get for it

  51. Angela Pena says:

    Hi, I have two beanie babies that I would like to know the value of. They are both Chocolate the moose. One is a teenie beanie baby and the other is larger with the tag saying “Chocolate style 4015”. If you can help me with this in anyway please email me at Thanks

  52. Fred says:

    This post just made going through at least 300 of my beanie babies much more intense than I ever thought it would be.

    • bernurban says:

      I know what you mean. I had hundreds of beanies. I went through each and every one of them. The first few times I tried, I ended up quitting.
      What you wanna do is just look at each tush tag and search for PVC, Indonesia or no stars and no stamp on the inside. The no stamp on the inside of tush tag search was the fastest way to separate them. That’s just me. If there’s no stamp, than most likely it’s rare. It would have the older swing tag versions or any of the rare signs.

      Next take digital pictures of each one.
      Full body, swing/heart tag (opened and closed) and the tush tag (front, back).

      You can then research each one
      And sell each one from there. online auctions are the best way. The best online auction site for selling beanie babies or anything else, is on eBay.

      Sell the ones you have left over at a garage sale or giveaway as gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

      You can sell beanies at garage sales for $1-$6.00.
      Make sure you of course that it’s beanies you want to get rid of.

  53. Brianne Westman says:

    Hay, I have a princess bear that has pe pelets and is made in china and has a green stem with a white rose and yellow trim, the capital i looks like an L, made in 1997, no stamp, but I dont understand what this “space in the pome” thingy is! how much do u think its worth?

    • Brianne Westman says:

      Im still comfused with the “space” thing…

      • bernurban says:

        On the swing tag or heart tag, does it have a space above

        If there isn’t then, that’s one little indication of a rare princess.

        They are out there, more than people say there are, BUT if you have a princess with PVC or PE pellets handmade in Indonesia
        Or a princess beanie baby handmade in china with PVC pellets and have a tag with no space above “Diana princess of whales memorial fund…” than, these are the rare beanies that are worth more.

      • h says:

        i have a princess ty. made in indonesia with p.e pellets. it does not have the gap between the 2nd and 3rd line. it is a perfect condition with all tags intact. barcode 008421043002. is this a rare one and if so what could it sell for as i have seen the exact one on bay for 30 and 50k!! seems a silly amount. Thanks in advance

      • h says:

        alsoto the princess i have a mixture ty beanies, about 60, all made in indonesia with p.e pellets would they be worth anything, to name a few, erin, britannia, peace, 2000 bear, 1999 bear, kicks,valenteno, spangle etc

      • bernurban says:

        All made in Indonesia? Including princess?

      • bernurban says:

        Very good beanies. Please refer to past comments. Thanks.

  54. Denise says:

    I have a Quackers beanie in mint condition with PVC pellets. However, the tush tag states the name as “Freckles”. What wooould this be worth?

    • bernurban says:

      I would get it authenticated, for sure.

      Once you do that you can put what ever price you would like for it. But keep in mind, people will only pay what they are willing to spend.

      • bernurban says:


        I would like to thank everyone who has found me here and sent in comments or questions. BOY THERE’S a lot. I am very grateful!

        I have to apologize if I haven’t responded quick enough or at all. I have to be very selective these days because there have been lots and lots of repeat questions. So please if you could take the time to look through the questions really quick before questioning a particular beanie baby.

        Here’s a few repeat questions:

        The tush tag doesn’t match the name of the actual beanie baby, how much is it worth?

        For beanies with errors like this you should get it authenticated. The reason is because someone could have sewn another tag onto that particular beanie baby.

        This is a buyer beware! People like to cheat people all the time. So just make sure when buying an error beanie, make sure it has papers that come with it, especially if you gonna spend lots of cash and you don’t really know what to look for.

        Princess PE OR PVC pellets

        Indonesian princess with PE or PVC pellets are both worth the same!
        BUT if someone is looking for a PVC princess they may pay a bit more.

        What people will pay today? $35-$125.00. That’s the truth. Just make sure no one else is selling the same thing. You pretty much have to make it cheaper than anyone else’s to get yours sold.


        This is a massed production factory number stamp. Different numbers represent deferent factories. Almost every beanie baby from 1996-1998 have one. If it doesn’t than maybe you can get more for that beanie baby.


        Well I can give you a general idea of how much you can sell them for. That if you don’t have the original nine with PVC pellets or swing tags that have the 1st generation tag on it.

        In general beanie babies can be sold for
        $1.00-$15.00 each with an average price of about $7.00 including shipping cost.

        I’m being very honest here.

        The ones that people want and will spend money on are beanie babies that have the original 1st 2nd and 3rd generation swing tags. This does not pertain to princess or billionaire or #1 bear or any of those ultra rare beanies. But it doesn’t mean that just because you have a heart tag that has that star on it that people won’t buy it. They will, but only if it’s the beanie they are looking for.



        LOCAL COLLECTABLE SHOW ( haven’t used it yet, may be a good site to buy and sell )
        Donate to a LOCAL CHARITY or a children’s hospital.

        Where CAN YOU GET YOUR BEANIE BABIES AUTHENTICATED? which cost about $2.50-$8.00
        If they charge more, tell them to fix their website cause that’s what they advertise. Lol.

        Or do a google search for beanie babies collectible authentication service

  55. Julie Shoemake says:

    I have over 700 beanie/buddy/pillow/classic/boppers/jingle/attic treasure/pinky/basket/teenie/kids/baby ty/pluffie/punkie beanie, and trading cards with coins. I own the TY Beanie Tracker 2008 guide. I wish they will make a newer version so I can mark off the newest beanies. The has a printable list and it was 1 thousand pages to print that was only on the retired beanie babies only!!!!!! This blog is the closest thing I have found regarding TY products. I will never sell my beanies. My children will be the luckiest to inherit them. If you know of a printable list that isnt so long will you guide me in the right place? Thank you for posting the information. Now i get to go thru all my beanies with the infor you provided…
    Sincerly, A Crazed beanie lover, Julie S.

  56. Caitlin says:

    I have a bunch of beanie babies in mint condition from 1993-1996. Many don’t have a star on the tush tag and are the PVC pellets, but are handmade in China. Are they worth anything? My Princess beanies have stars, but are PVC (China).

    • bernurban says:

      PVC china princess is most likely the first of its kind and is worth a lot. It’s very hard to sell this doll by just listing it at a buy it now price. Try it out on eBay for 7 days. List it at a price higher than a hundred dollars. I’m 75% sure that it will not sell. If it does, than that is a bonus and it means that you listed it at just the right time.

      What I would do is list it at 99 cents for 10 days with a reserve of $50.00 IF that’s what you are willing to let it go at. You may just sell it for that price.

      The starting bid of 99 cents is just to get as many watchers and as many viewers and as many bidders as possible. You will hopefully see the bids go up, up, up!

      If you list it at $15 or $150 most likely people will not see it.

      People usually do searches, lowest to highest or highest to lowest. People don’t usually search through every one of the same thing until they get to the highest priced item, especially since there are about a hundred of the same items to look at.

      As for your other beanie babies.. When selling them make sure you describe it carefully and take as much pictures as possible. Wait until july 2012. Make sure in the description you list it as

      Nuts beanie baby PVC pellets rare


      Beanie baby Nuts PVC RARE MWMT

      Well you get the picture.

      Each one of your PVC beanies are valued around $30-$75 each but people are only willing to pay $5-$15 for each of these beanie babies. But list it correctly and see what happens.

      Good luck.

  57. Ashley Riedemann says:

    hi i found a few beanie babies i have been saving for almost 20 years, i have one that i got that has the wrong tag.. it is the spider (spinner) but has the tag for “bones” the tag says Bones style 4001 date of birth 1-18-1994 Bones is a dog that loves to chew chairs and tables and a smelly old shoe “you’re so destructive” all would shout that stopped, when his teeth fell out.. It is in PERFECT MINT condition, the tag has NOT ONE crease in it.. How much would something like this be worth.

    • bernurban says:

      I would definitely get it authenticated.
      The reason for this is because buyers and sellers need to have that security of selling or buying beanie babies that haven’t been altered in any way. We need to be sure that before it goes to a new owner that it is in the condition it was actually made.
      You can’t be too careful when making a purchase.

      If you get this authenticated you could very well sell this beanie for a very reasonable but surprising amount. Especially since you probably paid under $9 for it.

      Here is an authentication company that you could use.

      Otherwise google search: beanie babies, doll collectable authentication company.

  58. Rilee cassell says:

    How much is mint…
    Jake the duck
    Nuts the squirrel
    Flutter the butterfly
    Britannia the bear- teenie beanie babies
    Pinky the flamingo
    Mooch the monkey
    Neon the seahorse

  59. ErinLeigh_87 says:

    Before I start, I promise you that I have read each and every comment in its entirity before asking my question about my beanie! I didn’t see anything about her so I’m gonna go ahead and ask (by the way, I think you are doing an amazing job of keeping up with posts considering how many there are). I have a 1993 New-Faced Teddy Magenta bear with PVC pellets and no star on her tush tag. She doesn’t have a swing tag anymore because my mom purchased her for me when I was very young before anyone really cared about Ty Beanies or knew to preserve them, so I know this will limit her value. I’m unsure about how to tell whether she’s a 1st or 2nd generation bear – I’m thinking she’s a 2nd generation doll because she is a new-faced version, but I don’t know if those two features are related or not. Is there a way to tell? I’ve researched Ebay and many, many, mannnnnnnnnny other sites and have seen this particular doll in MWMT valued anywhere from $100.000 to $1,500 and upwards. I understand that retail value and what I could get for Magenta are two very different things (hahaha, like I said, I’ve read ALLLLL your posts!!), and I won’t even tell you that she’s in mint condition. However, I would be interested in getting her authenticated via one of the methods you have listed for owners several times, but only if it will not be more trouble than it’s financially worth. I could tidy her up a bit and put her in a selling case, but I’m not really interested in trying to coax buyers out of more than she’s worth – just curious about what she really might be worth. Thanks!

    • bernurban says: cost $2.50-$8.00 for authentication.

      Most of this particular beanies don’t have swing tags. However it must have at least the tush tag.
      The value of this beanie with authentication is about $250.00

      Without it, it’s value is about $75.00

      Value not meaning that you could sell it for that price.

      If you were to sell it on this very day, with authentication, you could get up to $170.00 for this one. Being that it’s a new face and has no tag but it would be authenticated.

      If you were to try and sell it today without the authentication and no case. Well I’ld say you will get about $40-$50
      Including shipping cost which is about $3.00 first class USPS mail.

      One more thing, make sure it’s not a beanie buddy because a lot of people get confused by this. Beanie babies are about 8″ tall when standing and buddies are a lot larger.

      One more thing. Does it still have a ribbon around its neck?

  60. Kim says:

    Hi I have a Valentino Bear 1994..with the 2 ii on the front yellow star, the mispelled word surface minus the r on the back and the tush tag states 1993, when it came out in 1994. What is this worth please?
    Thanks Kim

    • bernurban says:

      Well if you look at the history of beanie babies you would find that in 1993, PVC pellets were more common or rare depending on who you ask. It’s only rare because most likely if someone was given a beanie baby in 1993 or 1994, they don’t have it any more.

      As for Valentino having PVC pellets. It’s very possible that this doll was made in 1993 and it wasn’t released until 1994 for valentines day. So this is the reason.

      As for your errors…..

      With any of these type of misprint beanies you should definitely get it authenticated.

      Once authenticated, especially for these error print beanies, you could
      Definitely get top dollar for it.

      You would be making a huge mistake trying to sell it without one. It would be a huge loss. I’m not saying that you’ll get thousands for it but if you try and sell it just like this with no authentication, you’ll probably get $30, Maybe on the first try.

    • bernurban says:

      Does your Valentino have PVC pellets? I just assumed that.

      • Kim says:

        it says PE pellets?? whats the difference

      • bernurban says:

        PVC pellets were used for a very short time in 1993-1996. They were used in attic treasures and beanie babies. They are tested as in safe and toxic. So they stopped using them, which makes it rare and more valuable.

  61. Hi I have a Princess Diana Bear in MINT condition and it is in a plastic case. I took it out to look at the tush tag which is also in MINT condition however on the INSIDE of the tush tag there seems to be a red circle of some kind that almost looks like a stamp in a way. Its not a heart. I can send pics, or try, if needed. I just wondered if this meant anything on the price.

  62. Rene says:

    I have a princess bear with PE pellets, it has a Pale green stem and white rose with pale yellow stitch. I just dont know how to tell if the poem is spaced or not, could you explain what that means please, and thank you.

  63. rich says:

    Hey there i have a original peanut elephant light blue plastic still on tags think its mint condition. Birthdate 1/25/95?? What r your thoughts.

    • bernurban says:

      Hello, I’m gonna need more info…

      1. Does it have a star on the tush tag?
      2. Is it made with PVC pellets or PE pellets?
      3. Do you have it in a plastic zip lock?
      Do you store it in a container or is it just being displayed around the home?
      4. When you touch it, how does the material feel or smell? Soft, clean, new or ruff?

      Let’s say it’s mint with mint tags and it made with PVC pellets.

      Estimated value would be about $50-$75 these days

      You could sell it for up to a third of the lower estimate, which is about, $16.00 not including the shipping. You will want to list this particular type of beanie at that price in an auction type of setting and see if people will offer more than that.

      These amounts are based on recents sales and completed listings of a no sale.

      DO NOT LIST THIS DOLL AT 99 cents starting bid.

      Im 100% sure, You may only get ONE BID and lose your beanie to a very
      happy buyer.

      The only beanies that should be listed with a starting bid of .99 is
      Navy blue peanut
      Old faced Teddy’s
      Specialty Teddy’s (not sold in stores)
      And 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition swing tag beanies.
      New faces limited edition beanie babies
      Like cranberry etc..
      Dinosaur beanie babies like Bronty, stego, etc.
      Or wingless quackers and other error dolls.

      With these dolls, you can also set a buy it now price for over a hundred dollars.

      Alright hope this was helpful.

      Have a great day and good luck!

  64. Cora pope says:

    I have alot of bears from 1990 til 2000 princess white green stean1997 pe pellets with star on tag from oakbrook il how much is the bear thanks

    • bernurban says:

      Princess PE pellets are being sold today for about $5.00 but its valued around $25, Like most other PE Pellet beanie babies.

      Can’t get much for it, but it is a great beanie baby!

  65. Colin Kreslin says:

    I have the bear “Millenium” and his eyes are shifted over fo one is on top of his nose, and one is over to the side. Is that rare?

    I have a Princess bear. she has a pale green stem with a white rose, and pale yellow stitching, also the tag says all prohphits are going to Diana (Same as the picture you showed)

    she is 1997, in slightly played condition (Slight rippage on the tag, and her nose is kind of scratched… ) The inside of the tag is exactly as you showed in the picture.

    How much could I get for either if I were to sell them?

    I also have “Erin” from 1997 without the little bump on his nose…

    • bernurban says:

      Sounds like a funny looking bear. Haha!

      Yes it’s worth something, especially in that condition. I can’t believe the retailers didn’t notice or whomever bought it from the store picked a bear like that. Lol.

      Well it good for you!

      Get it authenticated. I listed a couple of reasonably priced bean bag authentication companies.

      With a doll like that you just have to get it authenticated. You can pretty much list it for whatever price you want, just as long as a certificate comes with it.

      As for princess. You could sell it today for about $15-$25

      Its worth more but these days so many people are out there just trying to get rid of their beanie babies that is hard to sell on that is filled with PE pellets. These days people want PVC. It’s been over 20 years now and dolls like the ty attic treasures and cabbage patch dolls and rainbow brite and popples are just booming very hugely right now.

      If you want the big bucks. Wait a few more months to sell them or wait until they are about 30 years old. Make sure you keep them stored in zip locks. Over time dust starts to clump
      On your dolls and no collector wants a sticky doll.

  66. Christine says:

    Hi, I haven’t heard back from you from my post on June 20th.
    Do you know any place that you can get the tag re-attached to the bears ear?

    • bernurban says:

      Sorry it took so long but I have about a hundred questions a day and I can only answer so many at a time. But luckily your message caught my eye tonight and I was able to answer. Good luck.

      There are many ways to reattach it but it’s more like a do it yourself and a hush hush kind of thing.

      Best way, is to make sure you take a picture of it, a long side that beanie baby and hope that’s enough to attract the right buyer.

  67. Jill says:

    I have Chocolate the moose just like yours the old face. how much is he worth?

  68. Dean Allen says:

    I have a few babies and I hope you can help me with the value.
    1st. I have a royal blue peanut the elephant (missing type tag on his ear) but in perfect condition.
    2nd. I have the 2000 millennium bear (mint condition still in the box with all tags)
    3rd. I have clover the bear in very good condition with all the tags.
    4th. I have Erin the bear in very good condition with all the tags.
    And 5th. I have Waddle the penguin in very good condition with all the tags.
    All have P.E pellets besides waddle he has P.V.C.
    I hope you can help. Thank you

    • bernurban says:

      Great dolls!

      Question, royal blue peanut, is it a beanie baby, teenie baby or beanie buddy? Sometimes people get confused by the two or 3 shall I say. Also you mentioned a box?

      So now I’m confused.
      I think maybe you are talking about teenie beanie babies?

      Can you please tell me if these Swing tags can open? Or are they just flat back and front. Are they made for McDonald’s?

  69. 11 says:

    I have about two hundred beanie babies 1st Gen- 4th gen nothing over, all mint condition both tags all in phenomenal shape.. I have the light blue peanut and a lot of other rare ones Ive researched.. my e-mail is if you could contact me on your free time that’d be awesome I’d love to get some real information upon all of these. I saved them from going into the trash!

    • bernurban says:

      1st generation to forth generation? Just make sure you don’t mistake them for TY attic treasures because they look just like beanie babies and have the older tags.

  70. Vida Bikales says:

    I have 3 trashbags full of Beanie Babies that were donated to our organization for our silent auction fund raiser. We are a not-for-profit and want to get the best (and most accurate) price. I have gone through them using your value guide and have several that might be worth something. I would be happy to send you the list if you email me your email address. Our auction is in a month so I need to act quickly. Thanks for your help.

    • bernurban says:

      The best way to sell these in a silent auction is to auction them as a mystery box.

      As the description list it as

      “mystery box full of beanie babies!”

      Start bidding at $75.00
      With bidding at $10 increments.

      It doesn’t matter what you have in these boxes. It’s for charity. No matter how much it sell for will be a great fundraising winner. People hate not knowing what’s inside and people love the challenge of winning especially for charity.

      • Vida Bikales says:

        Thanks for your reply and I will probably do as you suggest for a mystery box. I do have a few that might be worth at least a few hundred dollars as per your check list ie, Chocolate, Inch, etc. Some have several of your distinguishing tags etc.and it was those I was most concerned about. Also, what is the meaning of burgandy tush tag with no star? The other question I have is regarding the Teenie Beanies that McDonalds distributed with their happy meals. I have many of those, still in their packaging. Are they worth anything?

      • bernurban says:

        Burgundy tush tags are TY Attic Treasures

      • bernurban says:

        Teenie babies are worth more as a set.
        50 cents-$2.00 each

        The actual McDonald’s beanie babies are worth more, for example: hambeargular. The ones that have McDonald’s labels on the chest that resemble mc donalds characters. They are worth $15 each but being sold for $3-$5 each.

      • bernurban says:

        As for chocolate. This ones tough because it’s not a bear. Most people look for bears, but it is worth a lot and unless you have another moose to compare it to, it will be really hard to sell, Especially if no ones searching for it. Good luck with the fundraiser!

        I would keep the chocolate because if you try and auction mystery boxes and then you leave out the chocolate to auction on the same table separately, people will think there is nothing better in those boxes and not bid on either.

  71. Morgan says:

    Hello, I have a lot of beanie babies I would like to sell. They are all in mint condition I know of that. I haven’t been through them yet but because I have so many do you have any advice on organization and what I should do to keep track of the price values and such?

    • bernurban says:

      There’s an iphone app that’s awesome for beanie baby collectors. If you have an iPhone you can scan all your beanie babies. It’s great to keep a log of everything you have.

      There’s no easy way to keep them organized especially when you have over a hundred of them. Just make sure you keep them all in zip lock bags.

      Soon your gonna wanna display them all on shelves, but don’t do that. Haha!

      Every time I go through my beanies I feel like displaying them.

      As you feel your able to sell them, just randomly grab a few of them per week.

      If you are really serious I would:

      Sort them by star on tush tag and no star on tush tag.

      Put the star on tush tags beanie away for now.

      Once you get that done then search On the non star tush tags.

      PVC pellets or PE pellets?

      Now put away the PE pellet dolls for now.

      Take all the PVC pellet dolls and store them safely together and start researching these dolls individually.

      Now the dolls you put away aren’t necessarily the junk ones, there’s still other things to look for.

      Get through the first sorting and then go from there. It’s a lot of hard work being a beanie collector which is why a lot of people believe that collecting them is a waste of time and money.

      But if you truly are into it, than its worth it.

  72. Briana says:

    I have a peace beanie baby. DOB Feb 1 1996. made with PE Pellets. How much would that be worth?
    I also have a ton of the Mcdonald’s versions including Brittania that collection and the royal blue elephant all in mint condition in the box.

    • bernurban says:

      Peace you can sell for about $3-$7

      All McDonald’s beanies in boxes can be sold for about $1.50 each but as a set they are worth more.

      About $7-$15 for a set of 3 or four. You can see on the back of the box, which beanies go together.

  73. Jessica says:

    Also just noticed there is no stamp on Curly’s tush tag.
    Have the following also:
    Magic – swing tag with beanie not attatched, not star or stamp on tush tag, PVC pellets
    Peanut – swing tag with beanie not attatched, no stamp on tush tag, PVC pellets
    Mystic with yarn mane and tail – swing tag with beanie not attatched, no stamp on tush tag
    Mystic with rainbow mane – Mint with mint tag attatched, stamp on tush tag, PE pellets
    Happy – No tag, PVC pellets, no stamp on tush tag, PVC pellets
    Siam – PE pellets, Holographic tush tag, numbered stamp in tush tag
    Stretch – swing tag with beanie not attatched, PVC pellets, no stamp on tush tag
    Spike – swing tag with beanie not attatched, PVC pellets, no stamp on tush tag
    Thats all I have for now. I need to sort through the rest of my collection…I have about 100 more to go through. Thank you.

  74. Claire says:


    I have a Princess beanie made in Indonesia with PVC pellets. It has no space above DIANA PRINCESS OF WALES MEMORIAL FUND. It also has a slimmer face than other bears. How much would this be worth roughly?


    • bernurban says:

      Does it have one tush tag or 2?

      Honestly this is the princess people are looking for.

      If you are lucky you can put it up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of about .99, list it for 10 days and sell it for about $200

      Why would I tell you to list it at 99 cents?

      Well if you list it at $175 most likely no one will see it or no one will bother bidding at a start price that high.

      You can try it and see for yourself.

      If you start the bid at 99 cents with free shipping you will definitely catch a lot of attention. Once you do that you will notice a whole bunch of watchers and soon, a whole bunch of bidders. Bidders want to win and for a doll like this, it will really hurt them to lose.

      Don’t worry about free shipping. Shipping for this doll is about $3.00 first class mail to anywhere in the US including Hawaii. You will get the bids to cover that. If you like you can set a reserve price of $50. But don’t go more than that. Sometimes after $50, buyers feel like bidding has been a waste of time if they can’t get it for less. But $50 is definitely an amount they should expect to pay and will go beyond that.

      If you feel more comfortable starting bid at $5 you will see that you won’t get as many watchers as you would have listing it at 99 cents.

      Make sure you list it for 10 days.


      Go ahead and do a buy it now for whatever price you think.

      I wouldn’t be able to tell you how much you should sell it for. People usually do buying under $60 when it comes to beanie babies. So it may be a waste if you were to go the buy it now route.

      If you have a princess with 2 tush tags, Indonesia and PVC pellets, you can sell it however and for however much you want.

      There would be a great bidding war for either. You should do bidding either way. People love the excitement and challenge of bidding, it’s like gambling in a casino.

  75. Amber Lawson says:

    I have a few beanie babies I would like to find the value of. I have no idea of even where to begin. I have been researching of ebay and several sites but most are dated. Some are listed throughout this blog, I will put the price next to them to verify.

    1. Peace PVC China stamped tush tag $5-15
    2. Peace PE China $5-15
    3. Peace PE China $5-15
    4. Peace PE China $5-15
    5. Sammy PE Hologram tush tag?
    6. Fetch PE stamped tush tag
    7. Rainbow PE stamped tush tag
    8. Fortune PE Stamp on tush tag
    9. Iggy PE Stamp on tush tag
    10. Valentina PE $5-15
    11. Chip PVC
    12. Cubbie PVC
    13. Valentino PE
    14. Kicks PE Hologram tush tag?
    15. Fuzz PE Hologram tush tag?
    16. Clubby Royal Blue PE
    17. Teddy PVC 2 Tush Tag
    18. GiGi PE Stamped tush tag
    19. A large bear “Grover Gold” with a tag that reads ty collectible.

    • bernurban says:

      Peace bear has PVC pellets and stamp inside of the tush tag?

      That’s doesn’t sound right. Usually the first beanie babies that were made with PVC pellets, don’t have a stamp.

      • amberxdawn says:

        I’m sorry, you’re right! The PVC one does not have a stamp, but the other three PE pellets ones do. So These should be priced around $5 to $15 as well? I work for a Non Profit and we are having a silent auction at the end of September. I am looking to find what I should price these items for. I’m assuming most, if not all, are going to be around $8 to start. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!!!!

    • bernurban says:

      Which teddy do you have? And is it man old face ( eyes far apart, narrower hear) or does it have a nice full rounded face? What color is teddy?

    • bernurban says:

      Grover is an attic treasure. Does it have a tan tag or a red tag? Red tags are older.

      I actually prefer Attic treasures to beanie babies. There’s a more classic look to it, plus they have movable limbs.

      Ty attic treasures are a few years older than the original 9 beanie babies.

      They are valued more but not as popular. It’s harder to sell, you also don’t want to list it low. Price on these should be a lot higher, It all depends on timing.

      • amberxdawn says:

        He has a tan tag in his head and a red tag on his tush. He’s so cute with his little sweater vest! I also forgot to mention all of the beanie babies are individually wrapped in ziplocs and all have a swing tag cover case. If that helps! Unless you feel otherwise I think I will start the bids at $8 for the beanie babies and maybe $10 for the attic treasure? Thank again, you are wonderful!!

      • bernurban says:

        Sounds like a good price to start at.

        I love attic treasures. They are so classic looking. Especially with their movable limbs.

  76. Meghan says:

    I have the princess Diana bear with the pale green stem white flower with pale yellow stitching made in china mint tags what would that be worth

  77. christine says:

    hi my name is chrisitne, i havent seen this question yet and i hope you can help me with this one. I have 2 bats named batty. now one was made in 97 made with p.e pellets the tag says; Batty date of birth ; October 29,1996
    Bats may make some people jitter
    Please don’t be scared of this critter
    If you’re loney or have nothing to do
    This beanie baby would love to hug you!
    Now the 2nd one i have was made in 1996 made with pvc pellets and says
    all in bold print
    Batty then it has a style number4035
    date of bith is like this 10-29-96
    says the same poem just in bold
    then say visit our web page !!!
    do you think they are different are they worth more as a pair

  78. Jamie K. says:

    Hi! I have a few Beanie Babies I would love to know the value of:

    -Teddy (Cranberry) Large and the tag looks like it is either generation 4 or 5 with P.E. Pellets
    -Schweetheart and has P.E. Pellets
    -Princess (new face and missing tag) and P.E. Pellets
    -Peace (1996) with P.E. Pellets


    • bernurban says:

      Teddy is a beanie buddy. Valued around $30 but being sold for $5-$15

      No tag beanies aren’t worth much of anything unless they are old face dolls.

      There is no such thing as an old face princess they were made later, old face dolls are from the earliest 90’s

      Other beanies mentioned are valued around $15 BUT being sold for only $2-$5 each.

  79. EricJ says:

    Hi, I just looked through my collection and found a few of the beanies that with PVC and I was wondering if you could give me an idea how much they would be worth.

    I have Zip (cat) from 1993 with no star on the tush tag, PVC pellets, a star and style number on the swing tag (although the birthday in the tag is 1994, the date on the tush tag is 1993, not sure which is relevant).

    Inch, Ziggy, and Stripes from 1995 with a star on the tush tag, PVC pellets, a star and style number on the swing tag. Stripes’s tush tag has some weird little piece of plastic over the Ty symbol.

    Bernie from 1996 with a star on the tush, PVC, star and style number on the swing tag.

    I also have a bunch of beanies that don’t have the factory stamp but do have a star and PE pellets. I’m guessing those aren’t worth much at all?

    Thanks very much for your help.

    • bernurban says:

      Zip is an awesome one. You can sell zip for a lot of mulla! Lol.
      I know zip the cat seems crazy to think you could get alot for that one. But actually people love the old cats. They are super cute.

      Zip with PVC pellets is worth about $300-$1000. Yep it definitely is!

      I would do a buy it now option, not a bidding option at about $175. Up to you. Try out different prices. You can try and list it for $300 for a few days and change it to a lower price, just to get some attention.

  80. Jeni says:

    I have cubbie the bear…how would you tell how much he is worth???because wasnt cubbie one of the orginal 9???

    • bernurban says:

      Yes But cubbie is more of a common beanie baby, even if he’s retired. But with PVC pellets and authentication you could get up to $150 for it.

      Otherwise $25 would be todays retail value. Though it’s worth over $100.

  81. Emily says:

    Hi i have a squealer 2nd generation 1993 and it matches up with everything I would like to know how much it is worth

    • bernurban says:

      Squealer with PVC pellets is retailed today around $25-$75 but it’s value is about $175. It may be hard to sell it for that amount unless someone is actually looking for it.

      I’ve seen it sold for $7-$75 during the passed 12 months.

  82. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I have several ty Beanie Babies from a late grandmother that we are trying to sell in order to help pay for our honeymoon. I’ve already sold a couple on eBay. I have one that was in a bag and the label grandma put on the outside says “6015 1st gen Gilbert (white) Has Reggie tag. White bear with red bow.” When I search eBay I don’t see a “White Gilbert,” but I see other color Gilberts that look similar to this bear. Reggie is on the swing tag. The tush tag is white with black lettering…there is no red stamp on the inside. There is no star beside ty It does say “1992 TY Inc. OAKBROOK, IL. U.S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” On the other side it says “ALL NEW MATERIAL POLYESTER FIBER P.A. REG. #1965 HANDMADE IN CHINA.” I see nothing about PA or PVC pellets. I’m assuming I have a fake, but this has just stumped me. Thanks for any advice!

    • bernurban says:

      Reggie and Gilbert are both attic treasures and is one of the older versions made. They are common looking bears with movable limbs. These bears are worth more because of the classic look to them.

      What you have is an “Artist edition Gilbert” which is a first generation TY attic treasure doll. It’s not actually signed by the artist but it is an artist edition. Reggie and Gilbert are both artist editions.

      Usually the mistake would’ve been a swing heart tag that says Nicholas, but you said it says Reggie?

      Reggie was only made in gold so it’s definitely not Reggie.

      White bear with a red bow could only be white Gilbert.

      What does the artist name say?

      Maybe they made a mistake with the name of the bear and not the artist?

      Does it say Ty Warner as the artist?

      Best bet is getting it authenticated.

      In my opinion this is a white Gilbert artist edition but so many errors like hand made in china. It should say hong kong or Korea, if it’s a 1st generation.

      There would be no star or stamp on tush because it’s not a beanie baby.

      Does the swing heart tag have a skinny Ty or a puffed up Ty on the heart tag? Skinny TY would be first generation.

      Get it authenticated.

      I would really need to see a lot of pictures of this doll before I could tell you for sure.

      If this is in fact a white Gilbert than you could probably get about $150-$250 for it. But with the wrong tags you need an authentication certificate to even sell it.

      • Stephanie says:

        Thank you for your time! He definitely has a classic look. Tag is 1st gen. The only name on the swing tag is Reggie. Gilbert isn’t anywhere on the tag….it was just on the label grandma had put on the storage bag. Could I possibly email you pics?

      • bernurban says:

        I believe it’s an error tag. You should get it authenticated. By a display box and that will increase the value quite a bit.

      • Stephanie says:

        One last question. How do you go about getting it authenticated?

  83. Victoria says:

    hi, my name is vicky and i have a 1998 Bubbles the fish large. has both tags and made in china.
    Swing tag says-
    Bubbles tm
    bubbles the beanie Baby made in the swimming postion was quite a challenge to manufacture. side)

    The Beanie Buddies Collection(underlined)
    Ty inc
    Ty europe
    Ty canada
    handmade in china(left side)

    He is made w p.e. pellets, polyester fiber
    tush tag is deep red.
    w a lg red ty heart

  84. Marianne says:

    I have a Color Me Beanie. I haven’t found a mention of it anywhere. It is in a Ty box and
    has colored pens with it. It has a tag with 10 years on it. The box is still sealed and I
    didn’t want to open it to see the tush tag and the inside of the ear tag. Have you seen
    or heard of them. It is a bunny with an egg sewed on it.
    Thank you

  85. i have the princess diana bear with DIANA PRINCESS OF WHALES MEMORIAL FUND in the tag and the tush tag says hand made in china and i also have a peace bear i would like to sell but i would like a fair price i have had them for years and would like a honest value on them.

    • bernurban says:

      I would need more info.
      So far for princess and peace, if they are both handmade in china with PE pellets and have a red stamp on the inside of both tush tags then they can be sold for $1-$7 each.

      If they don’t have a red oval stamp on the inside of their tush tags then they can be sold for $5-$15 each.

      A tush tag is the little white tag sewn on the bottom of your beanie babies.

      If you look in the inside of the tags there is usually a red stamp inside. That’s a sign that it’s massed produced. You do not want to see this.

  86. Stef says:

    Love your blog…please keep it up….so helpful!
    I found an unusual Beanie while going through my boxes tonight.
    It is a “Chip” cat with a star on hang tag and star on tush tag 1995 PVC BUT the name on the tush tag says “Stinky”? What would you think it’s worth and should I have it authenticated? I’ve kept it in a ziplock bag since it was new.

    • bernurban says:

      Definitely get it authenticated. It’s great to have an authentication, especially if you want to try and sell it to a collector. They would want to make sure another tag wasn’t sewed into another doll.

      Value for chip with an error name tag would be around $600 plus today BUT
      About a quarter of that value would be today’s retail. You don’t want to auction this doll, you would definitely list it as a buy it now price.

      Great find! Good luck with it!

  87. bernurban says:

    I will post your question but you need to be more specific as to what you actually have.

    In beanie collector terms.

    Chocolate the moose beanie baby
    MWMT – mint with mint tags
    Handmade in china
    PVC pellets
    Star on tush tag or no star on tush
    Unnumbered (no red stamp in tush tag)
    Or numbered

    • Max says:

      Patti has the star on the hang tag I think she’s 4th edition, same with the others. I never was fortunate to have 3rd or older. I did have a Bronty which was really rare but apparently it wasn’t real and I only got 50 for it from a friend who wanted it for their collection.

      • bernurban says:

        What do you mean it wasn’t real? Who and how do you know that was true?

      • bernurban says:

        Max. You should definitely go garage sale hunting. I told myself the same thing lots of times until I started doing the garage sale thing and storage thing.

        I now have one job and that’s selling rare, vintage or antique items on eBay.

        It takes a lot of research and time but it’s well worth it.

        I’ve worked as a waitress, a bartender, a singer in Vegas, a salesperson, a rental agent and also owned my own jewelry store. None of these jobs did for me what I have now.

        Good luck, youll do great! Let me know if you need help, I’ll be glad to get you to where you need to be.

      • bernurban says:

        Well normally I would say its an old faced doll. BUT no such a thing at that late of a year and especially with this doll. If one looks different my only guess is that one of these dolls was made at two different factories in china, using 2 different qualities of material. Or one was cleaned and refurbished in some way. It may have gotten wet or was exposed to too much moisture or heat causing the filling to harden or I wanna say inflate or decrease. Lots can happen to a doll in over 10 years. If you weren’t the original owner, imagine how many owners it had before you.

    • Tabetha says:

      Chocolate the moose beanie baby the moose it self is mint, the tag has a crease in the side ( where the two sides meet) 1993 handmade in china. PVC pellets and he has a star in the tush tag and no red stamp

  88. Christine says:

    Hi there,
    I know you said in one of your past plogs (at least I think) that the market for the beanie babies is not good right now like for example the Valentino bear PVC would have sold for $500 a few years ago but now we would be lucky if we get $50(I have this one). I have been trying to sell my beanie babies on ebay for a month now & getting no bits! When do you think the market will pick up & the values will go back up on these beanie babies? I am trying to selling my collection (about 160 beanie babies) but don’t want to give them away as I think they are worth the money for example I have the 2 Valentina, one Maple & one Erin on ebay order # 271010050819 – asking $129.95 & the Britannia bear order #271010051104 – asking $499.99. Obviously,I am asking way to much but there are alot more of these bears on ebay for much more than what I am asking and I would have thought these would have sold like hot cakes??? When is the market going to pick up again and be actually worth there value?

    • bernurban says:

      Just because someone asks for way more doesn’t mean they are gonna sell them.

      You cannot sell on eBay for the value of your items.

      About 60% of buyers on eBay are re- sellers.

      The only way your gonna get big buck like that is if you have the rarest of dolls.

      Valentino and Erin are very common. Almost everyone has those bears in their collection.

      You could sell these on eBay today for about $5 each. Sorry but it’s true.

      You could try and list them for a buy it now price of $25 each but I’m sure you’ll get the same results as if you listed them at $1,000 each.

      It’s hard to sell these at an amount such as $45 because people will not bother to look. You have to remember that when people search for items, it is displayed at best match, lowest to highest or highest to lowest or ending soonest.

      I like to search for lowest to highest and ending soonest.

      So why bid on a $45 doll when I can try and bid on one for .99 and try to get it for less than $20?

      I hope you understand and know that I’m really trying to help you all.

      It’s very hard to sell beanie babies unless you do a lot of research.

      1.Each doll has to be carefully research by tags and name and year

      2.go online and see what has been sold in the passed 30 days for each individual beanie baby.

      You don’t want to go by what people are asking. People ask for outrageous amounts all the time, doesn’t mean they are actually gonna sell them.

      You can’t go by the value, with all these bargain shows on nowadays and the economy, people feel better about getting a good deal than getting what they actually want.

    • bernurban says:

      One more thing, your beanie babies are stamped which is an indication of being massed produced.

      I also noticed that on one of your items, you only ship to Canada.

      I also noticed you have a beanie baby with 2 tush tags.

      These beanie babies are being listed incorrectly

      You should list it as:

      TY Beanie Baby Valentino 2 tush tags

      Another thing is you have a reserve and a buy it now. Starting bid at 1 penny. People won’t bid cause they already know you are asking too much.

      • Christine says:

        All my beanie babies that are in ebay are either PE or PVC Pellets. They all have tags and protective tags around the swing heart. If I have one on there that I only ship to Canada, then that’s a mistake, as all of them I will ship anywhere. I try to list as much detail as possible and the truth. Anyone can email me if they need more info or pictures. No a fence but you seem to be coming across a little impolite with your responses back. I guess I won’t ask anymore questions.

  89. Christine says:

    Here’s another one I have on ebay – LOT of 25 TY Beanie Babies Birds – MINT (271010793748) – auction style – $45 starting price that’s less than $2.00 per bird but asking $199.99 for the hold lot & LOT of 15 TY Beanie Babies Puppies – MINT (271010843470) – auction style $42 starting price that’s less than $3.00 per puppies or buy the hold lot for $149.99 – not sure why people aren’t bidding other than now is not the time to sell??

    • bernurban says:

      Because that’s way to expensive.

      For a starting bid for dolls that aren’t beats PVC or PE pellets people will pay less than a dollar per beanie baby. These are common dolls. Now days people are only looking for rare and retired.
      Nowadays you can buy over a hundred beanie babies for $40-$60 a lot.

      People just want to get rid of them.

      I wouldn’t sell these online. Eventually you will end up loosing money. People aren’t really into the birds and so many people have dogs and bird beanies. You probably wouldn’t be able to sell them if you listed it as .99 plus $2.75 USPS first class shipping for each doll. Or maybe you might be able to sell it at just that price. eBay will pay you at about 30 cents for that sale.

      Your better off selling these at a garage sale for $1-$2 each.

  90. Kim says:

    How do we know we will get the exact beanie back if its worth money, when we send it away for authentication?

  91. Douglas says:

    We have:
    1996 Spike made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1993 Spot made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1993 Chocolate made in China, PVC, star, I looks like lower case L.
    1995 Tabasco made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1996 Sparky made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1993 Legs made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1996 Waves made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1996 Baldy made in China, PVC, star, I looks like lower case L.
    1996 Fleece made in China, PVC, star, I looks like lower case L.
    1995 Derby made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    1996 Rover made in China, PVC, no star, I looks like lower case L.
    Cleaning out the garage and found these stored. Any values would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,

    • Douglas says:

      Also, I am confused on the Princess Diana version.
      We have one that has the spacing on the inside of the tag. Has a star, and has PE pellets made in China. I am seeing alot of the same exact tags on the bay selling for thousands?

      • Douglas says:

        None of the Beanies are numbered inside the tush tag.

      • bernurban says:

        Yeah those people are just really dreaming and hoping they can get thousands. The only way they could do that with such a common bear is to donate 100% to charity.

      • bernurban says:

        This doll with this description is actually worth what people are will pay which is $5-$15 more if donated to charity honestly.

    • bernurban says:

      Does spot have a spot on its back?

    • bernurban says:

      I’ll get back to you on these. I have a pretty busy week. So I’ll try and answer your questions within the next couple of days in more detail.

      From what I’ve seen so far, spot, chocolate, waves, tobasco and legs are the more valuable ones.

      You can sell for about $15-$40 each. Take the ones part of the original 9 and those are more in the $30-$40 range. If spot doesn’t have a spot then you can actually sell for just under $200.

      Dogs and birds arent worth much but spot is the only exception, with or without the spot but worth more without it. Especially If you get it authenticated.

  92. Jessica says:

    Hi, I was on about a week ago about a Curly Bear with Tag errors. I am very excited about this bear and would like to know how much he is worth. Do you know anything about him?

    • bernurban says:

      Curly is a more common bear but with authentication and errors it could be worth about $75 retail. You can actually sell it for that much. Without authentication it would be sold for about $20. So it’s up to you what you would like to do with this information.

      For me, I would list it at $125.00 with authentication and a best offer option.

      • Jessica says:

        Thank you for getting back to me about Curly. Do you know any prices for the other beanies I mentioned? Thank you for your help. I am happy to find these are worth money now.

  93. I have the following bears and am wondering about prices. Thanks so much!
    Valentino-PVC, mint condition, (no stamp on tush tag) 1993, 4th generation i believe, made in china
    Valentino-PE, excellent condition, 1993, 5th generation
    Fortune-PE, 1998, mint condition
    Spangle-PE, 1999, mint condition
    1999 Signature Bear- PE, 1999, no stamp on tush tag, mint condition
    Champion-PE, 2002 Official Licensed Product of FIFA world cup, Korea Republic, Mint condition, no red stamp in tush tag, just a black ID number. With case
    Ronnie-PE, 2003, some subtle black markings on back, decent condition
    Liberty-PE, 2002, very good condition, bent swing tag
    Dublin-2002 PE, excellent condition
    Mooch-1999 PE, no stamp on inside of tush tag, good condition, bent swing tag
    Dotty-PVC, 1996, no stamp on tush tag, style 4100, decent condition, bent swing tag
    Nanook-PE, 1996, no stamp on tush tag, excellent condition
    Seaweed-PVC, 1995, no stamp on tush tag, excellent condition
    Radar- PVC, 1995, no stamp on tush tag, decent condition, worn swing tag
    Derby-PE, 1995, very good condition
    Freckles-PVC, 1996, no stamp on tush tag, excellent condition
    Batty-PE, 1996, no stamp on tush tag, excellent condition
    Gobbles-PE, 1996, no stamp on tush tag, decent condition, worn swing tag
    Clubby-PE 1999, excellent condition
    Claude-PE 1996, excellent condition, no stamp on tush tag
    Stinger-PE 1998, excellent condition
    Cheeks-PE 1999, excellent condition, no stamp on tush tag
    Lightning-PE 2002, excellent condition
    Spike-PVC 1996, no stamp on tush tag, decent condition, worn swing tag
    Roary-PCV 1996, no stamp on tush tag, excellent condition
    Pinky-PE 1995, decent condition, worn swing tag, no stamp on tush tag
    Jabber-PE 1998, decent condition, worn swing tag, no stamp on tush tag
    Puffer-PE 1997, very good condition
    Puffer-PE 1997, very good condition, no stamp on tush tag
    Glow- PE 2000, poor condition, worn swing tag and tush tag
    Ziggy-PVC 1995, excellent condition, no stamp on tush tag
    Tommy-PE 2003, excellent condition, no stamp on tush tag
    Kuku-PE 1998, excellent condition
    Knuckles- PE 1999, no inside to tush tag, good condition, bent swing tag
    Ally-PVC 1993, no stamp on tush tag, good condition, bent swing tag
    Peace-PVC 1996, mint condition, no stamp on tush tag
    Canyon-PE 1998, poor condition, some beads melted together on underbelly, worn swing tag
    Then I have many with no swing tags and many of the mini beanie babies, all with swing tags

    Thank you so so so much!

    • bernurban says:

      That’s a lot of beanie babies to look into. I would refer to other replies. That’s your best bet. Otherwise go on bay and search for each Beanie baby individually and refine search to items sold.

    • bernurban says:

      I would put birds aside. For the mot part they can be sold or about $1 each

    • bernurban says:

      The babies you mentioned with PVC pellets can be sold for about $5-$8 each realistically.

      Except ally the alligator. $25-$75 big difference. Really depends on how you list it and the very exact condition and edition.

  94. Delores says:

    You show red on the hang tags and I have quite a few beanies that have a tan/maroon hang tag and also the tag on the beanie is maroon They have moveable arms and legs Made in 1993 PVC Pellets One I am looking at right now is a Panda Bear called Checkers it is from the Attic Treasures Collection. I am wanting to sell my collection They are all in plastic boxes in in mint condition

    • bernurban says:

      These are TY attic treasury

    • bernurban says:

      All the maroon tagged TY dolls are attic treasures and not beanie babies.

    • bernurban says:

      Attic treasures and pluffies are commonly mistaken for beanie babies.

      It’s very hard to sell attic treasures if you don’t sell them right, though I think they should be worth much more than beanie babies because of its classic look. Ty collectors always list their dolls by saying “Ty beanie baby princess”
      You don’t want to do this for an attic treasure. You want a wider selection of doll collectors to see this doll.

      I would list them individually. List only 5 at a time. Make sure you take a picture of them in the box.

      List it as “Vintage antique style Doll or bear with movable limbs”

      And in description explain details:

      1993 TY attic treasure “name”
      (bear/kitten/dog/swan) Movable limbs
      Display case included

      MWMT or MWT (choose the accurate condition of doll.

      Retired Rare

      If you do it like this you could sell for about $25-$40 each
      With a case.

    • bernurban says:

      Tan tags are also attic treasures

  95. Cassie Lemay says:

    I am interested in messaging you some picture of my light blue Peanut Beanie Baby. It is in great condition, and I need to see how much it’s worth. But I could not find your email address on the page. Thank you.

    • bernurban says:

      Please just tell me what you see on the tush tag.

      Make sure it’s a beanie baby and not a beanie buddy.

      Lt blue peanut with PE pellets: value $25 can be sold for $3-$8

      Lt blue peanut with PVC pellets: value
      $80 can be sold for $20

      Lt blue peanut PVC pellets with no star on tush tag: value $140, can be sold for $50

      These are just averaged for this month.

  96. Carly says:


    This seems to be the best and most informative website i have found on beanie babies, i have a princess bear and have been researching her for days now.

    Could you tell me what level of rareness it has? Also im in the UK so do prices differ?

    Mine has PE Pellets,
    Handmade in Indonesia
    Star on tag with beanie original baby and star on tush tag top left of TY heart
    Unnumbered on tush tag
    Very good condition, would be very grateful for a reply πŸ™‚

    • bernurban says:

      Princess Indonesia with PE pellets is rare. Especially if it has 2 tush tags.

      Unfortunately we don’t get as much for these dolls as we would like.

      If it has 2 tush tags and swing heart tag then you could get up to $175.00 retail, but it’s worth 4x more.

      A tush tag is the little white tag on the bears bottom.
      There’s usually only 1, sometimes there’s 2 when they are sold in other countries to insure safety regulations with stuffed dolls.
      The second tush tag is larger than the original tush tag.

      If it has 1 tush tag than you could get up to $75 US dollars. Of course it’s worth 4x that much.

      Best way to list it is to auction it with a starting bid of 99 cents for 10 days. You can add a reserve price for $75.
      Do not add a buy it now price when you have a reserve price. No one will bid!

      If you decide to go the buy it now route list it at $175 with a best offer option.

      Remember, DO NOT list a reserve price and a buy it now on an auction item like this.

      • Carly says:

        Thank you for your reply, mine has one tush tag, also I’m in the uk so I’m not seeing many of these for sale at all so very unsure of where to sell other than eBay. Is it beat to hold on to princess for a few more years? Is it worth a different amount in th UK? So you said $75?

  97. Laura says:


    I have the princess diana bear, light green stem with white flower and yellow stitching. The year on the tush tag is 1997and it was made in Indonesia with P.V.C pellets. The capital I (i), looks like a lower case l (L). In the swing tag the addresses reads Oakbrook, Europe, Canada. And then the poem is on the right hand side. On the front of the tag it is the thicker of the ty and their is a yellow star with the words ‘Beanie Original Baby’.

    I would be very greatful if you could tell me what this could be worth, thanks.

    • bernurban says:

      Princess PVC Indonesia is very rare. Two tush tags even rarer. Highly sought after doll.

      Please I’m sorry can you scroll through moments for detailed info. There’s just so much to say about the two.


  98. Nikki says:

    I recently bought a dark blue Peanut beanie buddy at a Good Will store. I paid like $5.00 for it. The hang tag isn’t in the best condition. It’s bent in several spots but is still attached and readable. The tush tag is still attached also and is fabric. I was wondering if you could tell me about what it would would be worth in today’s market.
    I also have Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant Beanie Buddies. Lefty is in near-mint condition as it’s tag has one little crease in it, but Righty is in mint condition. Both flags are normal. Lefty the donkey is like a dark grey/blue color with a blackish mane and tail. Righty the Elephant is grey. I’m not sure of the year as right now they are stored in an airtight bag, like the kind a comforter comes in, in my attic.

  99. MaryJo says:

    Hi there, thank you for your useful tips and advice!

    I was wondering what the following would be worth…and what I should do with them if anything?

    Peanut light/pale blue beanie baby (i looks like I)
    star on tush tag.
    PVC pellets
    Unnumbered no stamp
    Handmade in china

    Happy hippo beanie baby (i looks like I)
    Star on tush tag
    PVC pellets
    Unnumbered no stamp
    Handmade in china

    Princess bear (i looks like I on tag)
    Star on tush tag
    P.E. pellets
    Unnumbered no stamp
    Mint condition (bear) but crease on tag
    I’m not sure if the poem is spaced (does this mean a white space between each of the poem lines?) there is no space after will be donated to the and above the Diana princess of Wales memorial fund.
    Pale green stem, pale yellow stitch and white flower
    Handmade in indonesia

    Thank you very much for you time and effort πŸ™‚

    • bernurban says:

      All three are great. The princess is excellent,

      This is a great 3!

      You can list this on eBay for .99. Don’t panic… With a reserve of $175.00
      As a lot.
      10 day duration. Free shipping. Shipping will cost about 10.00 in a medium flat rate box.

      Take lots of pictures. List it right now with up to 12 pictures for free on eBay.

      Or buy it now option for $250.00 with a best offer option for 30 days.

      Don’t go and list it for thousands of dollars because you will be wasting your money. It won’t sell.

  100. Casie says:

    Okay, I think I have a rare bear, but I’m not sure. Hopefully, you can help me. It was a gift for my newborn, so unfortunately, we took the swing tag off. Its tush tag is really old. On one side it says: 1993 TY INC. followed by Oakbrook, IL. U.S.A. Etc. the capital I’s look like lowercase l’s.

    On the other side,it says that it is PVC pellets. It also says the following: PA REG #1965

    The beanie itself is a brown bear with a maroon ribbon and is in great shape, since we just let it sit in the crib for awhile and then put it on a shelf. It has never been played with (wish now I left swing tag on). Eyes are close together on inside of seams, just above nose. Can email pic if you email me and ask.

    Thanks for any help…

    • bernurban says:

      That is curly, curly is common. Most people have that bear in their collection. It would be the rare curly if his eyes were far above his nose.

      • Casie says:

        Are you sure? I have two other Curlys with swing tags and they look different. Their fur is not as smooth. This bear is smooth like the Princess bear, only brown. Did they make a smoother Curly?

        Finally, I have 131 Beanie Babies, 26 of which are bears, and I would like to sell them. Is the best bet to sell as a group in person or online, or would you recommend selling them in smaller groups ( ie bears, dogs and cats, etc) or individually?

        Thanks for your time…

      • Christine L. says:

        Hello, I have two The End bears. They both have different faces. One has a fatter face and the eyes sit back further back from the nose the eyes are close together. Can you tell me about them or have you never heard of this? I would appreciate anything you can tell me about them.thank you..

      • bernurban says:

        I would really have to see it in person. It’s best to send to an authenticator. That would be the best way to get the most for what it’s worth.

      • bernurban says:

        Check out the tush tags. Any difference between the two?

  101. Max says:

    I sell Magic cards normally but my collection is gone now. I have had beanie babies since I was like 5 and in the process of cleaning my room I stumbled upon several which I am curious about regarding price.

    Patti Magenta Style 4025, bent hang tag, in good shape
    Scorch the Dragon, he’s missing his hang tag, pretty decent shape
    Beak, has tags in tact, a little dusty
    Courage, 9/11 hero dog, not sure of his value but I love German Shepherds

    I am curious if any of these have value, I also have Rover without his tag, Scottie missing his tag with a faded tush, Tuffy in not so great condition, Dotty and Wrinkles in tact. I am having financial issues and really would like to push these for money, not sure what I’d get if I took them to an antique store.

    Or should I hold them so when I have my own kids I can pass them down, as I am still in my mid 20s.

    Let me know


  102. Kelly Smith says:

    HI – Wow…I too have alot of Beanies – I don’t want to sell myself short either – If you could assist, I’d be grateful.
    I have (3) Gobbles – 2 are same – #4034 DOB: 11-27-96 the other one doesn’t have the #4034 on the ear tag and has the DOB: November 27, 1996 – worth?
    I have (2) Twigs – 1 – style 4068 DOB: 5-19-95 / Other: no # / DOB – spelled out
    Echo style #4180, DOB 12-21-96 no star on tushtag
    Nuts – No star on tushtag, but no ear tag – great condition
    Pouch – No star on tushtag, no ear tag – great condition
    Gracie – No star on tushtag, #4126 DOB: 6-17-96
    PillowPal – Carrots, #3010, no star on tushtag – To:_____ From: _____, etc on card
    Brigitte – no number – DOB: April 20, 2000 – silver on tushtag
    1999 Signature Bear – no DOB or # – silver on tushtag
    Chipper DOB: April 21, 1999 ear tag with plastic case over and silver tushtag
    Eggbert DOB: April 10, 1998 ear tag with plastic case over and silver tushtag
    Derby #4008, DOB: 9-16-95 left side of eartag: Ty UK Ltd Fareham, Hants, Ty Deutschland 90008 Nurmberg

    Chocolate no #, DOB: April 27, 1993
    Blackie no # DOB: July 15, 1994
    Mystic – tan horn -#4007 DOB: 5-21-94

    Teenie Beanie Baby Spunk – no star on tushtag
    Tons of McDonald’s beanies in original bags

    Thanks a million!

    • bernurban says:

      If it doesn’t have an swing heart tag then it won’t sell unless it’s very rare. Im talking, quackers or quacks the duck with no wings or navy blue peanut or along the lines of those types of special beanies and beanies that weren’t sold in stores, like the employee bears.

      No swing tag and it’s super rare, you’ll NEED it to be authenticated.

      Beanies in general with their swing heart tags are sold today for $1-$8 per beanie baby.

      Teenie beanie babies are different. when you describe them as not having a star on tush tag, This rule doesn’t pertain to teenie babies.

      Teenie babies are unbelievably sold for the same amount in or out of its original packaging, it does decrease the actual value but while doing research people will buy them for really cheap just as long as theres a tag on it. Then, they will resell it or give it to their kids or use them as party favors.

      50 cents to $2.00 each teenie beanie baby. The bears, dinosaurs and McDonald (hambeargular,fries the bear) themed teenies are more popular McDonald’s teenie babies.

      Other teenie babes sell well accompanied by its matching beanie baby.

      Everyone has to realize that right now, collectors only buy beanie babies IF they see potential to sell. That means if they can’t get it for the cheapest price possible, they are gonna wait for it or search for a cheaper one.

      Buyers will also search online through Craigslist for lots of 100 beanies or $40. Their patients will allow that to happen.


      If you have the very rare beanie babies, then you can sell them right now for a fair price. Fair price meaning, you will make back what you spent plus more. You will make $1 to over a hundred bucks for that one beanie baby.

      With all that’s being televised on tv about bargains and with the economy, people play smart with their money, especially on something they don’t necessarily need.

      Unless of course, it’s so rare and the price is what they are willing to spend and they absolutely can’t say no.

  103. natasha says:

    Can I get the value of this beanie princess di made in china.. please i am having a hard time with this,, I would like to send a pic if I can get a email address for you… Thank you so much

  104. Amy Rollison says:

    Hi- I was going through my stack and have come across Hippity 1996 PVC with star on butt, MWMT but the tag has a misspelling of original and on back surface is misspelt? AND I have a Snowball PVC MWMT with a cubbie tag? any advice? THANKS

    • bernurban says:

      Good find. get them authenticated. This is the only way to sell them. Especially the one with the wrong tag.

      Surface spelt wrong is a common Error, but you could sell for about $50

      The other with the wrong tag… Definitely get that one authenticated otherwise no one will buy for the amount it’s worth. You can sell this for $250-$400 with an authentication. Otherwise without it both you and the buyer are taking a huge risk. You could sell it for about $50-$100 without authenticity certificate.

      • Kim says:

        Hi. You already told me to get my Valentino with the mispellings on the swing tags etc..authenticated. I was just wondering if you have any idea how much it would sell for then? And if Digger the red crab from 93 with MWMT ( 93 on tush tag 95 as born date) is worth anything?Thank you for your help..

      • bernurban says:

        Valentino misspelt you could sell for about$50-$75

        Digger is valuable with PVC pellets.

        $50-$175. Has to have both tags and has to be mint

      • says:

        Yes Digger has both tags in mint condition and PVC pellets.

  105. chantelle stout says:

    Hello i have a ty 2.0 beanie baby the tush tagdoesnt hav an inside stamp it is a vines monkey any the sweing tag has been hole punched and hung on the wrong side of the heart. So i am not able to open to read the poem normally i can look inside it has a scratch code for… i dont know anything about these beanie babies. So please email me back with any information you may have on this. Thank you for your time.

  106. Kim says:

    Yes Digger has both tags in min condition. Swing tag is in a plastic heart case and it has PVC pellets.

  107. Kate says:

    I am wondering about a few beanies I have.
    I have Honks with swing tag and tush tag. Tush tag has no star but a silver square on the tag that is solid and just the name Honks at the bottom. The tag is only 1 piece and not folded like the rest. I also have Lurkey with the same silver square on the tag, but the tag is folded like all others. There is a number inside the tag on Lurkey though, with a blurred red mark on the outside so I think it is not original. What does this silver square mark mean? Both have PE pellets.

  108. Cheryl says:

    I have a princess Diana beanie and I would like to see if it’s rare. Can you help me?

  109. genny says:

    I have beannie babies 194 ,1996 1993,ty in perfect cond. here are a few of ones I think are worth a little , Lizzy style 4033, ally style 4032, patti style 4025,baldy,derby 4008dark mane, blackiestyle 4011 ,hoppity,valentino style 4058 all white with a red heart on chest could I get some prices please and thankyou

    • bernurban says:

      More info is needed. Pellet type, where it’s made.
      Generally your beanies are worth $1-$10 retail

      • genny says:

        those I mentioned are all hand made in china and are all pvc pellets except lizzy has no star beside the ty on the tush and the hoppity and hippity have original spelt wron and pvc pellets and I think 5th edition they are they are 1995 and 1996 hope this helps

  110. lindsay obrien says:

    I have the ty chocolate moose the tag says Chocolate but the tush tag says Brownie any ideas if its rare and how much is it worth
    thank you very much

  111. lindsay obrien says:

    I have a ty moose named chocolate on the tag but on the tush tag its says Brownie and ideas if its rare and how much its worth
    thank you very much

    • bernurban says:

      Yes it is rare. With authentication it is worth pretty much any amount under $450.00 it all depends on how much people are willing to spend.

      Without authentication, it’s gonna be very hard to sell.

      • lindsay obrien says:

        the moose is a bboc would this make any difference to the price, and how do i get it authenticated im in England thank you sooooooo much πŸ™‚

  112. chelz says:

    Hi i was hoping u could help me know the value of my beanie baby.
    I have a 1996 peace beanie baby with two tag errors. The first one is on the front of the hang tag. Instead of original it says origiinal. And the second one is on the back of the hang tag. Instead of saying surface it says suface.
    Thanks for ur help!

  113. Jan says:

    Hi, I have been given some Beanie babies to sell (about 80) I have gone through am I correct in saying unless there have all 7 signs of being rare they aren’t? I have picked out two one is the Princess which is made in Indonesia, pe pellets a gap between the popem and the “all profits” bit and a gap between “to the” and “Princess of Wales”. It has a ty tag with a yellow star and a hard plastic cover. There is a white rose with green stem and yellow rose. The date is 1997

    I also have Bonnie who has a tag with TY but not start. Its Tush tags ther are three, one is brown made in china 1993 and pvc pellets. One is white ” new material only, Reg. No, Content” and
    on the reverse “Materiaux neufs seurlemeno de perms contenu” and then another attached to this label with New material only reg no 92U3816 content polyester fibres and on the other side similar in a forgein.

    Many thanks

  114. J says:

    Hi, I have some Beanie Babies I’ve come across.
    Just curious on their price range:
    Halo – August 31, 1998 w/ pink “425” stamp – 5th Gen tush tag
    Peace – February 1, 1996 w/ pink “115” stamp – 5th Gen tush tag
    Nibbler – April 6, 1998
    Ewey – March 1, 1998
    Signature Bear 1999
    Cinders – April 30, 2000 – 6th Gen hang tag
    Millennium – January 1, 1999

    All are retired
    All have a second tush tag (for Canada)
    No spelling errors for “Original” or “Surface”

    • J says:

      All are in mint condition, including hang and tush tags

    • bernurban says:

      Double tush tags beanies you mentioned can be sold for $25-$125

      1993 being the most valuable with PVC pellets. $25 pe handmade in china.

      $125 handmade in indonesia with PVC pellets.

      These figures o not pertain to princess beanie baby

      Princess is a whole different story.

      • J says:

        Thanks so much!!

        All except one beanie have 2 tush tags – so they’re all worth more (except for the ones with the stamp) – Did I read that correctly?

        How much would Cinder be worth just the one tag?

        Also, like someone below one of my beanie’s has Gosport mispelled as “Gasport”. This would be Ewey the lamb (1998). Is this something worth getting authenticated?

        Thanks again πŸ™‚

    • bernurban says:

      If there is a stamp, it’s not worth more than $5

  115. iamkiki1 says:

    Hi did you get my question left over the July 14th or the 15th? ( iamkiki1 )

  116. iamkiki1 says:

    I have a question please. I have Legs, from The Beanie babies Collect. Leg’s swing tag looks like a 5th generation tag but the inside reads the same as a 4th generation tag per the Spring 1999 Edition Collector’s Value Guide . Also those tags regardless if they are 4th or 5th they came out per the book in early 1996 – Current. The birth date says 4-25-93 is that an earlier birth is on a tag made starting in 1996? And there is no star on the tush tag to the left of the TY heart. Nor is there numbers or marks inside the tush tag. Does this mean I may have a RARE Beanie??? LOL Hope you have good news! Also what do you think the going value would be ? To sell or not to sell? Thanks, Kiki.

    • bernurban says:

      The rare beanie baby is the one with no star on the tush tag. It should also say PVC pellets.

      You can sell legs with PVC pellets w/ no star for about $50.00. Right now there is bout 5 legs PVC beanies for sale online on eBay, but none of them are mint and only one of them has the older swing tag, starting bid at $19.99. Thats a very good beanie baby to have.
      In your case you have the second rarest. It is very safe to say that you could list your beanie baby at a buy it now for $50 or more. People will see it because if they search from highest to lowest or lowest to highest they have to see it because there are only five.

      List it as beanie baby legs PVC.
      $50 buy it now for 10 days.

      Nows a good time since theres only 5. Actually a sale ending on a Sunday or starting on a saturday is the best to sell.

  117. Sara says:

    Hello, I have a few questions. I have a squealer from 1993 unnumbered, Peace Bear unnumbered, Millenium unnumbered, Pinky unnumbered……….and Princess with no marking in tush tag, Capital i looks like a lower case l, and she has pale green stem with yellow stitching in white rose. Before I list on ebay any pointers so I don’t get burned?

  118. dylan m says:

    So I’ve got a couple questions on beanie babies and a buddy.

    ’93 beanie baby Speedy no swing tag.

    ’93 Chocolate mint(No case) pink stamp #205 on tag.

    ’98 Fortune

    ’97 rainbow Iggy

    ’93 Blackie pink stamp #125

  119. Rachel says:

    Hello I was going through bag of my old beanie babies looking for the rare clues you meantioned and I was wondering about the value on a few that I found:

    Patti – original, PVC, made in China, no star on tush tag, 1993 (missing hanging tag)
    Scat – PE, made in China, hologram tag, 1999, double tush tag
    Smoochy – PVC, made in China, star on tag, 1997
    Floppity – PVC, made in China, star on tag, 1996 (the *ty symbol on the tush tag looks to be a sticker, not sure what it means?)
    Daisy – PVC, made in China, star on tag, 1993
    Pinky – PVC, made in China, star on tag, 1995
    Prickles – PVC, made in China, hologram tag, 1999, double tush tag

    None of them have the red stamp inside the tush tag.

    Thank you so much for your help, your article helped me sort out my 100 plus beanie babies.

    Also for beanie buddies or teenie beanies are there any in particular that are worth more or specific things I should look for (I have about 40)?

    Thank you again!

    • bernurban says:

      Teenie babies should be sorted by batches like for example the year on the packaging not on the beanie baby. Usually the packaging is listed from 1-12 or something like that.

      If here’s no packaging, pair them up with the beanie babies you have and sell as a set

      Otherwise these beanies sell for about .25- .75 each

      As for your other beanie babies you mentioned.

      Take all the double tush tag beanies and list them together. Ou can sell these separately

      All your beanies with no swing tag should all be sold together as a lot. Unless you want to keep them. They aren’t worth much without the swing tag unless it’s the dark blue elephant or Quakers with no wings etc.

      The one that has a sticker on the Ty is just a newer type of tush tag. Newer meaning 1999 and up.

      1999 and up do not have stamps on the inside either so you don’t have to look for that in the newer beanie babies.

      Most beanie babies with PVC pellets that aren’t the very rare (old face, limited edition teddy, employee beanies, error beanies, beanies not sold in stores) are retail $5-$15
      Original nine beanies with PVC pellets are retailed around $25-$75
      Depends on which one it is. That’s on average. Someone might sell it for $150 or $200, but that’s rare.

  120. Meranda sills says:

    Hi I have 6 retired beanies made with p.v.c. Pellets. They have all tags and are in mint condition. I was wondering what I should price them at. I have inch the worm with the style # next to name . Mel the koala bear with style # next to name. Daisy the cow. Stretch the ostrich. Lucky the lady bug with style # next to name. Like I said all these are retired and made with pvc

    • bernurban says:

      The only one people actually look for is the lady bug. You can list for $5.00. Its up to you if you want to include shipping.

      There re certain beanies that are worth listing on eBay.

      If you want to list them to see what happens, wait until the beginning of the month when it’s free.

      It’s very hard to sell beanie babies unless they are absolutely rare.

  121. genny says:

    I have not received any info what do you mean by your comment is waiting moderation.

  122. lindsay obrien says:

    I have a ty moose named chocolate on the tag but on the tush tag its says Brownie its a bboc any ideas if its rare and how much its worth
    thank you very much

  123. kyle says:

    Hi i have an orange Digger 2nd gen swing tag, made in 1993 old tush tag, style 4027, swing tag a little creased other wise perfect condition of actual beanie baby… How much do you think its worth?

    • bernurban says:

      ALOT! Lol.

      First make sure it’s a beanie baby and not a teenie beanie baby or a beanie buddy.

      Orange digger you can list at $350.00 with a best offer option.
      But there’s no guarantee.

      A guarantee would be to list it at .99 with a reserve of $150.00 and possibly sell it at $175-$200.00 with free shipping.
      Which is a lot more reasonable and attainable.

  124. Rebekah says:

    Hi, I was hoping you could help me. I have been holding onto a Peace Bear Beanie Baby for over 10 years now and I would now like to find the sell value for it and am having a hard time doing so. I dont know much about beanie babies at all and I hope the info I leave helps. I believe it is either a 4th or 5th generation because it has a yellow star next to β€œTy” on the heart tag. It has a β€œ#115β€³ stamp on inside of tag. It says Date of Birth : February 1, 1996. It also has β€œTy Inc. Oakbrook, IL USA,” Ty Europe Gasport, Hampshire UK (Gosport is spelled incorrectly on tag with an β€œa” and not an β€œo”) and TY Canada Aurora, Ontario” and β€œHandmade in China.” On tush tag it says β€œ1996 Ty Inc.” and like I said has the circle stamp with #115 on the inside of tush tag.
    I wondered also if since β€œGosport” is spelled β€œGasport” if this kind of mistake gives it more value?

    I saw one lady selling hers on bonanza (the same one as mine with out the gosport misspelling for $250 (see link below)

    Thanks for any info you have.
    Sincerely, Rebekah

    • bernurban says:

      Hello. I understand how you feel about this beanie baby. That person may or may not sell it. People ask crazy amounts all the time.

      Having the red circle in the inside of your tush tag actually devalues your beanie baby. However maybe someone is looking for this articulate beanie baby with a misspelled city on it. You never know.
      You also have to take into consideration that this is a common mistake. You saw for yourself that their is another beanie baby just lie yours. People may chose your beanie baby over your if you get it authenticated. PEople love buying collectables that come with authentication. It’s true. Real collectors will collect items and dismay with a case and authentication. These are the types of people you want to attract.
      Otherwise a mother or grandmother or whomever will be searching online for just a cute doll for their daughter or grand daughter. Which isn’t a bad thing. You can get rid of your unwanted beanie babies for a few bucks.

      If you were to get this authenticated, put into a display case and try to sell it, you could get up to $150.00 for it I would absolutely not list it or that price. I would list it as an auction item. Starting bid d $25. You may break even or make a few bucks. For most certain beanies, there’s just not too many that actually sell. Unless you sell at a garage sale for $1.00 – $2.00 each.

    • bernurban says:

      Stamps on the inside of tush tag are not rare. I just really looked into that peace bear. This person is greatly misinformed. Not a rare doll at all. That actual doll in that exact condition will either sell for $1-$5 or not at all.


      As for yours, it’s a different story because of the small miss print, if in fact it’s actually a typo. Even then I’m not sure if anyone is actually looking for this particular doll.

      Sorry if this news is hard for you to take but I prefer to just tell the truth then to get people’s hopes up.

  125. genny says:

    I dont seem to get an answer to my beannies Howdo I get to put on about beannies on here .
    genny What would be the web site

    • bernurban says:

      Hello everyone. I get hundreds of requests everyday. Please understand that I alone answer as many questions as possible. I do pick and choose from certain questions, either because I’ve gained a rapport with that person or because the question hasn’t been asked before. If it seems you’ve been waiting quite awhile for a response, please scan through past replies and comments and maybe you will find an answer. You can also use the search bar.

      Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate everyone’s comments! Please keep ’em coming. I will try my best to get to everyone.

  126. Lisa says:

    I was wondering why sellers on eBay don’t usually say what type of pellets their beanies have – neither in the listing title nor in the description. If I were to list some PVC beanies (as a lot?) should I note that in the title or description? Thanks

  127. kathy says:

    I have a Princess made in Indonesia – PVC. It was purchased in London as a gift when we couldn’t find any in the US. Can you please give me an idea of today’s price?

    • bernurban says:

      This is the rarest princess. Does it have 2 tush tags?

    • bernurban says:

      I recommend buying a display box for it. Make sure the swing tag has a plastic case also.

      Don’t let anyone touch it! Lol.

      With the princess, it all really depends on how you sell it.

      Are you gonna donate at least 50% to charity? Theres a program on eBay where you have this option.

      When you sell anything on eBay and you donate to a cause, it gets the most attention. Most people prefer to spend the most money on the rarest princess beanie babies when half of the proceeds goes to a good cause. That’s because this beanie baby was made for that reason.

      For the 2 tush tag princess PVC Indonesian :

      You could list this at $500 starting bid with 50% donated to charity.

      Or $250 with 50% donated to charity.

      Either way, you are making money.

      For the single tush tag, cut everything in half as the starting bid.

      People want princess PVC handmade in Indonesia. They want both actually but even more so the double tush tag princess.

      Good luck

  128. Kim says:

    I just wrote Barry beanie to geta secong opinion on the price of a miselled Valentino. DONT ANYONE USE HIM. What a snob.
    This is what I get back:
    Wholesale $2
    Retail $3.99

    Spelling errors happen all the time.

    Thank you,
    Barry Stein
    When I said thats quite a difference from from what someone else quoted he saids SO SELL IT TO THEM.. They are made where people dont speak English so errors are common.
    He charges .35 to give a value. Dont use him anyone.
    Thanks for your help here. Its much appreciated.

    • bernurban says:

      Barry is supposedly a retired man. That’s why I recommended other people. Sorry you had that experience.

    • bernurban says:

      Spelling errors are common but if you have a tag with a Wrong name or poem, it’s worth much more.

      I don’t think your Valentino is worth only $2.

      If you get it authenticated you may get up to $50 but it may take awhile to sell because you have to find someone that is actually looking for it. By the time you sell it and after all the seller fees and authentication fees and such, you may just make about $5 on it. So in a way what he said is true, but he didn’t have to be so rude about it.

  129. Ross white says:

    Hi i have a princess bear it is made in indonesia 1997 P.E pellets it has the light green stem white rose and pale yellow stiching it doesnt have a gap between the last 4 lines 008421043002 that is on the barcode its in quality condition can u tell me how much it is worth please thanks

    • bernurban says:

      The bar codes really don’t mean much. Someone tried to say that a certain barcode is worth thousands of dollars, but most people have that bar code.

  130. Ross white says:

    Hi i have a princess bear made in indonesia P.E Pellets 1997 barcode008421043002 there is no space in the last 4 lines can u tell me if its worth anything please

    • bernurban says:

      You could realistically sell it for $50-$150. Depending on how many are being sold that week and how much the listings is for.

      If you list yours at .99 as a starting bid. You could get the most money even if you listed it at the lowest price. Shipping is about $3.00 USPS first class mail.

      Make sure you have both tags and doll in a zip lock.

      • Ross white says:

        Hi thankyou. I also have a few more can. You tell me what i would get for these;
        Halo made in china 1998 numbered 425
        Peace made in china1996 numbered 120
        2x pumpkins both made in china both numbered 453
        Bruno made in indonesia 1997
        Spike made in china1996 numbered447
        Roam made in china 1998 numbered 109
        Spunky made in china 1997numbered 431
        Chip made in china 1996 numbered 500
        Smoochy made in china numbered 211
        Snort handmade in indonesia 1995
        2x spooky made in china p.v.c pellets
        Stinger handmade in china 1998 numbered 459
        Glory handmade in indonesia 1998
        Crunch handmade in indonesia 1996

        I would appreciate a reply thankyou

  131. Ross white says:

    Hi sorry my spookys are retired as well :s and i realise u said if there numbered there not rare lol

  132. Ross white says:

    Hi thankyou. I also have a few more can. You tell me what i would get for these;
    Halo made in china 1998 numbered 425
    Peace made in china1996 numbered 120
    2x pumpkins both made in china both numbered 453 retired
    Bruno made in indonesia 1997
    Spike made in china1996 numbered447
    Roam made in china 1998 numbered 109
    Spunky made in china 1997numbered 431
    Chip made in china 1996 numbered 500
    Smoochy made in china numbered 211
    Snort handmade in indonesia 1995
    2x spooky made in china p.v.c pellets retired
    Stinger handmade in china 1998 numbered 459
    Glory handmade in indonesia 1998
    Crunch handmade in indonesia 1996

    I would appreciate a reply thankyou

  133. Mdee says:

    Hi – I have a 1993 Goldie with a tush tag that says Chocolate. Would this be worth more with the error? I read previous post about authenication, but I dont know what that entails.
    Thanks for so much great info!

    • bernurban says:

      I have posted some links to my guide.

      I believe there’s a link to the submission form.

      Authentication is very important for these types of errors. Especially when the wrong tag is on another beanie baby.

      I would get the best authentication possible. It costs I believe under $20 total.

      • Rene Schultz says:

        Great site. I have a USA teddy bear that actually has the “USA” emblem on the left chest sewn on upside down. Mint condition. What do you suppose it may be worth? Thanks.

  134. robert says:

    i have hundreds of beanie babies. Some even with misprinted tags and some that are miscolored. What do you suggest I do? They are just sitting in plastic containers in my garage. What was the iphone app you mentioned?

  135. Joe says:

    Hello, I have a “Flaky” the bear and it has two tush tags….. how much is he worth?

  136. Joe says:

    Hello, i have a bear called “flaky” there are two tush tags and its mint, how much is he worth?

  137. Brandon says:

    My mother in law has a 1995 Derby horse with 2 swing tags on the same plastic ring. other than that, I don’t think it has much else. Any idea on it’s value? I assume less than if it had 2 tush tags.

    • bernurban says:

      That’s a good one. Yeah it’s definitely worth something, it’s a lot rarer than two tush tags but I don’t think it’s worth as much.

      You’ll never know unless you try and sell it at a higher price, let’s say $100. That’s a good amount to start but after all that may may just try and sell it for $45.00.

      In my opinion, that’s about how much people would pay for this fortunate error.

      • Kara says:

        I got batty in like 97 and I’m the only owner. I have had him in a ziplock bag ever since I got him just like most of my other beanies. He has two feet but one is just like the one of the felt pieces on the wing. I think what might of happened is they put one normal foot on then put one of the things that go one the wing on instead of the other foot. The hang tag is in perfect condition and it has PVC pellets. He has never been played with and always kept in a ziplock bag. My daughter wants him along with the other 200 I bought while in college. Just wanted to know if it’s worth anything so that I can keep it put up and away from my child.

      • bernurban says:

        That’s great. Like I said you would need to get it authenticated. Especially with any errors. It protects yourself and the buyer. No matter how much you explain, people won’t buy without authentication. Especially when it comes to errors that are easily fabricated.

        It is worth something. Errors made on actual dolls are worth more than tag misspells.

        With authentication, you are looking at about $50.00 – $175.00 depending on how you list it.

        Authentication is very affordable.

        Good luck.

  138. Hello,
    My nan brought two Princess beanie buddies in 1998, and we have just found them stored away. It’s in perfect mint condition, made in Indonesia, with P.E pellets, bright green stem. We have looked on eBay and some of the prices are into thousands with what looks like exactly our bears, we wanted to know if they have value and how could we sell them?

    Plus what about the yellow stitching, and number on the tag? What’s that mean or change to the value?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  139. Katana Olsen says:

    Hi I was looking through my beanie babies and noticed that on some of the tush tags instead of saying the usual thing there is a large silver patch that reflect back some words. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what it said and decided it said “Ty beanie babies collection” with a heart under that and “Ty beanie babies” in the background over and over again diagonally. What does that mean? The bears that have it are Birthday Bear, Osito, Kicks, Wallace, 2 of Groovy, Sheets, Chipper, Goatee, Slowpoke, Honks, and Hippie. I also have a Peace bear style 4053 with no space in the lines and P.E. pellets.
    My PVC Pellet beanies are Hoppity, Floppity, and Hippity.
    All the beanies I have are:
    Clubby the royal blue bear
    Birthday bear tie dyed
    Halo the angel bear
    Groovy the tie-dyed bear
    Groovy the tie-dyed bear
    Peace the tie-dyed bear
    Peace style 4053 the tie-dyed bear
    Kicks the green soccer bear
    Curly the brown bear
    Wallace the dark green scottish bear
    Osito the red mexican bear
    Erin the Clover bear
    Valentino The valentine bear
    Fortune the panda bear (old face)
    Sheets the ghost
    Lips the fish
    Chipper the chipmunk
    Slowpoke the sloth
    Honks the goose
    Goatee the goat
    Hoppity the pink rabbit
    Floppity the purple rabbit
    Hippity the green rabbit
    Hippie the tie-dyed rabbit
    Mystic the unicorn
    Could you let me know how rare these are?
    If you e-mail me I can send you more details or pictures.
    Sorry for the long post πŸ™‚

    • bernurban says:

      The silver on the tush tag is normal. A lot of the newer beanie babies 1999 some 1998 and newer have different versions of tush tags.

    • bernurban says:

      Unfortunately the PE pellet beanie babies are not rare. Value is anywhere between $1-$8 today each.

      The PVC pellet beanie babies you mentioned are rare but not as sought after as other ultra rare beanie babies.
      $4-$15 each.

      It always depends on what collectors are looking for and what they are actually willing to spend.

      Collectors will usually purchase beanie babies in bulk for a very low price at about 25 cents- $1.00 each.

      But for very beanie babies they will search hi and low for the beanies that are very hard to Find and were never sold in stores. These are very special beanie babies given away to company employees or hard to find color beanie babies, old faced and error beanie babies. Another type of beanie baby is the 1st and 2nd edition swing tag beanie babies.

  140. Jennifer says:

    Hello I have a Echo the Dolphin and Waves the Whale that have both the wrong tush tag as well as the swing tag, basically Waves’ tags are on the dolphin and Echo’s tags are on the whale. I was wondering what they may be priced for and if they are even considered “rare” or not.

    • bernurban says:

      You need to get them authenticated. The reason for this is because people will not buy these beanie babies if by chance they are fraudulent. Authentications secures you and the buyer. It also increased the value when authenticated.

      If you recently purchased these from another owner, I would definitely question the tags we switched.

      • bernurban says:

        Way back when…. That was a long time ago. Now days people are finding misspellings everywhere. So nowadays they are not so rare.

      • bernurban says:

        Are you asking for my advice and then telling me I’m wrong?
        My advice would be to go and take your questions somewhere else if you don’t agree with my answers. I work very hard and take time out of my day to do this. You are very insulting and you do know that you can’t just ask questions to my readers without getting your reply approved right?

      • bernurban says:

        This comment was made for a very rude reader. Asking for advice. After she insulted me, she asked another question. So rude.

      • bernurban says:

        I actually need to know if it just has a TY on the swing heart tag. Or does it have a Ty and a gold star that says the original beanie babies

  141. bernurban says:

    Sorry. It’s very hard for me to answer everyone’s questions. I get over a hundred very few days. Thanks for reading. Hope my reply helped.

  142. Michelina (mickey) says:

    Hello!! I’m very sorry to bother you – I’m very curious to know how much my old face teddy is from 1993 – black letters, thin tush tag…I have literally hundreds of beanies, and that was the first one I ever got. Unfortunately, he has no swing tag, and his tush tag is beat up. I can’t find ANY information on him anywhere on the web. I just know his name is “old face” and he’s brown…Thank you much…I’m also looking into the princess di beanie. I have that as well…

    • bernurban says:

      Hello. Don’t worry about it. I love answering new questions like this one.

      About your brown teddy…

      Yay! Jackpot!

      There is one of these listed on eBay for about $250.00

      To tell the truth it’s actually listed wrong.

      Yes, you could get $250 for it, but with this type of rare bear you want people to fight for it! People don’t actually wanna just pay for something they wanna have the feeling of actually winning it or try to get the best price possible.

      Don’t worry about not making money because you will!

      My advice for you is to list it on eBay. Take lots of pictures, full teddy, swing tag and rush tag is the most important pictures to take.

      You don’t even need an authentication, but if you have one than that’s a bonus!

      On item Title description:


      Auction style: starting bid 99 cents duration: 10 DAYS
      Shipping: first class mail USPS $3.00

      On description, just describe the best you can

      If you want you can add a reserve price of $100.00

      List item on a FRIDAY or Saturday! Not too late in the evening!
      Most purchases and bids are made on the weekend.

      Make sure you list for 10 days.

      It’s very easy to sell on eBay once you have a verified Paypal account.

      Let me know if you have any questions. I’m rooting for yah!

      Post an ad and I’ll list it on my page for you if you don’t want to go through eBay. Good luck.

  143. Cindy setzer says:

    I have the purple beanie bay bear named Princes … Could
    You tell me the Value…. It has no spaces in the poem and no birthdate on the tag …. Mint condition

  144. felicia says:

    I have been wanting to sell my beanies for a while now but I have an extremely large collection. After reading your site, I believe half of my collection is basically worthless. I am assuming anything after the 6th generation tags are worthless is this correct?

    I have so many questions for you I don’t know where to begin. First off, I have a 1996 Waves the whale with PVC pellets with Echo swing tags and tush tag in Mint condition. Is this worth anything? I also have many many beanies from baseball games with the ticket and the card given at the game. Are any of these worth anything?

    As far as the rare beanies are concerned I have tons of beanies with PVC pellets and old tush tags in Mint condition. How do I find out what these are worth. One such beanie is the old face Derby and the old face Chocolate. I also have Lefty and Righty. I just don’t know where to begin at this point.

    Some Rare Ones
    * Liberty
    * 1997 Teddy
    * Princess from China with lt green stem and white rose and PE pellets
    * Valentino
    * Teddy
    * Maple
    * 4 Seasons Hotel TaiPei
    * The People’s Beanie
    * Osito
    * Britannia

    Any suggestions?

    • bernurban says:

      If you have any beanie babies that were given at special events or from a company, it is definitely worth more than all the others. I would separate them from the bunch. These beanies are on a whole different level.

      Any old faced Teddy’s should also be separated

      Any PVC pellet beanies should be separated and any double tush tags should be separated

      And any 1st 2nd or 3rd generation swing tags should be separated.

      If you want you can sell everything else as lots.

      Or at a garage sale for $1-$3 each. Or make a deal for all.

      After you have separated them all. Let me know what you got. Starting with the old faced dolls.

      Please don’t send a huge list with all categories of beanie babies, it’s too hard for me to go through. Just send a bunch of messages with each category on separate messages.

      • Karen says:

        So let me ask this your saying that PVC pellet beanies are worth more because half my beanies are PVC and no star on tush tag….these have been packed away for 15 years and I have no idea how the market has changed…I use to do BB shows…..

      • bernurban says:

        Generally they are. Collectors have made it that way. BUT there are exceptions. Beanie babies that arent sold or made for teams or companies or were specially made in a certain color or manufacture error are more valuable. PVC or PE pellets.

        The reason why PVC pellets are more valuable verses PE pellets is because in 1996 they recalled and stopped the production of PVC pellets in dolls. PVC pellets are hazardous and can cause health problems for children. That is why It is very important to state PVC pellets when selling them and you do not want to give a PVC beanie baby to a child or animal.

        Halfway through the production of the princess doll is when they stopped selling and making dolls with PVC pellets.

        That is why in some countries they had to add a second tush tag to be sure that there are or aren’t hazardous materials on beanie babies.

        This is another reason why a double tush tag is also rare, but it all depends on what people are actually looking for and wanting to spend money on.

        Now days beanies will only be filled with plastic PE pellets.

      • bernurban says:

        What do you mean by, you don’t know how the market has changed?

        Imagine how may people are out there just like you with hundreds of beanie babies packed away. If you had sold them In 1998 you would’ve made a fortune. Nowadays people will only buy at wholesale cost. Unless you have the rarest beanie babies.

        It is however easier to sell a PVC beanie baby, so I guess you are lucky to have that many PVC beanies babies.

      • felicia says:

        To start with I do not have the 1st batch of beanies produced so I do not have any of the old faced teddys unfortunately. All of my beanies start with the 4th gen swing tags. I don’t really see the difference between the 4-5th gen swing tags so I am not sure how to tell.

        My Game/Events Beanies are listed below:

        β€’ Curly (1993 PE Pellets w/ Chicago Cubs ticket and Beanie Baby Card)
        β€’ Millenium (1999 PE Pellets w/ Chicago Cubs and Beanie Baby Card)
        β€’ Blackie (1993 PVC Pellets and Chicago Bears Ticket and Beanie Baby Card)
        β€’ Mac (1999 PVC Pellets w/ St Louis Cardnals game ticket and card)
        β€’ Cubbie (1993 PVC Pellets Chicago Cubs card and ticket)

    • bernurban says:

      As for derby. I have to get back to you on that one. And chocolate moose cannot have a star on the tush tag. If it does, than its not an old faced.

      I believe derby would grace silk hair rather than a yarn mane in order for it to be valuable. What Kind of mane does your derby have ?

      • felicia says:

        My chocolate the moose is from 1993 it has PVC pellets the old tush tag without the star and has a slender face. Comparing it to the pics you posted it doesn’t look like the plumper face one at all.

        As for Derby, I see that there are some that stand up on all fours. I have the flat ones that lay down on their belly. They have yarn hair and had two different editions. The older one has the older tush tag and no white on the face. The newer one has the newer tush tag with the star and a white spot on the face. They both have PVC Pellets.

    • bernurban says:

      The 4 seasons along with the baseball ones should definitely be separated. Don’t let anyone have these! I will tell you exactly how to sell them and get the most money.

      I think I’m gonna put all other questions aside. I believe you have a rare selection of beanie babies. You may have some good ones that you don’t know about.

      • felicia says:

        I believe I have some beanies that are worth while, some rare, and some that are probably worthless. I know you said please don’t send long lists but you would like to help go through what I have. Is there another way to contact you so I don’t overwhelm you? I would like to make this as easy as possible but I would like to know what I have and really appreciate your help:)

  145. Jessica Bohn says:

    I have a Princess Beanie Baby and was hoping you could tell me how much it is worth. It is made in Indonesia with P.E. Pellets. There are no spaces between the lines ‘will be donated to the Diana Princess of wales’. I am unsure if it’s a light green stem on the flower but I think it is. I was hoping to be able to email a picture to you if possible. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  146. Kara says:

    I have Batty the bat that has one foot but where the other foot should be is I guess a fang? It’s the same as what is on top of the wing. All I know is it is not a matching foot. So is this a common thing? My four year old would love to have it but I wanted to check before giving it to her.

    • bernurban says:

      No it’s not common. The foot should have 3 points. Should also have two feet. What’s on top of the batwing should be the same material but different cut out shape.

      I would keep it if it have both tags, swing heart tag and the tush tag.
      If there is any doubt about how one foot went missing I would not keep it. It may have ripped off. I believe the feet were made out of felt, so it’s very easy to get ripped out and someone could’ve cut the foot to make it look different.

      If you have no doubt, Thani would get it authenticated.

      I have listed a purple of authentication companies that you could use.

      • kara says:

        I got batty in like 97 and I’m the only owner. I have had him in a ziplock bag ever since I got him just like most of my other beanies. He has two feet but one is just like the one of the felt pieces on the wing. I think what might of happened is they put one normal foot on then put one of the things that go one the wing on instead of the other foot. The hang tag is in perfect condition and it has PVC pellets. He has never been played with and always kept in a ziplock bag. My daughter wants him along with the other 200 I bought while in college. Just wanted to know if it’s worth anything so that I can keep it put up and away from my child.

  147. Elyse says:

    I have a Chocolate the moose MWMT, no star on the tush tag, 4th generation, 1993, PVC, handmade in China and I don’t see a number on the tush tag. Is this worth anything?

    Thank you!

  148. De says:

    I could use your advice: Squealer, lucky, blackie, zip, wrinkles and happy.

    All have PVC, tags, cases and covers, mint, no star, no stamp. Is this a good group to sell one by one on ebay?

    Are they all valuable to the right person? Which ones are the top 3?

    Any other advice? Thanks.

  149. Scott says:


    I listed my oddity Beanie Baby collection on eBay under “Ultimate Beanie Babies Oddity Collection”. I was wondering if you think I priced it too low. In the 1990s, I paid close to $800 for just the Libearty with the Olympics hang tag missing its flag. I spent about $1,000 on the rest of them.

    Thanks for the input!

    • bernurban says:

      Yes, you have an awesome collection however I would list it at a buy it now price or at a very low starting bid.

      No one wants to start a bid at that price so you may have to list it over a dozen times before you actually find a buyer.

      I’m gonna go and check it out one more time. I’ll get right back to you ……

    • bernurban says:

      Now that I’ve taken a closer look…

      End this listing. You are not listing these right.

      I would list 1 beanie baby per week.

      Are you expecting to get the same amount you paid?

      List it with “TY Beanie Baby Oddity Rare”

      That’s it. No more words.

      Another thing is you have to make the starting bid higher than anyone else’s or lower than anyone else’s starting bid.

      The reason for this is if you list it at a medium amount, no one will see it.

      My recommendation is to do a very low starting bid of .99 with a reserve. Free shipping. Shipping will be about $9 with the display ox and $3.00 without. List the auction for the max amount of days which is 10 days. I cannot tell you how much to do the reserve for. Just know that if the reserve isn’t met, your beanie baby won’t sell but at least you will know how may people and what people are willing to spend.

      A good thing about listing items at 99 cents is to get as many watchers as possible. The more watchers, the more bidder, the more money you will make.

      I strongly advise doing this because if you continue to list you’re item at a very high starting price, you will end up losing money.

      Make sure you list only one item at a time. You do not want to overwhelm buyers and seeing it listed in quantities makes people think its not so rare. If it is that rare, than why do they have so many?

      I know it’s rare, which is why you need to end that listing or you’ll end up selling the whole lot for just that starting bid amount or not at all.

    • bernurban says:

      I just noticed some that are not worth as much as others like the teenie babies and peanut with no flag. Also the ones with the flag are still worth something but not as much as the ones with the upside down flags, so I recommend giving it as a bonus item to the winning bidder of the upside down flag or missing flag auction.

    • bernurban says:

      Sorry I called him peanut. Lol!

  150. Karin says:

    What if the tush tag doesnt sayd TY Beanie Baby Collection and there is a silver stamp instead?

  151. genny says:


  152. Annie says:

    Hello You sure are knowledgeable about Beanies. I have read through the posts, and unless I missed something I haven’t seen anything on Germania. I had a friend who went to Germany in 99 or 2000 and brought me one back. It has what I’ve seen to be the German Tag. The heart tag is in a heart shaped plastic “sealer” and this heart also has a heart in the plastic that raises out. I have some other heart shaped “sealed” babies, but this is the only one that has the raised heart also. It has all the misspellings in the poem and city that I’ve ever read about. It is MWMT. Any idea on a value of this bear? Also, I have the 1993 PVC Made in China Chocolate Moose. I could swear it has the old face, but it does have the small star by the heart on the tush tag. Is that the heart you refer to that can’t be there? If so, what difference does that make? I have a PVC made in China Goldie MWMT with style #4023. It has the I in Beanie on the star (heart label) that looks like a lower case L. I have a 1997 Teddy PVC made in China. Label says 1997 Teddy Style 4200. It also has a brown nose. It has black eyes, but a brown nose. All my other bears have matching (all black). Is that unusual? It is MWMT Thank you so much for sharing your info with us who have hung on to them, in my case only a FEW I purchased!

  153. Caitlyn says:

    HI! So I have a feeling my beanie baby is worth something. Please tell me.
    1. RETIRED frog LEGS great condition made in 1993 PC. PELLETS 5th generation swing tag
    Handmade in china it a Tuvalu has the EXACT same tush tag as that chocolate moose you have a photo of. It Is old faced. NO star on tush tag. Please respond how much it’s worth thanks xoxo ps I love it ^-^

  154. Rio says:

    I have a question about one of my Ty’s. It’s Spike the Rhino, he’s in perfect condition and his hang tag has a case. But while I was examining him I noticed his tush tag says Qwakers and it’s the exact tag my duck qwackers has. I’ve done some looking up that he could be valuable because of the mistake but I want to hear your opinion what do you think?

  155. Delilah says:

    Hello..I was hoping I could get some assistance in finding out how much my New Face Cranberry Teddy is worth? It is in perfect condition, having been sitting in a sealed tub for a number of years. It has all of it’s tags, and was made in 1996. It has the fifth edition swing tag, with a a golden star that reads “Beanie Original Buddy”. The reason I am wondering is because instead of a poem, and birthdate, it reads, “Teddy the beanie baby was made in six colors. A very limited number were produced in this special cranberry color.” and it made me curious as to it’s value. I’ve been searching online, yet getting many different answers, and I’m hoping for a solid one. Your site looks very credible, and I’m hoping for a proper appraesal.
    Please and Thank You!

    • bernurban says:

      Value is about $35-$45

      You could actually sell it for $8- $15

    • bernurban says:

      If you are unsure of this you can do a search on any auction site and see what was actually sold in the past and how much it was sold for.

      If it were a beanie baby, it would be worth much more, in the hundreds in fact.

      Old faced or new faced colored Teddy’s in the beanie baby category, are the ones you want to own, if you happen to have a beanie buddy and the same beanie baby, it would be a bonus!

  156. sarah says:

    hey i want to know about a few beanies,
    prickles withe plastic covered tag,speedy,sheets, and creepers.
    how much are they worth?

  157. sarah says:

    for speedy it is 5th generation and 5th version swing tag and the tush tag looks like chocolates tag.
    prickels has the shiny thing on the tush tag

  158. Matthew s says:

    Ok I have a beanie baby by the name snip. It has a style number, star on the tag, i looks like L, PVC pellets. But one thing stands out. By the hang tag there is a extra tag hanging off that says numbers on it but it also says not to be removed until delivered to the consumer. I guess no one removed it. Gold mine? Or no

    • bernurban says:

      Not a gold mine, but a Good find.

      Maybe you’ll get $10 for it. Don’t auction, list as a buy it now. It would be the only snip with 2 sing tags for sale.

  159. ashley says:

    i have a mass collection of beanie babies ranging from everywhere… i would really love to get the value of them if you would be willing to help me out please

  160. ashley says:

    i have a mass collection of beanie babies like probley 400 to 500 if you would would you please help me put a value on them!?!?!?!?

  161. Tori says:

    Hi, I have a lot of beanie babies.
    All of them have both the heart tag and the tush tags.
    None of them have the stamp inside the tush tags.
    How much are these worth?
    Waves Beanie Baby that is PVC pellets and it is style 4084.
    Light blue Peanut with PVC pellets style 4062.
    Inky PVC pellets with mouth style 4028.
    Stripes PVC pellets style 4065.
    Nuts PVC pellets style 4114.
    Millennium Bear copper and gold ribbon. PE pellets.
    Attic Collection: Strawbunny with red heart and tush tag.
    Iris with tan heart and red tush tag.
    Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


  162. ashley says:

    i need help in valuing my beanie baby collection. please help me?????

  163. ashley says:

    i also found that i have a few babies with the original and surface misspelled. and i also have an echo beanie baby with a tush tag that says rover i have yet to find is error anywhere else is that a good thing??? … all of these are pvc pellets also, do that reaise the value anymore????

    thanks for the help in advance

  164. SLMK says:

    I have a Valentino teddy beanie with no heart sewn on him and the tush tag says Libearty. How much do you think this beanie is worth? Also PVC pellets.

  165. Abi says:

    I have a Bongo Beanie Baby that does not have a tag on his ear. I know this Beanie baby is probably worth maybe $1.00 if I am lucky because it is not in great quality, but it does have one mistake that I am curious about. The tag on his butt has his name as “Bruno” instead of “Bongo”… oops. Any value in this beanie baby?


  166. Blake Meyer says:

    I was just looking through my beanie baby collection that my grandparents gave to me as a kid and i was just wondering the prices for a few i have. All tags are mint condition as well, they have been in a case protector and stayed untouched since the day they were bought.
    1993 Goldie with PVC pellets: style 4023
    1996 Nanook with PVC pellets: style 4104
    1996 Hoppity with PVC pellets
    (None of those 3 have stamp on inside of tush tag)
    Then i also have a 1993 Blackie with PE pellets and a 1999 Sammie.

    • bernurban says:

      Hello everyone! If you have a beanie baby that is made with PVC pellets, don’t bother looking inside the tush tag for a stamp because beanie babies with PVC pellets don’t have a read stamp inside of the tush tag.

      If you have a PVC beanie baby with a stamp than it would be the first I’ve ever heard of it.

      Another thing is, if you have a newer beanie baby, I believe 1998 and newer, don’t bother looking for PVC pellets. They stopped that in 1996. If by chance you find a newer beanie baby with PVC pellets, that’s big trouble for TY. PVC pellets have chemicals known to cause serious illnesses like cancer, etc.. So please do not give a child or an animal a beanie baby with PVC pellets in them.

    • bernurban says:

      Goldie and nanook are great.

      Their are people out their searching for Goldie with PVC pellets. Can you tell me what generation swing heart tag you have? See heart tag photos on my blog.

      Theres a huge difference in value, all depending on the tag or tags.

  167. anna says:

    Hey I have a question! I have a Princess Beanie, and I looked on another website and by all of her standards she says it’s first addition. It’s got P.V.C. Pellets, it’s made in China, no stamp inside the tush tag, bright green stem with white rose, I can send pics, but I was just wondering what it is worth.. thanks for any help! It’d be easier to email me at Thanks so much!

    • bernurban says:

      Yes it is a rare beanie baby.

      You could get about $150 for it. BUT people will only buy it in an auction setting when you list it at a very low starting bid.
      For example on eBay.
      Starting bid at 99cents for 10 days.
      You get more watchers and bidders. People want to win this particular type of beanie baby and not have to pay a large amount, BUT they end up doing so anyway because I the bidding rush.

      Be careful when you list this. You want to make sure that at that same time you don’t have another PVC made in china and especially not a PVC made in Indonesia listed the same way you do yours.

      PVC made in Indonesia with 2 tush tags is the most valuable princess beanie baby. So if someone else is listing it the same way you do yours, they will pick the most valuable one. It will leave your beanie baby with little bids and it won’t sell for more than $20.

      • bernurban says:

        Hello. If you have any team beanies, make sure they are actually TY beanie babies and not bamm beanos.
        A lot of people get confused with this.

        If you would like to know how much bamm beanos are worth, well some have been sold for $1 and some have been sold for just under $400. It all depends on which ones you have. They have also made baseball stars bears, a few of them are worth ALOT.

        So just because it’s not a beanie baby, doesn’t mean its not worth much. Half of these team bam beano bears are worth more than beanie babies.

        You can do a google search for the value of bamm beanos beanies. I can’t remember the web page but there’s one with a huge list with pictures and their value.

  168. wis says:

    i have a valentino bear 4th or 5th star on tush tag pvc pellets. the tush tag looks just like the happy tag picture and the picture below it. The swing tag has on it (c) ty uk Ltd waterlooville, Hants
    p08 8hh
    (c) deutschland 90008 nurnberg and the oakbrook adress ive never seen the uk and germany swing tag
    how much is this bear worth thanks.

    • wis says:

      also the tus tag has no stamp

    • bernurban says:

      You have a 4th generation beanie baby with I believe, a 3rd generation tush tag

      This would be the rarer Valentino.

      Get it authenticated to get It sold, otherwise it may just sit for a very long time at a buy it now price.

      $175-$300 with authentication

      $15-$50 without authentication.

  169. Stefan H says:

    Hi I have a Princess Diana. From the reading I have been doing it seems as though it will not be worth much but you seem to be the running expert.

    -light green steam.
    -white flower with yellow stitching
    -PE pellets
    -no gap/ space after poem
    – no 425 in bottom tag
    Although, in the tag on the left hand side rather than saying Foreham, Hants PO15 5TX, UK it reads Gasport, Hampshire, UK
    -its in mint condition

    Have others but they seemingly dont hold much value other than reminding me of a fun childhood. Thanks!

    • bernurban says:

      If there is a stamp on the inside at all, it’s not the rare princess. Does it have a stamp? It doesn’t matter what number, if there is a stamp, it’s not rare. You can’t sell a beanie baby with a red stamp in tush for $1-$5 each.
      Please look at the princess swing tags I have pictured. If you have a tag like that, then it is rare.

      If you have a swing heart tag as the one I show, then you have a rare beanie baby.

      You could sell for at least $15 if you are not donating half to charity, otherwise if you list this item and donate half to charity, you could get up to the thousands for this doll. You can do this by listing it on eBay and selecting a charity from their list. Good luck.

  170. Kim says:

    Hi, I cant find my earlier postings. Sorry. How much did you say a Valentino with errors on both tags, authenticated is worth?

  171. romie says:

    hi, what do think about these..i have
    pinky-style style star
    2 mystic has a shiny horn the other a dull has style 4007..the other doesnt have style in it

  172. scott says:

    hi i have 2 beanie babies that i would love to get your opinion on…

    1st- valentino 2/14/94 copyright 93′- with 2 i’s in original,and surface (suface) misspelled on swing tag, p.v.c pellets.

    2nd- echo the dolphin 12/21/96 – with p.v.c pellets and its tush tag says “Rover”
    with this baby i have yet to find anything on this tush tag error so im wondering if that would make this particular one more valuable, please please please give me your opinion i am eager to learn
    more about these two.

    thanks in advance

    • scott says:

      both bears are in mint condition

    • bernurban says:

      At one point I time Valentino was a very valuable beanie baby.
      Luckily you have one that has PVC pellets and it has a misprint.

      As for echo. I’ve heard a lot about this particular mistake with the same two beanie babies, BUT I haven’t seen many for sale. So this is good.

      For anyone that has any misprints or errors on their dolls especially of it has PVC pellets and is a bear, you should definitely get it authenticated.

      At this point I’m wishing I had my own authentication company. LOL.

      It is safe and you should definitely get
      the best authentication offered.

      I believe most companies will also send it back to you in a case. It costs about $8.00 plus you pay for shipping which is a great deal considering you could get at least $75 for your beanie babies, just as long as you list it properly and with the right company and at the right time.

      Saturday’s and Sunday’s is the best day to list on eBay. Friday nights are good too. Make sure you list it for at least 7 days, 10 days is even better.

  173. Samantha says:

    Hi I have the Batty beanie baby. The capital “i” in Date of Birth looks like a lower case “L”. He is style 4035. Both the swing tag and the tush tag are in tact but the swing tag does have some wear. the beanie baby is in good condition. Made of PVC pellet. The date on the tush tag is 1996 and the beanie baby’s birth date was 10-29-96. However, there is a star next to the Ty on the tush tag. It was made in China. But there is no stamp inside the tush tag. The eyes also look almost even with the nose. I want to know how much it is worth. Thanks for your help.

    • bernurban says:

      It’s rare because of the no stamp on the inside of tush.

      However this particular beanie baby is not as sought after as others because so many collectors have more than one batty and of many different colors.

  174. Samantha says:

    Also I have a Sly the fox beanie baby. I no longer have the swing tag but the tush tag is in tact and does not have a stamp on the inside. There is no star next to the ty on the tush tag. It has PVC pellet and the tush tag says it was a 1996 beanie baby. However, this beanie baby does have some definite wear to it. How much could I get for it. Thanks for your help again.

  175. sherrie says:

    Hi, I have read this blog and learned so much. I have a question, though. I have a Tuffy with original misspelled and surface wash sticker, not numbered in Good condition with crease in tag. My question is about the authentication process. I could not located one in Little Rock, AR. Would I have to send it away to be authenticated? Is that safe?

    • bernurban says:

      Yes it is safe, just make sure you choose the right company. I have listed a couple companies on my blog. You can call them first before sending if you have any questions.
      You have to send it in so they can inspect it.

  176. Localhero21 says:

    I have a beanie baby I can’t seem to find a price on.

    5th generation tag, original on front surface on back misspelled.
    Star on tush tag, no stamp
    PVC pellets
    Handmade in china

    Tag reads:

    Date of birth; february 14, 1994


    • bernurban says:

      PVC with star and misspelling you could sell this anywhere between $25-$75.00, Depends on how you list it, where and when you list it.

      To increase its value you can get it authenticated. I recommend this with all errors or ultra rare beanie babies.

      Value with authentication $250.00

      But realistically you could get anywhere between $75- $175. For this
      Particular bear with authentication and a case. No one wants to pay for its full value.

      I have listed a couple of companies, I don’t recommend Barry’s beanies. I hear he’s a grouch. Lol. He’s retired and tired. sorry Barry.

  177. Jackie says:

    I think I have a 4th generation Daisy Ty Beanie. The Tush tag has no star so does this make it rare? It is Mint Condition with MInt Tags. Tush Tag says Chiina 1993. Hang tag says 5-10-94 is birthdate

  178. Jackie says:

    Not ssure if other comment went through. Daisy the cow? No star on tush tag? Rare?

  179. kari wright says:

    Hello I have a few bears that I wanted to know the price on, these bears are in good condition all tags accounted for, no bends in tags, all have plastic covers for tags.

    garcia bear with no star on tush tag. on the swing tag the capitol i’s look like lowercase L’s. 1993 on tush tag. and PVC pellets. made in china

    peace bear with a star on the tush tag. on the swing tag the capitol i’s look like lowercase L’s. 1996 on tush tag and PVC pellets. made in china

    and i have a lot of bears that on the swing tag the capitol i’s look like lowercase L’s, but i think thats the only “rare” quality i see in them. all made in china. and the years are 1998 and lower.

    i also have 3 princess diana bears. all 3 on the swing tag the capitol i’s look like lowercase L’s, they all have a Pale green stem and white rose with pale yellow stitch. all are unnumbered, have the year 1997 on tush tag and are made in china. pe pellets, and have a space in the poem.

    thank you for your time!
    kari wright

  180. Sian says:

    Hi I wondered if you could help me I have a ty beanie buddy which is peanut in light blue on the tag it’s says Peanut the Beanie Baby made in this royal blue color is extremely rare and very valuable! But it’s not royal blue due to the typo mistake would there be a value to the beanie buddy thanks

  181. annie says:


    I would be very grateful if you could give me some information on the value of the following Beanies please –

    Blizzard 1996 China
    Bruno 1997 Indonesia
    Doby 1996 Indonesia
    Inch 1995 China
    Legs 1993 China
    Lucky 1993 Indonesia
    Nip 1993 China
    Patti 1993 Indonesia
    Sly 1996 China
    Smoochy !997 China
    Snip 1996 Indonesia
    Stinky 1995 China
    Stripes 1995 China
    Twigs 1995 China
    Zip 1993 Indonesia

    All are P.V.C pellets.

    Thanks very much for your time

  182. chris says:

    Hi I have a 4th gen tag wrinkles the dog however it actually has a spooky the ghost tag on it but its been like double printed on the tag. Its spookys poem however its over lapping another spooky poem. I have searched online for him and have never found one like the one I have. Its been so long but I think its got the wrinkles plush tag however im not sure,

    • bernurban says:

      Okay if you have a tag error like this, you won’t find another like it online. What I recommend is to get it authenticated.

      What you have is the wrong tag on the wrong doll. Obviously there was manufacturer error when it was being printed.

      You kinda have to get it authenticated if you would like to sell it. It protects you and the buyer from fraud.

      Anyone can attach another beanies tag onto another beanie baby. I’m not trying to give anybody ideas, but this does happen.

      It costs about $8 for a full authentication not including a shipping. See my post for companies you should use.

      It’s worth it to do this.

      The value of this doll is about $150. You could sell for about $75-$100

      Maybe more or less. You never know what people are looking for at the time and how much they are actually willing to spend.

      Good luck!

    • chris says:

      thanks for the response i took a quick picture of his tag so i can let you take a loook at it

      thanks for the response and heres the pic

      • chris says:

        Hey did you take a look at the pic i posted of his tag? Ever seen one like that?

      • bernurban says:

        I cannot put a value on something like this but I would realistically say that you coulld probably sell it for about $150. That’s with authentication.

        Reason I say this is because if it were a more sought after beanie baby, like for example, princess or old face teddy or some other teddy bear with a tag like this, than it would be worth anywhere from $500-$1000’s.

        Who knows, there’s definitely Someone out there that will really want this and pay big bucks to get it.

        Good luck!

        My advice to you is that if you list this on eBay make the title as
        “Ty beanie baby error rare tag”

        And for the main photo. You should use the one that you sent to me.

        Do not list the name of the doll in the title. Only list the name of beanie in the description.

  183. chris says:

    hi I have a wrinkles the dog however the tag in its ear says wrinkles and has his poem however it also has over lapped spooky the ghosts name poem and bday overlapped on it. also on the other side of the tag meaning when its open its on the left you see the red ty symbol upside down I have never found one or anything similar looking online.. Any ideas?

  184. chris says:

    does this work?

  185. Linda deginder says:

    Hi Bernurban:

    Thank you for all of your research. I’ve been reading for hours!

    I have 2 daughters that are now 25 & 26 and I started collecting beanies back in 93. I have about 200 4th generation PVC beanies many of the old ones. About 500 pe beanies.

    I have one I’m curious about legs First generation, thin tosh tag 1993 black and white tag no star on tosh, has the swag tag Ty no star. PVC very good condition.


  186. Linda deginder says:

    Hi Bernurban

    I have legs 1st generation this black and white tosh tag no star PVC with Ty swag tag no star, very good condition

    Could you give me a value?


  187. Donna says:

    Good Morning.
    Was hoping you can tell me the value on:
    ~Has lil Star on Tush Tag and says PVC Pellets (1993) however the Heart Tag from his ear is gone.
    Thank you for any help.

    • Donna says:

      I also have a
      Valentino with 2 Tush Tags No lil star on the tush tag this time.

      • Donna says:

        OK sorry for the previous…i think I found the information you need to help me out.
        The bear is Valentino. Has Heart tag on top in Excellent condition. Says inside tag: Valentino style 4058 DOB: 2/14/94
        then the poem.

        The tush tag does NOT have a star and does NOT have a stamp. PVC Pellets.
        But also has an extra tag on it says “NOt to be removed until delivered to consumer” But I dont want to remove it …its been there since I had it.

        Thank you again for your help

      • bernurban says:

        So does this one have a swing tag?
        If it does than its worth anywhere between $50-$175

    • bernurban says:

      It’s not worth much without the swing heart tag.

      50 cent to a dollar

  188. Donna says:

    Im sorry but this is all very confusing to me lol.
    So if the bear has PVC its worth more money?
    If it has a star on the tush tag its worth more money?
    If it has a heart stamp its worth more money?

    Trying to go through 100’s of Beanies and figuring them out is hard….I started collecting about 11yrs ago and stopped buying them about 4 yrs ago.Is there an easy way to value them?

    • bernurban says:

      First you want to separate them by swing tags. If it has no swing heart tag then it goes into one pile, swing tags into another.

      Than take the ones with tags and go through them by looking at tush tags.
      What you are looking for is PVC or PE pellets written on the tag.

      PVC gets taken out of that pile of beanie babies.

      Then check pvc beanie babies and see if you have any of the original nine or swing tags that are 1st 2nd or 3rd edition. See pictures of tags on my blog. It’s easy to spot because there’s no star on the swing tag and it doesn’t say original beanie babies in the star.

      Also make sure its not an attic treasure. Alot of people get Ty attic treasures mixed up with bebe babies. Put them in a separate pile.

      Don’t disregard all PE pellet beanies. Check the teddy near beanies for any of the following:

      Old face or new faced solid color bears
      Not including curly.

      You want bears that are named after a color and sits up not the ones laying down on belly.

      Employee bears

      Limited edition bears

      So these are some things you can do if you are really serious at sorting and selling your beanies.

      Once you do all this you can slowly go through auction sites and type in all the rare bears you have individually and refine search to items sold. Do not search for items for sale. People ask outrageous prices all them time. You want to know how much it can actually sell for.

      If you can’t find a particular beanie, let me know, I’ll help you.

      Btw, birds are the least valuable beanie babies so you can put those on the side as well.

      Generally PE beanies are sold for $1-$5 sometimes $7 or $8

      PVC beanies can be sold for $4- $500 each, so it all depends on what beanie baby it is and what collectors are looking for.

      Good luck!

  189. Alyssa Taylor says:

    I have a Big Rainbow Chameleon. It is PE but is in a case that is still shrink wrapped. Do you know about what I could sell it for?

  190. tabetha says:

    Hi I have a few BB that I would like to get a value of the. One is the chocolate moose with the style number on the tag. and he had P.V.C. pellets. ( looks alot like the one you have in the photo)
    Mystic the unicorn, And I have a the attic treasure dog named scruffy that has a misprint tag in the inside. ( wrong info for the doll) I was given a few big boxes and I am trying to sell them for my church. Thank you

  191. Linda deginder says:

    I’m still not sure about legs 1st generation thin tush tad no stamp no star mint condition. I looked for your answer but didn’t see anything .

    Linda Deginder

    • bernurban says:

      It’s not the tush tag that’s supposed to be thin.
      Does your swing heart tag have a star saying original beanie babies on it? Or no star, just the TY on the heart tag?

  192. Caroline says:

    Hello, I have a question about some beanie babies I no longer want. I know I have a couple of pretty rare ones, and have been doing a lot of research online to see what I can do with them in terms of selling them. I want to get the fairest price possible, but I just see so many different prices on different websites it’s confusing. They are all in pretty good condition with their tags still intact. So here are a list of the ones I have…someone please let me know the worth for each one. Also, if anyone on here would like to buy them from me, please let me know. I will send you pictures of them all. Ok here’s the list: ***DERBY*** HORSE, LIGHT BROWN
    I have TWO of these…. One with a WHITE BLAZE on his forehead, and one without… Both of them are unused and in perfect condition.
    -DERBY with blaze: D.O.B: Sept. 16, 1995, Tag #: 4008, Swing tag intact but a little bent. Tush tag intact w/ a star on it.
    -DERBY without blaze: DOB: Sept. 16, 1995, Tag #:4008 .Swing tag intact, but a little bent. Tush tag intact w/ a star on it.

    ***PEANUT*** ELEPHANT, LIGHT BLUE. Unused, in perfect condition, BUT….NO Swing tag. Tush tag intact, no star.

    ***MAGIC*** DRAGON, WHITE. Unused, in perfect condition. Both tags intact. No star on tush tag.
    DOB: September 5, 1995. Tag #: 4088

    ***PINCHERS***LOBSTER, RED. Unused & perfect condition. Tags intact, Star on tush.
    DOB: June 19, 1993, Tag #: 4026

    ***EARS***BUNNY, BROWN. Unused, good condition. Tags intact, swing tag bent. No star on tush. DOB: April 18, 1995, Tag #:4018

    ***SPINNER***SPIDER, TIGER STRIPED PATTERN W/ RED EYES. Good condition, but NO Swing tag. Star on tush tag.

    ***SNORT*** BULL, RED. Unused, perfect condition. but NO swing tag. No star on tush.

    ***CHOCOLATE***MOOSE, BROWN w/ ORANGE ANTLERS. Unused, perfect condition. Tags intact, swing tag a little bent. Star on tush tag. DOB:April 27, 1993, Tag #:4015

    ***ZIP***CAT, BLACK w/ ALL BLACK FACE. Good condition…BUT, NO TAGS

    ***NIP***CAT, LIGHT BROWN w/ ALL BROWN FACE. Condition NOT GOOD, BUT I think it could be restored…it looks like glue or something spilled on the underside of belly.. Tush tag intact.

    ***HAPPY***HIPPOPOTAMUS, LIGHT PURPLE. Perfect condition, No Swing tag, Tush tag intact w/ star

    ***INCH***WORM, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN,BLUE& PURPLE. Unused, Perfect condition. Both tags intact. Star on tush tag. DOB: September 3, 1995. Tag #: 4044.

    ***BESSIE*** COW, LIGHT BROWN. Perfect condition. No swing tag. Tush tag intact w/ no star.

    ***ROVER*** DOG, RED. Perfect condition. No swing tag. Tush tag intact, no star.

    ***SPLASH***KILLER WHALE, BLACK & WHITE. Perfect condition. No swing tag, tush tag intact w/ no star.

    ***WEENIE***DOG, LIGHT BROWN DACHSUND. Condition is not perfect. There is no damage, just well-loved. No swing tag, Tush tag intact w/ no star.

    ***PATTI*** PLATAPUS, FUSHCIA. Perfect condition. Tags intact. Star on tush tag. DOB: January 6, 1993. Tag #: 4025

    ***SEAMORE***ALLIGATOR. Perfect condition. No swing tag. Tush tag intact w/ Star.

    ***BLACKIE***BEAR, BLACK. Perfect condition. Tags intact. Swing tag a little crinkled. Star on tush tag. DOB: July 15, 1994.Star on tush.

    ***NUTS***SQUIRELL, LIGHT BROWN. Perfect condition. No swing tag, Tush Tag intact no star on tush tag.

    I have a few more.. if you could give me some insight on what I’m working with (if anything at all) and some advice on what to do next I’d greatly appreciate it…You seem to know your stuff so I definitely would like to know what you think. Thanks!

    • bernurban says:

      What people really want to
      Know is if they have PVC pellets.

      Or any rare mistakes on them.

      No star on tush tag and no stamp on the inside of the tush tag.

      Must have both tags unless it’s an old faced teddy or a beanie baby you cannot or could ever buy in stores.

      • Caroline says:

        Thanks for taking the time to respond…. I have one beanie with a rare mistake….I have the alligator beanie baby, named Allie, I believe…but the one I have says it’s name is “Seamore” on the tush tag. Unfortunately there is no swing tag on it…. As for my beanie babies they all have PVC pellets.

      • bernurban says:

        This type of tag error needs an authentication. For Allie, with authentication you could sell for $50-$175

    • bernurban says:

      If there’s no swing tag you can sell your particular ones for 50 cents to a dollar.

      The ones that have both tags, if they are in mint condition you can sell for $2- $8 each. That’s assuming they all have PE pellets.

      For your particular beanies with no star on tush with both tags in mint condition: $5-25

      If there’s no swing tag then 50 cents to a dollar.

      These are realistic figures that actually do sell

      People always put such a high figure on their dolls not really knowing much about them and end up spending more and more money trying to sell them.

      Realistically you can get these prices and not spend a penny more trying to sell them or auctioning them on eBay.

      Yes the value is a lot higher, but no one wants to pay value. Everyone wants to get the best deal, especially since there are thousands out there waiting for new owners and thousands of thousands of people just trying to get rid of their beanie babies. Most of them still have them in absolute mint condition. So these people are your competition.

  193. kayleigh says:

    Hi, I have several babies & buddies from 1993-2001

    Patti (no star on tag 1999)
    Greyson (no star on tag, pvc pellets,1993-the attick treasures collection)
    Millennium (
    Schweetheart (1999)
    smitten (2002)
    halo (1998)
    halo II (2000)
    stretch (1997)
    the beginning (2000)
    the end (1999)
    argentina (2000 world cup japan) (2002)
    las vegas (2004)
    eggs II (2001)
    valentina (1999)
    silver (1999)
    pecan (1999)
    valentino ( no star on tag 1999)
    haunt (2001)
    fuzz (1999)
    kicks (1999)
    erin (1997)
    ariel (2000)
    spangle pink face (1999)

  194. sam says:

    I have several tubs of beanie babies bought in 1995-1998 several have the no star on tush tag any value on these to sell? a few or tiny babies too.
    I have blizzard,lizzy,goldie pugsley,pouch, snip, bearnie,echo to name a few

  195. Taylor. says:

    Hello. I have a princess Diana doll, and would like too know the value of it.

  196. Taylor. says:

    also it has no number on the inside of the tush tag. but made in 1997 with pe pellets and has a yellow star. worth anything?

  197. maegan says:

    Hi I have a Seaweed the otte beanie, two tush tags, 1995, PVC Pellets, star in tush tag, made in Indonesa, . mint con. Can you tell me what its worh today? Thanks!

  198. maegan says:

    Also. Derby, PVC, Star on tush tag, 1995, i’s look like l’s.
    Peanut (lightbue) NO star on tush tag, PVC, 1tush tag, i’s look like l’s.GoldiePVC, i’s look like l’s. Star on tush tag. Thanks!

  199. KanMarisa says:

    Hello! I recently went to goodwill on the search for some beanie babies. I came home with some but haven’t been able to find the value of a couple of them I have one in peticular that fits the description of a rare beanie baby. So here they are!
    1997 teddy style 4200, It is from 1996 and it’s made with PVC pellets and the I’s look like l’s

    Scottie the dog style 4102, he stand on four legs which I thought was interesting. From 1996, made from PVC pellets, the I’d look like l’s

    And the last one is Fleece the lamb style 4125. From 1996, PVC pellets, no star on hetrush tag, I’s look like l’s.

    All of these have 4th generation swing tags. The teddy bear has close together eyes, dogs eyes are normal, and the lamb had eyes in line with the nose seam. Thanks so much! Hope to hear from you soon.

    • bernurban says:

      The only one that may be worth a lot is the teddy. What color is this bear? Does it say attic treasure?

      What does the heart tag look like. See photos of swing heart tags on my blog and tell me which one you have.

      Also, on the tush tag, is it white with black lettering?

      • KanMarisa says:

        The teddy is brown, it is not an attic treasure. It’s made out of the traditional beans, I has a 4th generation swing tag and the tush tag has white with black lettering. Thanks so much for taking the time! And if you have a list of places I could sell them tht would be wonderful!

      • bernurban says:

        eBay. Best day to list is on Saturday or on

        I highly recommend eBay. It has a bigger beanie baby collector and sales record.

        With this type of beanie baby you could do a .99 auction or a buy it now option for $150- $225. With authentication, you are almost guaranteed to get it for this price. A 99 cent auction will get you more viewers and lots of bids, make sure you list it for 10 days or you will lose out. At a buy it now option you won’t get many people seeing your item unless it’s the highest or the lowest priced beanie baby.

        Ty old faced teddy, should be the title. Take lots of pictures. You can take up to 12 for free on eBay. Good luck.

        I have listed some companies you can use for authentication. It’s affordable and reputable.

      • KanMarisa says:

        You are a doll! Thanks so much, you are so patient and kind, blessings!

      • Chris Bowman says:

        I sent you a little more info and a pic of my beanies swing tag but still haven’t heard back from you. Been about a month now. Please go take a quick look of you get a free second I think you’ll find it very interesting.

      • bernurban says:

        Hello. I remember the pic and I responded awhile back. Not sure when.

  200. maegan says:

    Ok Im still a little confused with the Princess bear. No space in the poem? I have two mad ein Indonesia, one PVC and one PE. Tage are the same on the inside, both with two tush tags, mint cond. What sapce am i looking for? line spacing or word spacing? Please help and thank you! Im trying to cataloge all my beanies. lol, Hundreds!

  201. Maegan says:

    Ok so I read someone else’s post.
    I too have a Roxie with a black nose. So this is rare?
    Also I have floppity I believe, the purple rabbit with the misspelling on the front and back of the swing tag. Valuable? Thanks!

  202. Katlin says:

    Where can I sell them?

  203. Kim says:

    I had my error Valentino authenticated & see people selling them without authentication for $300 plus. Are they nuts or am I?

  204. pippi says:

    hi i have old face chocolate the moose with chocolate hang tag and squealer tush tag
    not selling it just wondering wether its worth anything andif i should get it authenticated and insured
    AM heading up to mums loft to look at my old beanie collection gen 1’s onwards
    thanks kindly

  205. sherrie says:

    I have a Mystic with yarn mane and iridescent horn, no stamp on tush tag, PE pellets… not rare… But here’s the weird part – on the inside of the tush tag, there is writing of some sort of symbol maybe – that looks like it was written with black ink pen maybe. I tried to get a picture of it, but could not. Any ideas?

  206. Cari says:

    I have have a Tiptoe with two tush tags and mint swing tag, P.E. pellets, no star on tush tag, made in China – any value to it?
    Also have an Almond with two tush tags and mint swing tag, P.E. pellets, no star on tush tag, made in China – value to this one??

    I’m also not sure as to which Beanies to have authenticated. I’d hate to pay $8+ dollars for something that will sell for $2 on Ebay.

  207. Sheila Nolt says:

    Hi! I found a Valentino today, and wondering about the value? DOB is Feb. 14, 1994. It does have a star both on the tush tag and on the swing tag. It’s made with the P.V.C. pellets. It’s in great condition. Wondering if you have any insight? Thank you!

  208. I have a Princess Beanie Baby I am wondering how much it is worth, and if its value will only go up in time. It has been kept in a case for the last 15 years or so and the hang tag is in plastic, so it is in mint condition. The hang tag has the poem with no space and the tush tag has a star and indicates it was made in China with PE pellets. It hasa number on the inside of the tush tag that says 481. The stem appears to be light green with thelight yellow stitching, not bright green. What would you say that means it is worth?

  209. Robyn says:

    Hello! I have 3 full sets of the McDonalds Beanie Babies still in the bags and with the original McDonald’s box with the Beanie Baby pictures and games. A few questions that I would love your expertise on: How much could I sell them for today? Do these type need to be authenticated? Is it better to hold on to them and wait for the value to increase, or is now the best time to sell?

  210. sah says:

    Hi, I am moving house and have just found hundreds of beanie babies! the one that seems to keep popping up everywhere is the princess beanie baby, but have price ranges from $1.00 to like $5000 on ebay…
    i have the Princess beanie baby in mint condition with tush tag made in indonesia in 1997 with p.e pellets.. she still has her ribbon and the white flower with the green stem.. is she worth anything??

    • sah says:

      if it helps.. she has no stamp on the inside of her thus tag..?

    • bernurban says:

      Princess beanie baby with PE pellets are actually sold anywhere between $35-$175. Depends on how you list it and where you list it. But the most important thing is, it must be mint with both tags also usually Indonesian princess beanies have 2 tush tags. If you have two tush tags then, you would be in the $50-$150 range.

      If you have no swing heart tag then it’s not worth much, maybe $1

      People list their Princess beanie babies at unrealistic prices all the time, of course it doesn’t mean they will actually sell it. There are tons of princess dolls for sale. People will naturally bid on the lowest priced princess and spend as little as possible.

      The only way someone will make thousands is if the donate at least half to charity. You can chose a charity to donate to, on eBay.

  211. ari says:

    I have a light purple bear the heart tag says Valentino style 4058 2-14-94 and the tag on the tush saysHippity this is not hippity or valentnio what do you think its worth

  212. ari says:

    I have a Chocolate ty beanie the i look like a lower L and the poem inside had one word that ends with sweet not treat it is pvc has style 4015 and birth day 4-27-93. mint condition I also have peace bear pvc with hang tag and star on tush tag no stamp inside. I have red lobster Pinchers -pvc, hang tag thin Ty with date and poem no style number.Patti with purple color hang tag is like i looks like L PVC.I have lite blue Peanuts-pvc the hang tag with i look like L lower case with a poam date and style number inside. I have Squealer hang tag with i looks like lower L pvc poem and style number and date mintInch pvc- date style and poem. I have a Pounce with just a hang tag no tush tag date is aug 28 97 with po\em . I have happy pvc. Twigs -pvc and hang tag with the i looks like lower l. Spinner with hang tag with i looking like l pvc.

  213. Dana says:

    I have a Valentino that has the 4th generation tag but the star on the tag is white not yellow like usual ones. it has no red stamp on the inside of the tush tag. Has PVC pellets and the i looks like a lower case L. I also have a jade original face teddy but it has no tags on it and is not in great shape, and the new face cranberry bear with only the tush tag…. let me know what you think

  214. Haylee says:

    Hi, I am just looking to see if this Beanie Baby I have is worth anything.. It’s name is Bernie, 1996 handmade in China, P.V.C pellets, the inside of the swing tag has his name and style # 4109, and also says “visit our web page” towards the bottom. The outside of the swing tag says Beanie original baby. I think thats it, is this worth anything?

  215. Hannah says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me out with pricing my 4th gen Valentino beanie baby with no flaws on the bear and 1 mint condition tag (the tush tag). I’m almost positive it’s a forth generation (even though I’m missing the hang tag) because in my ty beanie babies collectors value guide it says that it’s a 4th generation if the tush tag features a tiny red star on the upper left side of the heart logo and the trademark is after the word collection and the registration mark is on the bottom right side of the heart logo. My beanie baby is marked 1993 and has PVC pellets. The capital i s also look like lower case L s and there is no pink or red stamp on the inside of the tush tag. What I belive is a 6th gen valentino beanie baby in mint condition with mint tags sold on ebay under completed listing for $1,275.00. I’ll put the link to that at the bottom of my comment if you want to check it out. So I was wondering if mine is worth more (even with the hang tag missing) because it’s a 4th generation instead of the 6th, approximatly how much it would be worth if I had the hang tag (mint or not), why that person’s 6th gen valentino sold for so much, and if a 4th gen valentino in mint condition it worth more than a 6th gen valentino in mint condition just because the generation is older or if that even matters? I’m just curious on how that would work and what my bear is worth as is. I’m thinking about posting it on ebay if it’s even worth anything.

  216. Hannah says:

    I also have a Inky beanie baby (the pink one), 1993, with a 4th gen swing tag and a 3rd gen. tush tag with an extra white tush tag with writing all over it…is it worth more because of the extra tush tag? If so how much and do I have to get it authenticated if it has an extra tush tag? Where do you get beanie babies authenticated?

  217. catstopme says:

    Hello Bernurban,,
    I have a teenie baby Happy/Hippo. It has 3 tush tags on it. I don’t know much about teenies, but from looking at other photos this seems rather unusual. It has the typical tag from 93 as I would anticipate with heart on one side and the simon marketing info on the back. Next tag is one sided and in french. Tag 3 is in english one sided also and believe it is same info as on the french tag.
    What is your input on this please? Thank you for you work and study.

    • bernurban says:

      Yes unusually. Not really sure. It all depends on if someone actually wants to buy it for the price you want to sell it. Since I’ve never seen one with more than 2 tags I cannot put a value on it. In general they are worth 50 cents to $5 each. On average they are sold for $1.00 not including shipping cost.

  218. annie says:


    I would be very grateful if you could give me some information on the value of the following Beanies please –

    Blizzard 1996 China
    Bruno 1997 Indonesia
    Doby 1996 Indonesia
    Inch 1995 China
    Legs 1993 China
    Lucky 1993 Indonesia
    Magic 1995 China
    Nip 1993 China
    Patti 1993 Indonesia
    Sly 1996 China
    Smoochy !997 China
    Snip 1996 Indonesia
    Stinky 1995 China
    Stripes 1995 China
    Twigs 1995 China
    Zip 1993 Indonesia

    All are P.V.C pellets.

    Thanks very much for your time

  219. Kelsey says:

    Hi! i have about 8 beanie babies that i am very interested in finding out the value of, if you could help me; please! πŸ™‚

  220. Magda says:


    I have a few beanie’s that I’ve separated from the rest based on the P.V.C. vs P.E. pellets.
    I am wondering what dollar amount I can sell them for on ebay.

    “Cubbie” light brown bear lying down – Single white tush tag with red print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Flip” white cat, blue eyes, lying down 1995 – Single white tush tag with red print, star on swing tag ONLY, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Zip” black cat with black face white paws, green eyes, lying down 1994 – Single white tush tag with red print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Nip” butterscotch cat, white paws, lying down 1994 – Single white tush tag with red print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ DOES NOT look like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Chip” brown/red+black+white cat, brown eyes, lying down 1996 – 2 tush tags: 1 white tag with red print & 1 larger white tag with black print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on red tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Waves” black whale with white tummy 1996 – 2 tush tags: 1 white tag with red print & 1 larger white tag with black print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact (slightly ripped), P.V.C. pellets on red tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Baldy” bald eagle 1996 – 2 tush tags: 1 white tag with red print & 1 larger white tag with black print, star on swing tag ONLY, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on red tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Stinky” skunk 1995 – 2 tush tags: 1 white tag with red print & 1 larger white tag with black print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on red tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    “Legs” green frog, lying down 1993 – 2 tush tags: 1 white tag with red print & 1 larger white tag with black print, star on BOTH swing and tush tag, uppercase ‘i’ looks like lowercase ‘L’ on swing tag, swing tag intact, P.V.C. pellets on red tush tag, no red oval stamp on inside of tush tag.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

  221. Carey says:

    Hello, I have the following beanies that I’d like to know what you think their value is:

    Mint condition Peace the Bear made in 1993 with a misprinted tush tag that says Teddy.

  222. lacy says:

    Hi i have TWIGS style 4068 PVC PELLETS but it has a second tush tag on it thats white and says not to be removed until delivered to customer and made in china contains plastic pellets etc

    i also have a few others with these second tags what are they ??


  223. Lori says:

    Hi- I just found a Garcia I put away in plastic years ago- with congo on the tush tag date (nothing on inside)- 1996 handmade in china- pvc
    swing tag mint- 4th generation- version2 inside w/ website printed on no sticker covering it- version 5 on outside- with is this rare?
    Thank you!!!!

  224. Ashley says:

    I have hundreds of Beanies but I’ve pulled out the P.V.C.’s and 1993’s in particular, in hopes to find out if they’re valuable or not. All have been stored in bags/cases and tags have plastic cases in mint condition. Any help would be appreciated!

    Ally (No star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Blackie (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.E.
    Bones (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Bubbles (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Bucky (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Chocolate (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Coral (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Daisy (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.E.
    Floppity (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Goldie (Orange, Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Happy (Light purple, Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Hippity (No star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Hoppity (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Inch (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Inky (Pink, Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Jolly (Tush tag is covered with shiny like sticker where TY symbol normally is, with TY symbol and star)- 1996 P.V.C.
    Lucky (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Magic (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Manny (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Mystic (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.E.
    Peanut (Light Blue, Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Princess Bear (Made in Indonesia, star on tush tag) – 1997 P.V.C.
    Radar (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Rover (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Speedy (No star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Sting (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Stinky (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Squealer (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Tabasco (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Tuffy (No star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Twigs (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Waddle (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Waves (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.

  225. Andy says:

    I have a grey Happy the Hippo with a black and white tush tag with the date 1993 on it. It is missing the ear tag though. What do you think it is worth? Should we try to sell or keep it longer?

    • bernurban says:

      Wow that’s a great one! Yes you should definitely list it now on eBay. This one doesn’t need authentication. Btw. Does it still have the swing tag? Also, are you sure it’s not a teenie baby?

      If its a beanie baby without the swing tag then you could get anything over $40 for it which means you could get $170 for it. The highest amount with the tag. If you want more you need an authentication but collectors will buy this one without it.

      Good luck. Let me k ow if you need help listing it. I’ve got great tips for listing things online to make sure you sell it and get the most money
      for your most desirable collectables.

  226. Kari Taylor says:

    Hi i have 2 Princess beanies both are dark purple with light green stem white rose yellow stitching. both heart tags are in great condition and have yellow star that says Original Beanie Baby. inside tag reads princess -space- Like an angel, she came from heaven above -next line- she shared her compassion, her pain, her love -next line- she only stayed with us long enough to teach -next line- the world to share, to give, to reach. -space- all profits of Ty from this collectible -next line- will be donated to the -space- Diana, Princess of Whales -next line- Memorial Fund PE pellets 1997 handmade in China Reg. NO PA.1965(KR) how much are these worth?

  227. oklahomamarc says:

    My wife and I started collecting this year as a hobby for the both of us. We are in this for the collecting and not the monetary gain. We have amassed at this point 500 beanies in our collection, and about 200 duplicates (which we will be donating to various childrens’ charities this Christmas time). I have been researching like crazy and cannot find anywhere to get a decent gauge on their worth, so we can at least have some sort of idea if we have anything good since we are passing these on to our kids. I was wondering if there was a way you could give us a bit of help on this? I have prepared an Excel spreadsheet with the Name, Description, Tag Gens and such that I could send you if you like. You can email me at if you want, or need to know more. Thanks for your time.

  228. Ashley says:

    I have hundreds of Beanies but I’ve pulled out the P.V.C.’s and 1993β€²s in particular, in hopes to find out if they’re valuable or not. All have been stored in bags/cases and tags have plastic cases in mint condition. Any help would be appreciated!

    Ally (No star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Blackie (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.E.
    Bones (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Bubbles (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Bucky (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Chocolate (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Coral (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Daisy (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.E.
    Floppity (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Goldie (Orange, Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Happy (Light purple, Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Hippity (No star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Hoppity (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Inch (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Inky (Pink, Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Jolly (Tush tag is covered with shiny like sticker where TY symbol normally is, with TY symbol and star)- 1996 P.V.C.
    Lucky (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Magic (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Manny (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Mystic (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.E.
    Peanut (Light Blue, Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Princess Bear (Made in Indonesia, star on tush tag) – 1997 P.V.C.
    Radar (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Rover (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Speedy (No star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Sting (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Stinky (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Squealer (Star on tush tag) – 1993 P.V.C.
    Tabasco (No star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Tuffy (No star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.
    Twigs (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Waddle (Star on tush tag) – 1995 P.V.C.
    Waves (Star on tush tag) – 1996 P.V.C.

  229. Lori says:

    Hi -I have not seen any thing like mine on your post so I’ll ask- Garcia –
    pvc mint-swing tag 4th -generation -version 2 inside with website not covered- version 5 outside
    Tush tag nothing inside but mislabeled Congo – Can you tell me if it is worth anything? Huge thank you!!!!

  230. Tori says:

    Hello, I have a 4th or 5th generation Daisy the Cow with correct hang tag, but incorrect Mystic the Unicorn butt tag. The butt tag says P.V.C. pellets. It’s in perfect condition and been kept in a dust and smoke free environment. I’m curious as to how much it is worth?

  231. Colleen Hill says:

    I have three bears that I am curious about their possible value:

    Libearty – no star on tush tag. Upside down flag, PVC pellets. Mint condition, kept in container with tag protector.
    Britania – Sewn on Patch – Made in Indonesia – PVC pellets with star on tush tag.
    Princess – PVC pellets. Heart tag looks like the tag above in your pictures. Star on tush tag. Made in China
    All bears in mint condition kept in containers with tag protectors on. No stamps on any tush tags.
    Please let me know if you think any are valuable and what value? Thank you.

  232. zora says:

    hi i have a ty beanie called hayes he has both swing tag and tush tag
    there is no star on swing tag or tush tag
    he has a old face and has p.v.c pellets
    he has a burgundy brown color tush tag

  233. candy says:

    Hi I have a Piccadilly beanie but according to the tag it is Azalea (The Rabbit), D.O.B: 1993, Status: Retired. The tag states: Azalea “Hare Today – Gone Tomorrow”. But when I looked it up on it showed me a rabbit, so i needed to look harder to find out what i got. Piccadilly is part of the Attic Treasures collection. It is dated 1993, it has no star on the tag, it is filled with PVC pellets, and is in new condition the tags in place and has no tears, rips, or stains, it is also from a smoke free environment. So what is your opinion on what I have?

    • bernurban says:

      Hello. This is a known error and a very good find. It used to be valued at around $300. Nowadays, you just have to take a chance with it and list it at a price worth selling or at a price that will actually sell.

      Not too many people are familiar with attic treasures, a lot of people think its a beanie baby just because it says TY on the tag.

      What you are in luck with is that people actually look for this doll. People like myself.

      This is one of a few Ty dolls that I actually search for on eBay.

      The problem is that people always list items at crazy amounts. Which brings me to something else important about selling your dolls…

      If you list something With a very high price tag you probably won’t sell it for months and months maybe even over a year. In the mean time you have accumulated so many fees. Then you finally sell it for a lower amount and end up spending more money than you actually made.

      It’s safe to say that if you list this particular doll at $30 in an auction, you may end up selling it for over $100.00. Which is a lot compared to how much you actually spent.

      BUT, you can increase your sale amount by getting it authenticated. I have listed a couple of authentication companies. With authentication you can list it at $100.00 starting bid with free shipping. You may sell it for about $175 or more maybe less, depending on when you list it.
      Make sure you list it for 7-10 days with the auction ending on a Sunday evening.

      Good luck

  234. Faith Buskirk says:

    hi. i have a princess bear; dated 1997.
    Its handmade in china w/ PE pellets.
    It is a dark purple color with a purple ribbon and a rose with a light green stem, white rose, and with light yellow stitching.
    There’s no space in the poem, and the tag is a 4th or 5th generation; it is slightley bent.
    i would like to know how much it is worth and weither or not i should sell it.

  235. Kristi Meyering says:

    I have Nip, Snip, Zip, and Flip the cats….all have swing and tush tags with no star, PVC. Would it be best to sell these as a set? I also have Chip, though he has a star on his tush tag…and the matching McDonalds teanie Chip still in the bag. Recommendations?

  236. cj beitzel says:

    i have a few questions and concerns about a few of my ty’s. please e-mail me?,thank you.

  237. Meredith Barlow says:

    Hello! Sorry to bother you. I have a quick question that I could not find a specific answer to. Wondering the value of this specific princess bear.

    No stamp on tush tag
    Made in China (PE pellets)
    Space before Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
    Bright Green Stem (it looks “pale” to me, but when looking online, its definitely the brighter of the 2)

    Wasn’t sure if the bright green stem changed things, I realize it’s not likely to be worth anything.


    • bernurban says:

      No stamp makes it somewhat rare. I’m gonna answer a lot of questions and reply to other posts directly from this post…..

      The color of the stem or rose and stitching being more rare or valuable is made up by people trying to convince others that their princes beanie baby is rarer than others.

      If by chance you find one with a gray rose or a full yellow rose, than maybe you got something very rare. That would be a mistake or error beanie. But it has to be very obvious that the Color of the rose or stem is not supposed to be that way.
      Another example would be a full red stem or a black stem.

      Ive heard of people having a gray rose. Not sure if this is true because I haven’t seen it for myself.

      If you find any such error like this where things aren’t supposed to be, than get it authenticated to protect yourself and the person you sell it too.

      An authentication increases the value by quite a bit.
      It costs about $8 for an authentication.

      Sunlight, dust, mold, humidity, improper storage etc. contributes to the dulling in color.

      Since yours is still bright, means that you took care of it by keeping it out of direct sunlight or stored it in a plastic bag or box, you just didn’t keep it out.

      A beanie baby with no stamp can be sold for $10-$20. Average sale price for this is about $12. This is an estimate for a no stamp princess that doesn’t have the rare heart tag with no space before “Diana princess of whales…”

      No space, no stamp….$15-$25 sold withing the past couple months.

  238. Moonley says:

    I was wondering about the authenticity of a lot of beanies I was able to pickup recently. I kinda wanted to know if they’re authentic or if you know any ways to authenticate them. Or even tips on how to spot a fake, because I am very suspicious since I got them for next to nothing.

    Teddy style 4050 (Brown)
    Teddy style 4051 (Teal)
    Teddy style 4055 (Violet)
    Teddy style 4056 (Magenta)
    Teddy Style 4057 (Jade)
    I got each color with both Old and New face bears.
    I researched tags, and they seem to each have 2nd gen. tags. Their tush tags are in all black print. They are hand-made in China and have P.V.C. pellets.
    The New face Teddy’s have ribbons that hang, while the Old face Teddy’s have none.

    Steg style 4087
    Seems to be 3rd gen. tag and red ink tush tag. (He is the main reason I got the collection, long lost favorite of mine.)

    Brownie style 4010
    2nd gen. tag and all black tush tag.

    I’m sure I am missing some major give away, but I was hopeful! It would be a pretty neat find if they turn out to be legitimate.

    • bernurban says:

      Those Teddy’s are worth a lot! You totally scored. I’m looking for this set. You can actually get who knows how much for them. If you list them, you will definitely sell them easily. List each one individually with a very low starting bid. You will get it to a very good amount for each one of those Teddy’s. When I say low, I mean .99. You could get up to $150 for each one. After you sell each one it will probably average to about $125 per teddy. So you may sell one for $75 but sell another for $175 or $200.

      Another thing is, you cannot list them at the same time. You have to list the next one AFTER you have sold one already.
      The reason for this is because the buyers will be undivisive as to which one they want more or they want all of them and you will probably end up selling each one for $20 each. You don’t want that to happen.

      Best place to list is on eBay.

      A .99 starting bid plus the fact that they are old faced teddys will attract the most bidders.

      Old faced or new faced, they are all very valuable.

      One more thing, make sure your new faced Teddy’s are not beanie buddies.. A lot of people get confused about this.

      Good luck!

  239. Therealltruth says:

    Er, most of what you wrote on your blog is wrong. Inch being worth that much? LOLOLOL. I could pick up a dozen of them in a weekend for under $5 any weekend in the summer time.

    • bernurban says:

      Does any of your inch beanie babies have no star on tush tag? Made with PVC pellets and no stamp inside of tush tag with felt antennas? These are rare.

      I’m guessing all the inch dolls you have are made with yarn antenaes, all have stars on the tush tag and most have stamps on the inside of the tush tag oh and most of them made with PE pellets.

      Thanks for reading. Lol

    • bernurban says:

      Btw, your inch dolls can be sold for $5 and under, because they are so common.

      My blog is to find the rarest beanie babies.

      • bernurban says:

        …..And that’s the real truth. Thanks for reading.

      • ashley says:

        i have been rading this blog for a good 4 mths and everything bernurban has given ADVICE on ive looked up myself or found others who say the same as her! if yal dont like the advice shes giving ppl who ASK.. no one really cares … please restrain for your commenting :))

  240. AJ says:

    Hi there, great article! I have Peace the bear and there is no stamp inside the tush tag, however it says “Handmade in China” with P.E. pellets and copyright 1996. The hang tag has the word “Original” misspelled as “origiinal” and the back of the hang tag has a cut-out sticker that says “Surface Wash.” What is really odd is that this bear has a smushed face and the eyes are uneven, and it is much lighter compared to other beanies. I thought it might be counterfeit, because the foil around the hang tag is slightly thinner on the bottom sides of the heart.

    Thoughts? Thank you.

  241. AJ says:

    Hi there, great article! I have a Peace bear that is copyright 1996 Handmade in China, but it doesn’t have a stamp inside the tush tag. The hang tag misspells the word “Original” as “Origiinal” and the back of the hang tag has a cut-out sticker that says “Surface Wash.” I thought it might be counterfeit because the foil around the hang tag is thinner on the bottom sides of the heart and it has a “smushed” looking face- the eyes are uneven and the nose is pretty close to the eyes.

    Thoughts? Much appreciated.

    • bernurban says:

      It may not be a fake. I would get it authenticated. You could get up to $150 for this with authentication because of how poorly it was made plus the spelling error. Mostly due to the poor quality of the bear beeping that the eyes aren’t centered properly makes it a winner. Good luck!

  242. Melissa says:

    I have a question about some beanie babies my grandmother found. I have a Snort the bull and a
    Tabasco the bull. This got my attention because neither of them have stars on the tush tag, but they have the same exact poem, style number, and birth date. The only differences is that the poem uses different names (but same poem), one has white feet while the other just has red, and Snort’s eyes are farther apart than Tabasco’s. Is this something I should look into? Is it worth money?

    • bernurban says:

      Tobasco is worth more. By a difference of $10. $5 and $15. This is the price you can sell them for. I would list tobasco at $1.00 and let the collectors decide how much it’s worth. You could get $1.00 or $50 for it. Nows the time to list beanies again. They are selling on eBay. But I can’t make any promises that you will sell these particular dolls. It all depends on who’s looking for what and if people are willing to spend the money on it.

      It costs about $2.75 for to ship one beanie baby first class mail.

  243. Mel says:

    Do you know how much a batty beanie baby is worth that has a factory mistaked fetch tush tag?

    • bernurban says:

      I would get it authenticated. Once authenticated you could get around $75-$125 for it. Otherwise you could get up to $25 for it.

      The reason for this is because there are so many fakes out there and to protect you and the buyer you should consider authentication. It increases the value quite a bit.

      Make sure you have both tags attached otherwise the most you can sell it would be $15

  244. Mel says:

    Can u tell me the value of a First edition peanut beanie baby with pvc?

    • bernurban says:

      1st edition. Meaning it has a swing tag that has only a heart on it and a tush tag that is black and white?

      Or do to mean just a peanut beanie baby with PVC pellets?

      On the average it is actually sold for $7-$15 today. Including shipping cost.

  245. Deb says:

    I have been searching the internet looking for values for Beanies that I would like to sell. Having no luck. None of the following have numbers stamped inside the tush tags. Would you please assist me.
    Stretch made in Indonesia, PVC, 2 tush tags 1997
    Crunch, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1996
    Inch, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1995
    Stripes, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1995
    Sly, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1996
    Smoochy, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1997
    Hissy, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1997
    Chip, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1996
    Tuffy, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1996
    Lucky, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1993 but swing tag says 1995, 7 whole spots, 3 half spots
    Curly, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1993 but swing tag says 1996
    Peace, Indonesia, PE, 2 tush tags 1996
    Bones, China, PVC, 1 tush tag no star 1993, swing tag 1994
    Flip, China, PVC, 2 tush tags 1993, swing tag 1995
    Happy, China, PVC, 2 tush tags 1993, swing tag 1994
    Quackers, China, PVC, 2 tush tags 1993, swing tag 1994
    Speedy, China, PVC, 2 tush tags 1993, swing tag 1994
    Goldie, China, PVC 2 tush tags 1993, swing tag 1994
    20 others, China, PVC,2 tush tags
    1 China, PVC, 1 tush tag
    I thank you for your help.

    • bernurban says:

      You have so many with 2 tush tags made in Indonesia with PVC pellets. I don’t know where to start. 2 tush tags made in Indonesia are generally worth more than china with PVC pellets or PE pellets. However only a couple are sought after Like princess and other Teddy’s. I don’t remember what I just read that you have but if you have any of the original 9, they could be worth much more than the rest. Along with any teddy bear with 2 tush tags Indonesia with PVC pellets. I would say anywhere between $25-$175.

      However you may find some luck listing these online individually or as a whole lot.

      I would let the collectors decide how valuable it is by listing it at a low start bid. Keep in mind that shipping for a whole lot of beanie babies gets pretty pricey.

      • Deb says:

        Thank you for your help. I have Princess, Indonesia, PE with 2 tush tags and will post her and others on e-bay.
        I’m confused by the beanies that have an earlier year on the tush tag compared with the swing tag birth date. My Goldie has 2 tush tags and the date is 1993, China, PVC. The swing tag gives the date of birth as 11-14-94. I’ve compared the tush tags with the others for colour and placement of the trademarks and don’t see anything that would identity them as counterfeit Bones doesn’t have a star on the tush, manufactured China PVC 1993 with birth date 1-18-94. Happy, Quackers and Speedy all have the same issue, 2 tush tags and manufactured a year earlier than their birth.
        The real oddities are Lucky and Curly. Made in Indonesia, PE with manufacture dates of 1993 and 2 tush tags but birth years of 1995 and 1996 respectively on the swing tags.
        I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any information that would explain this. To me it appears that Ty manufactured them with the plan to release these beanies earlier they did.

  246. amanda says:

    Hi I have a Princess Diana bear that is unmarked (no rose). How much can I expect it to be worth?


  247. Deb says:

    Hello, I am finding your site very helpful. I have a version 1 “Millenium” with the spelling incorrect (1n) on the swing tag and tush tag. The word “Gasport” inside the tag is also incorrect.
    I have read that this is a rare beanie but can’t find a value anywhere. Planning to sell it. Please suggest what it may bring. Thank you.

  248. Kalen says:

    I have a lot of Beanie Babies I need to know values for. I’ll include my list.

    1993/6th Gen Tush Tags
    4th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 4


    1993/5th Gen Tush Tags
    4th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 5


    1995/6th Gen Tush Tags
    5th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 1


    1995/6th Gen Tush Tags
    4th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 4


    1996/5th Gen Tush Tags
    4th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 5


    1996/6th Gen Tush Tags
    4th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 4


    1996/5th Gen Tush Tags
    5th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 1


    1996/6th Gen Tush Tags
    5th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 1


    1997/6th Gen Tush Tags
    5th Gen Hand Tag
    Version 1

    Iggy – Tie-Dye

    1998/6th Gen Tush Tags
    5th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 1


    1999/7th Gen Tush Tags
    5th Gen Hand Tags
    Version 1


    Please let me know what I can sell these for realistically!


    • bernurban says:

      Personally I would sell all these as a lot. It may be a tough one. These are all common beanies except maybe a couple of them. They are good ones but not the very rare, hard to find beanies no matter PVC or PE pellets. BUT these 2 beanies may attract buyers to buy the whole lot.

      The good thing is people may want them as a addition to their collection as a multiple item.

      Try to do a lot sale. Shipping cost may be a lot because the weight of these combined is pretty heavy. Make sure you choose to ship only to the US.

      It’s really a scary thing though selling them as lots. You may just be better off selling them at a garage sale for $1-$5 each honestly.

    • bernurban says:

      One more thing. You can Take the first 5 out of the lot and list them separately. These are better beanies.

      These sell for $5-$50.

      Or you can get more by listing them in your lot of beanies.

      $75 starting bid with $25 standard shipping. Take lots of nice pictures and make sure those 5 are in plain sight.

      Good luck!

    • Abbey grim says:

      I have a mint first generation Goldie with just a little crease on the tag. Where would I sell him? πŸ™‚

  249. Virginia Maples says:

    I have a royal blue Peanut in mint condition has swing tag Yes it is royal blue not light blue
    Ear Tag is Peanut Style 4062
    does not show a year on the ear tag
    The bar code info has 08421 04062 under it

    The tag on bottom of elephant leg says Ty Peanut
    Handmade in China
    @ 1995TY Inc.
    Oakbrook USA
    Polester Fiber PVC Pellets

    Can you give me any information onhow rare and potential market value? thanks

    • bernurban says:

      Are you positive this is a beanie baby and not a beanie buddy?

      If this is a beanie baby it can sell up to $250 today. However depending on when you list it, meaning if there are others being sold on the same site at the same time, the buyer old get lucky and get it for $50 in an auction site like eBay. So search the site for other listings before you list it.

      Another thing you have to know is that only about 15% of buyer will actually BUY IT NOW with a price higher than $50 or start bidding at a stating bid of more than $20 on a rare beanie unless its the billionaire teddy.

      So start very low and don’t worry about getting a good price.

      The lower the better, no reserve. The lower it is the better chance of someone or a LOT of someone’s to find this, watch this and bid on this.

      But you can’t do this with just any item, it has to be something people really want and people really want that dark blue peanut elephant!

      For example in general someone listed a cell phone for .99 on eBay. ended up selling it for close to $200. So not to worry, people will keep bidding up to the last second and you will get what’s fair or more than you expect just as long as you do your research before you list it.

      *Choose the right wording and take lots of pictures. 12 pics free
      *find out what was sold and what is for sale, if there’s too many, don’t list it!
      *low start bid, no reserve
      Also, free shipping helps a lot. It costs approximately $2.75-$3.75 to ship one beanie baby, USPS first class package.

      Good luck!

  250. Michelle Santos says:

    Do all Beanie tags have a style # on them… I have several that don’t.. Does this mean they are fakes.

    • bernurban says:

      First off, are you sure they are beanie babies, or do they just say TY on the front of the tag.

      Also, I deal mostly with retired beanies. If this is a newer beanie baby it may not have a style number. It may also be a pluffy which is a type of ty doll. It’s a mid size doll meaning not as big as a beanie buddy and not as small as a beanie baby. It’s also a lot lankier and softer.

  251. Bill Lipscomb says:

    My mother has a collection of 300+ Beanie Baby Bears. She is moving into a retirment home and has to downsize her belongings. She purchased most of them new directly from an authorised Ty seller (if that is important). All of the bears have been stored in the clear Ty display boxes with hang tag covers in a smoke free home. This holiday we looked at the tush tags on 15 or 20 of them at random, and all were made in China with PE pellets. From what you say at the top of this blog that indicates that they are probably not worth more that $5.oo to $10.00 each. She does not have any of the early BB from the first year or two, but she does have a few of what she thinks may be unusual. She has a couple that were given out at baseball games in Texas with the tickets. We are considering donating these to a local childrens hospital instead of going through the trouble of trying to sell them online. My question is are there any particular Bears that we should look closer at to make sure that we do not miss a truly collectable Bear worth $50.00 or more in her collection.

    • bernurban says:

      Are these baseball beanies, “beanie babies” or are they “bAmm beanos”? Do they have ty tags or square tags?

    • bernurban says:

      Take all the teddy bears out of the bin of beanies first.

      Now look for dinosaurs and not dragons. Put them with the Teddy’s.

      Now look online for original 9 beanie babies. Do you have any of them? Not the most expensive but she shouldn’t give these up. Put these separate from all others.

      Go back to Teddy’s.

      The most valuable one has dollar signs $$, this one is worth a lot.

      The next one is princess, she’s purple with a rose
      The one you want to keep is the ones made in china with PVC pellets or Indonesia with PE pellets or PVC pellets.

      Any dark blue elephants? Keep this separate as well

      Any teddy with an American flag, upside down? Any beanie baby with a upside down flag?

      This is all I can think of at the moment and yes, donating the rest is a great idea. It’s very hard work to sell beanie babies and takes a lot of time and most of the time when trying hard to sell less valuable beanies, you end up losing money.

      I just donated a bunch myself.

      I wish I could look at all the beanies you have. It would be a lot easier to determine. Pictures?

      Send all the beanies babies to me? Haha. Just kidding. I wish. It would be like Christmas to separate them all for you! She’s gotta have some really good ones there!

      Good luck!

      • Bill Lipscomb says:

        Thank you for the quick response. From what you brought up, I have some new information and a few questions.

        Mom only collected Bears and all of them are Beanie Baby’s

        No Dinosaurs or Dragons.

        None of the original 9 beanies.

        No Dark blue elephants.

        I mentioned upside down American flags to her, and she said that she has some bears in camouflage that have flags on the arms. The flags are not upside down, but she has a few and the flags point left on some and right on some. Is that what you are talking about?

        As for pictures, I have some photos I took with my cell phone. You may be able to make out which bears they are, but no close up photo showing tush or hang tags. If you would like to see them, let me know how I can get them to you.

        You say the most valuable are the ones with the $$. I searched your blog and could not find any details about that. Is it something on the hang tag or tush tag or was there a beanie with a $ stitched on it. Please give me some direction on which bear or where on the bear to look for the $$.

        My mom mentioned that she has the following bears that she thought might be rare.

        Clubby (She has almost all of them including all 3 of the year 3 were issued)

        She has several international bears.

        She has several Elvis bears.

        M&M Bears (all 3 colors)

        At the end of the month, I will be going back to Texas to help her move and we will be going through all the bears and pick out what we hope has a little value. Any further comments or direction on which bears and details on the bears to look for would be appreciated.



    • bernurban says:

      Or Teddy’s with just one solid color and ribbon around the neck, with no embroidered design on chest. Got any of these?

    • Cleo J. Hyde-Franks says:

      Definitely give them to a children’s hospital and give some to them to give to kids.
      Call the Marine recruitment center in your area and ask them if they’d like an early donation to their Toys for Tots drive.
      Find a shelter for women and children who are leaving abusive situations and give them some for the little kids who come there in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They could definitely use something to cheer them up.

  252. Lizi says:

    Hi, can anyone help on this please, cannot find any info on this at all

    My daughter has a Freckles the Leopard beanie that she bought as a child
    It was made in Indonesia, DOB 03/06/1996
    The swing tag spelling is Freckles, but the tush tag spelling is Frekles

    I’m trying to find out if it is rare and/or its value

    • bernurban says:

      It’s rare.

      Freckles the leopard sells for a few bucks in mint condition handmade in china.

      BUT freckles with a misspelt name on the tush tag and made in Indonesia is a good one.

      Other word errors are not that uncommon or can be hard to prove its authentication with a quick look. Like for example if you had freckles but the the tush tag said squealer, then we would have to raise our eyebrows at that.

      For yours it’s a clear error and an authentication certificate is not necessary but can increase its value.

      I would say that your beanie baby could be sold for about $75 in mint condition. I would just list it as a buy it now on eBay and just skip the whole auction option because $75 is realistic and a collector will not mind spending this amount on this ty collectable. It must have both tags intact. Otherwise it’s not worth much of anything because this is not one of those beanies that collectors seek.

      Make sure when you list this, list it as:

      Ty beanie baby Rare tag error

      Skip the name of the beanie on this one because if you add freckles it will be hard to notice unless someone specifically types in ty freckles beanie baby.

      You can add the name and description to the description box and get straight to the point but also be specific.

      Error, name, year, handmade in, pellet type…

      It costs approximately $3.00 to send a ty beanie baby by USPS first class mail. Depending on what you mail it in. Do the free shipping option. Sometimes when people search, the buy free shipping items only.

      Good luck!

  253. Kathy Hanson says:

    I’ve been sitting, sorting, and reading your blog since may (all today). I only have a few questions. I’ve seen it asked way back in May, and I’m hoping you have a better answer now, because I’ve seen it asked a lot.

    I have Valentino dated 1993 with the misspelling of ii/ suface. Value?
    Clubby DOB 7/7/98. Mint condition. Value?
    Peace DOB 2/1/96. Mint. Value?
    2 Princess. Both 1997. PE Pellets. One w/stamp, one without. Both have spaces on swing tag, and both have stars on tush tags. Values?
    THEN I have:
    STINKY DOB 2/13/95 w/PVC Pellets. Value?
    NANOOK DOB 11/21/96 w/PVC Pellets. Value?
    POUNCE DOB 8/28/97 w/PVC Pellets. Value?

    What is the difference between regular ty red and white tush tag, and a tush tag with a silver square on one side and the year and pellets on the other?

    What do you think about the Millennium bear DOB 2/14/98, Valentina DOB 2/14/98, Groovy DOB 1/10/99, 1999 SIGNATURE BEAR, CURLY DOB 4/12/96, FORTUNE DOB12/6/97, MEL DOB 1/15/96.

    I really need to know what you think about Valentino through Pounce? I’m just curious about the rest. Any information will help. Thank you.


    • bernurban says:

      The difference between the two different tush tags is that the one with silver is a newer of the two it changed as years came to protect the older ones from being duplicated, like money. Also for a fresher look

    • bernurban says:

      As for Valentino to pounce. We can all just hope they sell being that so many people have these beanie babies.

      I have seen the Valentino PVC dolls sell for more than the rest listed.
      Mostly the more common retired beanie babies are sold on luck.

      I can’t really say right now at this time of year what it can sell for being that they aren’t moving like they were a month ago.

      I’ll give you an unusual tip….

      When you see the new batch of ty dolls or ty beanie babies being sold in your local grocery store, start listing the retired ones on eBay. Best way to list them is at 99 cents, you get more exposure this way. Let the buyers decide how much they are worth.

    • bernurban says:

      Mellinium and the others are just the same as I mentioned earlier

  254. Dawne says:

    Hi. I have several beanies that I didn’t see referenced in your blog and I would like to ask about.

    Mint cond Rex and Magic both have
    3rd gen swing tag – no star
    Made in Korea
    Black & white tush tag 1995

    Also have
    3rd gen swing tag slightly bent
    Black & white tush tag 1993

    I haven’t seen the b/w tush tag mentioned, nor any made in Korea.

    Thank you so much!

    • bernurban says:

      Wow haven’t seen this in awhile.

      just make sure they are all beanie babies and not buddies.

      Ild say Rex would be sold for anywhere between $65-$375
      Depending on what colors he has or if he has any color errors.

      Just look at it, does the coloring look uneven in anyway?
      If it does, than list it at $189. Starting bid and see what happens.
      If not $75 buy it now.

      The others are $7-$25

    • bernurban says:

      Okay lack and white tush tag could mean its a teenie beanie baby. So it’s not worth much. Or it’s a 1st edition which would make it very valuable, that if its a beanie baby and not a teenie beanie baby.

  255. Jenny Nicholson says:

    Hello! Ive been researching and reading through your blog all day and feel like i have a much better handle on which beanies may hold more value. Any help would be much appreciated! All in my collection are 4th generations. I have 5 (out of 120) that i would love some advice on. All have PVC pellets and no star on tush tag. 1993 on all. Mint condition. Heart shaped tags in mint condition as well.
    Squealer the pig
    Daisy the cow
    Nip the cat-all gold (not with the white face/white belly)
    Chocolate the moose
    Seamore the white seal
    I also have some set aside in secondary pile that are PVC pellets with a star on the tush tag.
    Mystic the unicorn and Derby the horse-my question is about the hair/mane. Both of mine have the fine hair. I also have Zip the black cat PVC and star on tush tag.
    Im so happy that you are available to help answer questions on beanie babies!
    To be honest im just trying to find any valuable ones and will probably sell off the rest to an online site that buys beanies for cents each. Thank you again! I love this blog! Already super helpful!

    • bernurban says:

      Zip, nip and derby with fine hair are your most valuable ones. Oh and squealer.

      List the cats separately at $65 each.

      Zip with PVC pellets is a very good one to have especially the gold nip with no white. Also squealer is great with no star. I have one also. I won’t sell it though. So people want it. $65 is a great price for each of these. It may stay up for sale for awhile, but don’t worry it will sell.

      Wait til April. Right now you’ll probably be able to sell each of them for $35 each.

      List derby at $175 now for at least 10 days.
      Find a clear display box to attract more buyers.

      eBay is great and is home to 1000’s of beanie collectors.

      Good luck

      I want to follow up with you so please when you respond please tell me the names of your beanies and say that I gave you a quote. Otherwise I will miss your response.

  256. Trisha says:

    I am very confused on the Princess Bear. I have read lots of different stuff and I am not sure what is actually correct or not, and if my Princess is actually worth anything or not. I have a Ty Beanie Baby Princess Diana Bear, 1997 PE Pellet, with NO Space on Swing tag, Unnumbered Tush tag, Made in China. Mint with Mint Tags. Please HELP! What is this worth. Oh and it has light green stem, white rose.

    • bernurban says:

      If I said before that the stem makes a difference, it doesn’t.

      Your doll is rare but not as valuable as princess with PVC pellets or a PE pellet princess handmade in Indonesia. Sorry.

  257. Glenda Snively says:

    I know you have answered this question and I have tried to go through all of your replies but I still have not found what I’m looking for. I have 2 Ty Princess babies. I will give each description separately: 1) Deep royal purple, swing tag has space between lines two and three, tush tag says “Handmade in China”, Ty with star to left, and PE Pellets. No stamped number inside tush tag. White rose with a paler green stem (I mention this because it is my dilemma). 2) Deep royal purple, swing tag has “no” space between lines two and three, tush tag says “Handmade in China”, Ty with star to left, and PVC Pellets. No stamped number inside tush tag. White rose with darker green stem than one mentioned above. I don’t think #1 is worth all that much but what do you think about #2. I can send pictures if you need. Thanks!!

    • bernurban says:

      Some people may say that the difference in color of the stem means that it’s not authentic.

      I say it is authentic but made at 2 different factories in china.

      The rose has nothing to do with any value whatsoever, this is a huge myth that someone made up to try and make their princess more valuable than the other.

      PE pellets and china with no stamp not worth as much as any beanie baby with PVC pellets Unless, it’s made in Indonesia. Buyers made it this way.

      Your beanie baby is said to be the 1st edition beanie baby but I believe that both PE pellets and PVC pellets were used to make the first princess dolls.

      HOWEVER because collectors or buyers made the decision that PVC china princess dolls were 1st edition, this made it a lot more valuable.

      The catch is….
      The only way to sell this thing is to donate 50% to your favorite charity. This is a charity doll to start, so it’s only right for you to do this.

      You will see for yourself that if you don’t list it as a charity item you will not get the bids you want to sell this and let it go happily. The most I’ve seen a doll sold without a charity is $175 in the past 3 years.

      If you decide to donate 50% to a charity, you can do so on eBay and start bids at $250.00. You may just sell it for $1000.00 or much much more. Make sure it’s the right time. Wait til April to do this. People don’t want to spend hundreds right now. Or wait till sept. and donate half to the World Trade Center charity, that’s a good one. People are looking for these charities during these months. Or November, feed the children charity. Or Susan b Komen for the cure any time between February and December.

      Not many people donate in January beside the hotel owners and other travel type places lol sounds funny to pin point this group but its true.

      If you don’t donate, the most you will sell this for will be maybe $50.

    • Seung Ji says:

      I would like to get help from you.
      I have several p.v.c and 93′-98 years and some of no star and all swing and tush tags.
      and one of them have misspelled name and 4th generation.
      please contact me at 240-422-1221 or web.
      Thank you

  258. ozbird1 says:


    I have just found your site (I’m amazed !!!) I have looked through many of the comments searching for any questions similar to my list, but not found any the same. I have the following

    Valentino – no tush number, 1993 on tush – 1994 on tag, PVC pellets and a brown nose.

    Bones – PVC pellets and no number on tush tag

    McDonald’s Smoochy the Frog with no number on tush tag

    Would be great if you could give me an idea of value


    • bernurban says:

      Valentino was made the year before for its release for the following holiday. PVC makes it more valuable. Ild say the most you could actually sell it for would be approximately up to $35. Being that though it is rarer than the PE pellet version, there are still a bunch of collectors that have it. It’s just luck to be able to sell it at the right time when a collector that doesn’t have it, really wants or needs it.

      The McDonald’s ones are teenie babies so the number on the inside wouldn’t be there. Unopened packaging is what makes it somewhat valuable. But at the most $5 each.

      As for bones PVC. That’s a good one. It’s hard to tell these days what people will pay up to get this. Best bet is listing it at a dollar and letting the collectors decide how much it’s worth. Must have both tags and be in mint condition. For all beanie babies listed here.

  259. Jenny Nicholson says:

    Hello-Love your blog!
    Im hoping to get some help on a few beanie babies in my collection.
    I researched for hours and read through the majority of your blog already and have picked out a few beanies i would love some advice on. All my beanies are 4th generation-excellent condition. All have both tags and tags are in excellent condition as well.
    I have both strut and doodle the roosters-one has star on tush tag-both pvc pellets
    I have daisy the cow, the white seal, Blackie the bear that have no star on tush tag and have pvc pellets. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time!

  260. marci kanarick says:

    hi just ran across your site as I was looking for beanie info. would you know about how much Pinchers the lobster would be worth without a swing tag, tush tag as a star, dated 1993 with pvc pellets. thank you for any information.

  261. emily wilson says:

    Your explanations are great. I have several beanie babies but the one I have that I would like to know the value of is “chocolate” style 4015. 1993 The swing tag is a single heart/page (not a folded heart), slt crease, no poem. No star. I don’t see this in your versions above. The tush tag is black and white, no stamps, polyester fill/PVC pellets. Other than the slight crease in the swing tag it is in mint condition. I saw that you rec selling on ebay in Nov but I would like to now the value now and possibly selling it secondary to my finances/health issues. Thanks.

  262. sjsaville59 says:

    HI. I really enjoyed your site about beanie babies – It’s the truth! It gives me more insight about other people who have beanie babies in their collection. I used to have over 1,000 beanie babies in my collection and more than half common ones beanies that have been given away to the charity and I keep around less than half beanie babies that are “rare”. Now, I am back to collect older, rare beanie babies that I finally acquire completed set with new face Teddies with 3 – third generation hangtag and other 3 – 2nd generation hangtag and two old face teddies with no hangtag that are authenticated, plus 3rd generation Valentino, 3rd generation Garcia, 3rd generation brown teddy, patch flag Britianna, 3rd generation Bumbles, 3rd generation Rex, 3rd generation Stinky, 3rd generation Lizzy, Indonesian Valentino, Peace, Princess (all of it canadian version), plus many others too many to list. After I read this site about the 4th generaion beanies with PVC and no star on tush tag, I did more research on its hangtag to comapre the differences with “EWaterlooville” and Fareham, Hants hangtag (4th generation) with no star on tush. I stared to re-collect beanies with 4th generation with PVC and no star. I noticed that its hangtag on its left side hangtag under Beanie Babies Collection on second line with “Waterlooville, Hants POB 8HH” are more rare because like u mentioned about the Chocolate the Moose with its variation on its face. I went to thrift stores where i know where they have beanie babies there. I came home with over 50 beanies with rare hangtag like I mentioned for 1.00 each! πŸ™‚ I came across the slight variation on Ears that have different size of black bead eyes. . . and the size of PVC pellets inside! The Ears with Waterlooville, Hants have smaller black eyes with smaller PVC